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New Spriter 2 Alpha build and Release Schedule information


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Thanks everyone for your continued patience during what proved to be a very long and often delayed Spriter 2 development process so far. Now that the research part of Spriter 2's R & D is complete, we're finally able to switch to a consistent development cycle. We've released a new alpha today and there should be a new build released roughly every 2 weeks from here on out. The current build is very bare-bones with several known issues (see changelog), but each subsequent build will introduce new features, bug fixes, and/or other improvements at a regular pace until Spriter 2 reaches a stable and feature complete release.


This build introduces a new workflow with separate modes for rigging and animation. We've temporarily removed strokes for this build as we shifted over to this more final workflow paradigm. Strokes will be reintroduced in an upcoming build and able to take full advantage of the new rigging system, which will give much more control over how your image is mapped to your strokes. In the meantime, we have a bare-bones version of the new pin system, which will also be expanded in subsequent builds. 

Additional Release info:
Spriter Pro owners can access the Spriter 2 forums for more information (or here if you own Spriter Pro on Steam).

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Great, any video tutorials about it ? I tried to grasp it but its walk in the dark as of right now.

I hope quality of the export will be similar to original spriter, i mean i tried dragonbones and other stuff but once you go into mesh mode then mesh becomes blurry on export, with spriter i figured out to upscale my art ( bodyparts) to 200% AFTER i setup meshes , this way it gets sharper when animating and after export.Its a little trick but gets great results.

Im not sure what happens under the hood, maybe it would be good to upscale with xbr 2x or linear internally in spriter before export, this way we will get cleanest lines possible.

I think it is important for pixel art, maybe not with png artwork but still, would be great to have no loss of sharpness when going into mesh mode.

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On 6/6/2020 at 1:36 PM, Wasamonkey said:

When I try to use the Steam link I'm greeted with this message.


An error was encountered while processing your request:

It looks like we are either unable to load this forum at the moment or the forum requested doesn't exist.

You must log into the website version of Steam first, with your Steam account which owns Spriter Pro, then the link should work.


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On 6/7/2020 at 8:48 PM, Jonybir said:

after doing as instructed the option in drop down menu to try spriter 2 has not shown up. Hope this such a long wait for spriter 2 will be game changing for us developers. Its been a long really long wait.


Both Edgar and I just re-tested the system, You did enter the password correctly but now you must go back up to the drop down list just above this message and now the Spriter 2 alpha is selectable. Choose this and Steam will replace Spriter pro with the Spriter 2 alpha.

The next few update alpha builds won't be usable for actual projects, as we are introducing each core feature and then incorporating it with the previous feature. A lot has been done for all core features under the hood and individually, but it will be a while until it can all be brought together and tied in with the UI necessary to access all the features properly. New  Alpha builds are now released roughly every two weeks, so you should see tangible progress on a regular and frequent basis.

Thanks as always very much for your support and patience and we do apologize for the large delays on the way to Spriter 2.

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