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Spriter B8 Bug Thread


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Spriter uses screen coordinate system :




-x ----- 0 ----- +x




It's OK.

But the angle is use counter-clockwise rule ( when counter-clockwise , angle from small to big)

the coordinate system and angle system are contradictory.

I think it's so bad.

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This is also about "coordinate system"

I found that , in Spriter editor , the edit area use screen coordinate system.

see screenshot : the y is 15.

but in scon file the y is -15.

Why ? Is it a bug ?

I hope they are the same.


I found that the edit area use screen coordinate system ; the scon file use the standard rectangular coordinate.


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About scon's format :

In scon file ,

no "parent" property means the node doesn't have the parent node.

no "pivot_x" / "pivot_y" property means the pivot_x/pivot_y is the default value.

no "time" property means the time is 0.

no "x"/"y" property means the x/y is 0.

no "angle" property means the angle is 0.

no "scale_x"/ "scale_y" property means the scale_x/scale_y is 1.

no "looping" means the looping is true.

( the same state , but the different result )

the parent and pivot_x/pivot_y is ok, but time, x/y, angle and scale_x/scale_y is not good, I think.

I suggest if a value is existing , always create the property in the scon , whatever the value is.

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on the Import Frames feature :

- You can't set more than 999 ms for the end time.

- When you drag and drop the image on the canvas after setting the end time, the duration is not updated. So the import is wrong (wrong duration). To have a correct duration, you have to click on the textfield first right now.

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Mac OS 10.9.2:

After I select 'only show selected' in the timeline Spriter will always crash as soon as I move a keyframe for the selected.

Can we get the highlight back for the selected object on the timeline as it is now harder to keep track of objects on timeline when you have alot of objects

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Textareas are too small running on my Retina MacBookPro (OSX 10.9.2).

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 19.49.15.png[/attachment]

Also app window will move right each time I open project files.

Also occurring on my win 8.1 desktop, seems to be random atm.

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Thanks for the continued bug reports anyone. If you have your copy set to automatically check for all updates (or you can manually check in Edit|Settings), there's a new beta(unstable) release:

Spriter v8_1 (beta)

Released 5/13/2014

Additions and Enhancements

    [*:1ea5qtab]Added an option in the save menu to force all names in obj_info tags to be unique to the entire file.
    [*:1ea5qtab]Second view and skin uv view now use the main canvas's current background color.

Bug Fixes

    [*:1ea5qtab]Fixed a bug that would cause the first animation to be missing when loading an unprettified scml file.
    [*:1ea5qtab]Fixed a bug that made the status bar message permanently change to the update check successful message after an automatic update check.
    [*:1ea5qtab]Fixed a crash that occurred when moving keys with 'Only Show Selected' set in the timeline view
    [*:1ea5qtab]Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect key to be changed when a key was moved while the timeline view was filtered to only show certain object types.
    [*:1ea5qtab]Fixed a bug where projects saved with addition info for authoring tools was sometimes saving duplicate obj_info tags.
    [*:1ea5qtab]Added missing menu entry for showing/hiding Object Properties window in the Windows menu.

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Using Spriter v8_1 (beta), on Mac with Maverick (10.9.2), the Character Map window doesn't let me drag from right to left the different Character Maps I created. To by-pass this bug, I click on "Bake Active To Entity", then hit "Cancel", I'm now able to drag and activate my character maps.

Thanks for an awesome software!

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@lucid - as of installing the latest C2 beta (release 129), all spawned attacks and effects are now offset. I had installed the latest scml (5/13/14) and everything was still in the right place until I installed the new C2.

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