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    Here's my entry for the contest! :>
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    Here my Entry (Giant Slime Boss)
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    Golem-like sprite

    Hi there, I'm new in animation and I've started using Spriter few days ago for a project. The player controls a Golem who can switch from Rock Golem to Fire Golem, Water Golem, etc... For now, I have worked on the Rock Golem and I've come up with an Idle animation that I find quite ok, but I'm eager to progress and if you have any advice, I'll listen to them gratefully.
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    Just in time! This is my entry for the Awesome Boss Contest! In my timezone midnight has passed some hours ago, but thankfully the deadline was set in another timezone.. Can't wait for the results and congrats to all in advance, good stuff all around!
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    Here's our team entry: Nuvem's Left Hand, Ashoova's Right Hand. A boss for an experimental game, hope you guys can see it when it is done XD
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    Here is a re-submission of the Argent Knight, with some improvements, fixes, and updates. There were a few issues with the original animations, so thank you for extending the deadline! Good luck to all contestants!
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    Hi guys! This is my entry: This is the first time i've used Spriter, ever. The total work time for the graphics and animations is around 6 hours. The monster design was originally intended for the team's upcoming game Caos Trigger: Golem; but the kickstarter for it never got funded so i still went ahead and created the monster anyway. Best of luck to all the contestants!
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    here is the update of my entry fallen hero.
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    Here is my new entry.
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    Spriter R9 Released!

    Download here Spriter Release 9 Released 8/30/2016 Additions and Enhancements Windows version now has access to an additional gig of RAM. Solves black image issue for very large projects. Added the ability to set a bounding box for animations using an automatic bounding box calculation Crash detection now extends until the program is successfully closed (rather than just after successful program startup) You can now nudge a pivot point one approximate pixel at a time using the arrow keys in the pivot point widget Canvas now updates changes from the pivot point widget in real time when character maps are active Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that could cause certain projects to fail to save a spritesheeted version if the project used nested subdirectories Fixed a bug where changes made by editing a subentity's properties through the object widget would revert after unfocusing the object widget Fixed bug that resulted in scrubbing playing a split-second of the start of an audio clip when doing slow pixel by pixel audio scrubbing or scrubbing with snapping on Fixed a bug where exporting pngs/gifs would export any active onion skins Fixed a bug where it was possible for pixel art mode to sometimes save unrounded values. Now also attempts to repair unrounded values from previous version upon loading as well. Fixed a bug where children of IK locked parent bones would inherit properties even if that property's inheritance was disabled Fixed a bug where metadata (variables and tags) keys would disappear if moved while the metadata timelines were collapsed Fixed a bug where the resize (drag arrow) controls for changing animation bounding boxes would zoom along with the canvas Fixed a bug where resizing a project would round all image sizes down. Now rounds image sizes to the nearest integer. Fixed a bug where resizing a project would save the original image sizes in the 'file' section of the scml/scon file Fixed bug where holding shift to use proportional scaling while resizing objects in canvas would cause erratic behavior or crashes if the pivot points were too close to the edge of the bounding box being dragged Fixed a bug where object properties widget cut off text on Windows machines with high DPI display Fixed a bug where points which were children of parent bones with negative width or height would display their angles incorrectly
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    Well my video is ready in case more entries will be accepted for the contest :3 I was aiming for a more platformer type of boss Spriter Awesome Boss Contest: Angry oger wanna be awesome
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