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  1. In B11 if you import a project that has sub-folders in an image folders IE: "Head/Eyes/" it will cause a crash.
  2. SpriteLamp anyone? http://www.snakehillgames.com/spritelamp/
  3. I believe the code requires already pre-existing files in the folder, i get the following error in cmd: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Blabla\Desktop\Spriter%20Tests\leg_ri ght.png (The system cannot find the path specified) when I try to export the dummy or the other file.
  4. Awesome this will actually save me a lot of time i'm going to try it now.
  5. Looks good any more of this kind of videos are always appreciated!
  6. I must say It looks awesome, I hope someday spriter will be able to do all that just by itself :)
  7. OMFG?!! Are you using the newest version? This is definitely not your fault. It is mine. Please, send me the scml file (it can contain only the bone structure, if you want to keep your sprites private). Since I implemented curves, things in the SpriterPlayerInterpolator class went wrong and I only tested it with the monster scml file. -Trixt0r I'm using the latest version and I have send you the link to the file via ICQ.
  8. I was trying to implement interpolation but for some reason the position during interpolation is all screwed up, see image: I have the exact same bone structure in all animations and I have exactly the same sprite objects attached to those bones. I have tried to tweak a lot in spriter but i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong? Do you have any idea, if needed I can send over the spriter file.
  9. Love the new timeline and the green ghosting like effect between key frames. But I managed to press some keys and the green ghosting effect dissapeared? What is the keyboard combination to make them reapear? Also what is the keyboard shortcut to display the interpolation type in the timeline (instant, regular etc)?
  10. I could try to implement character maps until the next weekend. I see no chance for me to work on it sooner. :D really? Well, I will try my best to implement the new features asap. - Trixt0r I second this (using Libgdx myself ;) ) !
  11. The pixel art looks great but the walk cycle needs some more work. It feels like he is limping with one of his foot.
  12. @Trixt0r: Thanks for the update works like magic :) Maybe a small suggestion for the next update, I personally added small bit of code in my version of SpriterPlayer which tracks if the animation has been played 1 time and if specific keyframe has been reached. This is handy if lets say you want to play an animation just once or if you want to preform some action mid animation when you reached specific keyframe, lets say you have a fireball spell which you would want to generate a fireball mid animation at specific frame. Anyway something which would give you some more info about the animation.
  13. @Trixt0r: Nope i'm not using multiple threads. Also I noticed that if you change the alpha of the bone or sprite during animation in Spriter, it's not changed ingame. I was wondering if you can point me to a part of code where those values are passed on so I can change that.
  14. Heya, was testing out the plugin seems to work fine except for some reason the ref is null at some times in SpriterObject.java when I change animation. This causes a nullpointer: public void setRef(Reference ref){ this.ref = ref; this.rect.set(ref.dimensions); } I changed it to this, it seems to work but i'm not exactly sure how and why the ref is null in the first place, any idea? public void setRef(Reference ref){ this.ref = ref; if(ref == null) return; this.rect.set(ref.dimensions); }
  15. Thanks for the info. I got the animations/character in game already via the generic java importer so there is no hurry and since I got the pro licence, I can wait ;) . Anyway sounds like a nice feature to have in the future, since I work a lot with low res pixel based characters.
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