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  1. Hi Audio triggered and Event triggered only triggered once for whole time. I need to reload and refresh my project to see it working again.
  2. @lucid Collision box when created and then deleted , will still be available when exported. It will still shows up in construct 2. How to reproduce. 1)Create animations with few frames 2)Create collision box no 1 in first frame, then select copy this to all frame. 3)Create collision box no 2 in first frame, then select copy this to all frame. 4)Select collision box no 1 in first frame, then select delete this from all frame. 5)The box no 1 is deleted and not available in the list anymore. (save scml and scon) 6)Drag drop to construct 2. (The folder will still shows box_000 and box_001) I think the bug is , the collision box is removed in the editor but still shows in the scml and scon files. So it is still shows up when exported.
  3. Hi I have Spriter Pro license. I have few questions regarding the spriter art pack license Can I for example create my own arts from inkscape or etc, replace all the images let say from greyguy examples folder and sold it as scml scon files in online stores? It will be based from the original animations but with my own images.
  4. @Brashmonkey Yes and no. The option does replaced my images. But I have backup. The problem that I had is that if I resized the project and some of the images that are really2 small size, it wont scale down the images. So what I did is that I just open it in paint and scale it down manually. But if I resized a group of the vector images in Inkscape(Transform->Scale), the same vector image also left out. So maybe because it is too small or something.
  5. The option "Save resized project" is broken. The image and the bones are not scaled properly. Example try to scale it down to 0.25
  6. Prettify XML option disabled will causes the first or default animation missing.
  7. Add my vote for all of these, as well as quick keys/buttons for 90° rotations (and please assign "H"/"V" to flips and "L"/"R" for rotations).@Tumira: a work-around for exact flips is to negate the value in one or both of the scale boxes, under "Object Properties". E.g. (-1.0, 1.0) would be a horizontal flip (but it would work with any existing scale value). @RunnerPack. Thank you.
  8. I would like to request:- 1)Enable on/off grid in the layout with ability to change grid size (like in construct 2) 2)Show ruler on top and left of the layout like in inkscape 3)Add ability to invert the sprite with invert vertical or invert horizontal link in inkscape. This is because I like to use same sprite arm, eye, eyebrow for left and right (depends or character design). Having to invert the sprite manually is kinda hard to make it identical. Also is this optimum way ?
  9. Hi I would like to request that the "minify" script is supported in next plugin for Construct 2.
  10. Hi @lucid and @BrashAdmin, I know spriter is very good on character animation, how about doing some tutorial for menu GUI effects ? Will spriter suitable for GUI effects and transition effects on game menu and etc ? Can you guys post some tutorial on this (tips and tricks) ? Thanks
  11. Hi @lucid, any new updates ? I think a lot of people are drooling (including myself) waiting on next update of spriter and plugin for construct 2.
  12. Hi Just wondering, am I able to make for example the head of my character to follow my mouse ? Or in platformer sprite pack example, the gun able to follow the mouse angle ? Or maybe touch angle. Is it possible in spriter ?
  13. @lucid would like to know too. What happen ? I thought B6 would be release 2 weeks ago ?
  14. @lucid Any updates on releasing B6 yet ? I`m drooling already. :lol:
  15. @lucid @BrashAdmin I hope you guys can release B6 asap. Since I think most of us are waiting for it, especially Construct 2 plugins that support CocoonJS and etc. Most of us can`t really take the risk on using something that we can't really test on final product. Regards
  16. Guys, please update to latest driver. Im using driver version from Intel website. Seems everything is ok. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=22842〈=eng&OSVersion=Windows%208%2C%2064-bit*&DownloadType=Drivers
  17. @lucid .. Dont tease us... hehe :evil: Expected release date ? B6 and updated Construct 2 plugin ? :D TQ
  18. @lucid Would be great if we can see the list of animations available in construct 2. At least we can avoid typo error. Currently I need to use the sprite animations in CocoonJS (Android and IOS). Would be great if Spriter can support CocoonJS real soon.
  19. Hi Can @lucid or anybody from BrashMonkey develop plugins or extensions for this game engine? This is basically a Construct 2 clone but free and can run on Mac/Linux/Windows Please target for version 3(still beta) of GameDevelop You can get it at http://www.compilgames.net/ Regards
  20. @lucid, I bought the Spriter Pro license. :mrgreen: Keep up the good work and I cant wait to use it in android and IOS via Cocoonjs.
  21. @lucid . I alot of people hoping and depending on spriter to work with cocoonjs and not relying on ludei to update much since they are really slow updating cocoonjs. So if spriter can work with cocoonjs, you can have my money right now. Hehe. Until then it is a deal breaker for me. Nice software though.
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