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Spriter automatically creating keyframes on frame 0


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Pardon for repeating my question from the troubleshooting thread, however as it's been a few days I figured making a thread would make it more visible, maybe help me shed some light on this issue.


 I'm having a problem animating a character whose limbs don't all have any keyframes on frame 0 (as their animation loop is offset relative to the animation start/finish). This is normally not an problem, with a new model I can grab and drag around the default 0th keyframe without issue. For some reason after a certain point I became unable to perform (some) animation tweaks without the program automatically creating the 0th frame for a bunch of the limbs without one. Those 0th frame keyframes also cannot be deleted nor moved afterwards.

It's rather frustrating, as the two (desired) keyframes around the new one have non-linear curves, making it almost impossible to tweak the new keyframe so there isn't a visible acceleration change.

The actions that trigger this range from intensive ones like deleting (an unconnected) reference sprite from every frame, tweaking a bone connected to these limbs, to something as trivial as just selecting such a bone on the 0th frame. I thought perhaps the character was simply too big and that was an artifact of that, but even at 250x500px the same problem happens, though interestingly it did make it go away for the "select limb" instance.

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