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  1. In many( almost all ) non-English speaking countries , cmd+space is a trigger key for opening or closing input-method. I suggest change it to cmd+ < / > or cmd + +/- , or cmd+[/]
  2. Feature Request: A short-way to move an image from one bone to another. Example: I select both the image and the target bone , press a shortcut key, then auto move the image to the target bone. ( the image and the target bone are already in edit-area )
  3. When I close "Object Properties View" , I can't open it again . In the window menu , no "display Object Properties View" option.
  4. 1) The node often disappeared in Hierarchy view when I move the node from one parent-node to another. 2) I Can't move multi-nodes in Hierarchy view from one parent-node to another.
  5. @PixelPicoSean , Thanks for your suggestion. But in this case requestAnimationFrame is NOT a good choice. If use requestAnimationFrame, the FPS is not be custom by user , It will always by system FPS or (system FPS) * 1/n (n is natural number). ======================= Update again. Now Use can generate sheet animation : look screenshot:
  6. Thanks. Yes , I do it as you say. I HOLD shift, then left click and hold/drag to move a child bone. And it till doesn't work. And I found another bug : right click and HOLD a bone/image, the quick-bar will be displayed, but when I release the right mouse key, it will be hidden immediately. the 3rd : when I zoom in/out the edit-area by mouse-scrolling , it's too fast . scroll little, zoom much . I use Mac OS X 10.9. ======================= Update: About IK . I found why : When there is the icon (in red circle) , it works well. If no it , doesn't work.
  7. Hi , I activated Pro version , but can not use IK . I push shift down and click child bone , is not enter IK mode . I have watched this video : (How to embed a youtube video?) But still not find the answer. Help , thanks
  8. Update Again . Now you can control the play progress (by time or frame) http://fattyboy.cn/spriter-play/
  9. Hi @ RunnerPack , Thank you My english is very pool , So I can't say many words :'( I updated it just now . I add some settings , now , you can set FPS , animation's frame count , speed scale . It's free and no any limit. You can use and modify it in any where any time. But , now it's just a prototype . When It is good enough , I think I will create a project in Github. Thank you :)
  10. The document of spriter is so bad. I spent two weeks to understand the scon format and I found some doc-designs are not good enough. But my english is very weak , I don't know how to explain my opinion. Tears... By the way , I hope my demohttp://fattyboy.cn/spriter-play/ could help you. But anyway, Spriter is a great application , I love it .
  11. In the next version , I will implement a powerful "export" feature: 1 export sprite PNG (like old Spriter IDE ) 2 export sprite-sheet PNG (like Spriter IDE b8 ) 3 export "packed-bones-sheet" PNG (see the attachment) , and generate the config-info. ( User could customize frame count ) I'm a free version user (Sorry) , so the pro feature I can't implement.
  12. . . . The online address : http://fattyboy.cn/spriter-play/ Please use the lasted Chrome or Safari visit. It's just the first prototype , but could play the example GreyGuy very well. . . .
  13. I set Spriter be the default app for scon file. But when I double-click the scon file, that is just open Spriter , not open the scon file. Mac OS X 10.9
  14. I hope animation.length could be renamed to animation.duration the duration is more common than length in this case.
  15. About scon's format : In scon file , no "parent" property means the node doesn't have the parent node. no "pivot_x" / "pivot_y" property means the pivot_x/pivot_y is the default value. no "time" property means the time is 0. no "x"/"y" property means the x/y is 0. no "angle" property means the angle is 0. no "scale_x"/ "scale_y" property means the scale_x/scale_y is 1. no "looping" means the looping is true. ( the same state , but the different result ) the parent and pivot_x/pivot_y is ok, but time, x/y, angle and scale_x/scale_y is not good, I think. I suggest if a value is existing , always create the property in the scon , whatever the value is.
  16. This is also about "coordinate system" I found that , in Spriter editor , the edit area use screen coordinate system. see screenshot : the y is 15. but in scon file the y is -15. Why ? Is it a bug ? I hope they are the same. ============= I found that the edit area use screen coordinate system ; the scon file use the standard rectangular coordinate.
  17. Sometimes, When I drag&drop a item in Hierarchy, the Hierarchy will lost some nodes, leaving only root node. See screenshot :
  18. When I change the pivot point of a object(image) , will create 2 keyframes at one time-point at timeline in SCON file. see screenshot
  19. Spriter uses screen coordinate system :     -y      |      | -x ----- 0 ----- +x      |      |     +y It's OK. But the angle is use counter-clockwise rule ( when counter-clockwise , angle from small to big) the coordinate system and angle system are contradictory. I think it's so bad.
  20. the "meta data" label of last timeline is always display : Look the screenshot:
  21. suggestion: Select timeline by click the name label of time line (the left area)
  22. There is a little suggestion. I hope Spriter could remember the window size & layout. The default size of Spriter's window is bigger then my mac screen. I have to resize it to smaller and hide some views. But when I restart the Spriter or open a new Project , it will be back to the default status. Thank you very much.
  23. I delete some bones, but they still be saved in scml/scon under root/entity/obj_info
  24. When I remove all key frames from timeline , then add a new object(image) to the edit-area , the Spriter will crash. the info :
  25. Spriter can remember the window size The default size of Spriter's window is bigger then my mac screen. I have to resize it to smaller. But when I restart the Spriter or open a new Project , it will be back to the default status.
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