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update by Spriter 2


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As mentioned in the store page, Spriter 2 is in Pre-Order phase.

Also, "Spriter 2 is still in early beta. Some time in 2018 it will first be released for private testing by the members of the Spriter community who have purchased this pre-order before August 3rd 2018 or who purchased Spriter Pro before August 3rd."

IMO Spriter 2 will be released at some point in 2019.

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On 11/13/2018 at 9:37 AM, pradeeepkgn said:

I purchase Spriter Pro. from ClickStore  and  .humblebundle

How I update by Spriter 2 ?

You will be sent an invite for Private beta when the time comes (if you purchased Spriter Pro a while back or earlier, or the pre-order) and you'll be given the upgrade automatically when Spriter 2 is ready for release. 

Private beta begins before the end of the year, but we don't know exactly when yet.

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I hope You guys will enable having more than 9 segments with sub verts for skins ,now skins can be divided to maximum of 3x3 grid which is sufficient for most of the stuff but even 4x4 one would help a lot in more complicated cases , extruding skin into full verts doesnt have that nice subdivided bent, spriter is the only software that has this and its speeding up workflow A LOT cause we dont have to create each vert ourselves like in other software with meshes to get smooth results when bending meshes with bones.

Also opacity for skins would be great.

One more thing that would be useful is also NULL curve for keyframe, where it just passes by while keeping curve from previous keyframe soe we could have 3 keyframes - 1st and 3rd with "s" curve and 2nd with NULL curve to not disrupt smooth movement between 1st and 3rd but still trying to affect the shape of skin.Currently i do this by breaking S curve in half, 1st frame has first half, 2nd frame has linear and 3rd one has second half of s curve but that doesnt look 100% perfectly smooth, you stil feel that linear in the middle a bit.

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