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  1. I'm really looking forward to this generic c++ implementation as well. Thanks.
  2. Not sure if a bug or it is intended, but when "Pasting to all keys", it would be extremly useful if the object could inherit the Z-order it had on the frame it was copied from.
  3. Hi zannar2, I'm pretty sure the guys have a priority list of bug/features to implement on a daily basis. It does not mean that because your bugs we're not fixed that they won't get fixed in a later update. This is just part of normal software dev process.
  4. Using Spriter v8_1 (beta), on Mac with Maverick (10.9.2), the Character Map window doesn't let me drag from right to left the different Character Maps I created. To by-pass this bug, I click on "Bake Active To Entity", then hit "Cancel", I'm now able to drag and activate my character maps. Thanks for an awesome software!
  5. double post plz delete this
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