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  1. Thank you! everything is working now:) Great Vids btw. Cheers
  2. Hey all, need a little help if you could. I haven't updated my plugin is some time now. Last time I did, I downloaded a rar/zip file and extracted it to and "scml" folder in ":\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins". Now when I update with the new Plugin/method I'm wondering if I should remove the scml folder mentioned before. When I do remove the folder I get the following error when opening my project: --------------------------- Project missing files --------------------------- Some files are missing from the project. They may have been deleted, or the project may be corrupt. The missing files are: Animations\BossFlyingDrill\Default\000.png Animations\BlockHeadBoss\Default\000.png The project may not edit, preview or export correctly until these files are replaced. --------------------------- I tried re-importing the BlockheadBoss scml file but the error still remained. Only way to get rid of the error I could find was to put the SCML folder back. Without removing the folder there is no error, but I'm not sure if the update is activated With the old plugin folder there even after restarting C2. Whats the best process to get the most up to date versions working? Thanks in Advance:)
  3. yeah it's happened since I moved to my new house /new isp. About 2 years now. And it is NOT just your files. Don't want anyone ggetting the wrong idea or anything. it's EVERY link that is from Dropbox. Anyway I was always able to disregard the warnings until this time. I'll email my SS company and ISP, see if they will do anything,. thanks again!
  4. Thanks so much, it worked! sorry for all the hassle, I know my ISP is terrible, but I've never had issues accessing any site except Dropbox, been this way since I started with C2 but usually I can just ignore it, this wasn't happenning. Regardless you guys rock, thanks for the extra link!, much thanks!
  5. even that link does not work for me, I tried mozilla and firefox, niether is a go. IE does the same . then after I disreggard the warning my security software kicks in. this is the warning I just got from Google... Attackers might be trying to steal your information from dl.dropboxusercontent.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID tried with Macafee, nortons and comodo, three local machines. could it be my ISP blocking dropbox?
  6. is there an alternative link for the C2 plugin, I keep gettin warning from my browsers(firefox and chrome). When i try and disregard the warning it blocks me. so I can't download the latest plugin
  7. Not exactly sure how it should be asked but something like, Is there a section of the site or wiki that is dedicated to how one can use Spriter? Does the license need to be renewed anually? What are the minimum system requirements? Can I sell my animations or art packs on the BrashMonkey Store? Really depends on how or what you want to cover in this section. But these are just a few examples off the top of my head. Even though most already know the answers to them. Hope it helps:)
  8. Thanks Mike, I'm working on a new boss now. I'll post a vid when it's done. Cheers
  9. Hi Mike, The problem has been solved. I had enabled pixel rounding in Construct2. I had ckecked everything again and again, but just missed it. Since I disabled it all spriter animations are working perfectly! Really it wasn'ty til I started to minimize the project to send to you I noticed it. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated.
  10. Hi, Really need some help with this one. I'm noticing some consistent shaking of some of my spriter objects in Construct2, the video can explain better than I can... I've zoomed in o the characters so it shows better on Youtube but you can down load it @ 60 fps here if you prefer... http://www.filedropper.com/shakingspriteranimations I'm not sure why this is happenning , and I've tried everything I can think of to solve the problem. All the characters are spriters but only some of them "shake" like they do in the video. Seems the worst when they Idle, and some characters are worse than others. DaKoo (green dragon on the left)is fine. The only difference between him and the others is the dragon was made in a much earlier version of spriter, but all have been exported with the same options and I have used the lastest version to export all of them. Including the dragon. C2 is also using the latest plugin. Any Ideas why some are shaking and others are not?? System AMD 8350 256 SSD R9 290 12 Gb Ram 1600 @9 9 9 24 Gygabyte UD3 990FX MB
  11. @samdz if it is a looping animation, try copying the first frame to the last frame. Not sure if this will solve it but worth trying. good luck
  12. Hi Lucid, I just updated spriter and the plugin for C2. Now when I export using XDK I can't see the spriter object. I reimported the spriter object into C2. Besides that nothing has changed in the project. When previewing over WiFi with Chrome the Spriter object shows. But it does not show in XDK or the final APK. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance:)
  13. I kn ow it's a few days late but congrats to all of you! Spriter has made such a difference in my games. Great work, Spriter is truly awesome!
  14. Also occurring on my win 8.1 desktop, seems to be random atm.
  15. Thanks for the info Mike. Really I'm only using it for the main character and the enemies, the pickups and all the rest are png's. Max count for spriter objects should be about 20 on screen at any time( and that is a very high estimate), each averaging about 8 pieces without any speed curves. Does this sound achievable for low end tablets? Cheers
  16. on the same topic sort of. Ive been wondering for a while, could to many spriter objects effect performance on tablets and phones. I guess my question is, how many spriter objects can be on screen at the same time without a negative impact, or at what point would it be smart to start supplementing png images for some of the lesser animated items like pickups?
  17. AWESOME! man it feels like I just installed B7, very excited to see what B8 has to offer. Thanks :D
  18. I have to admit, since your released the plugin for C2 I've been very excited to get the new updates for C2 and spriter. the new art pack looks great too. Thanks for posting more info:)
  19. check out this thread, I had a similar problem. the thing is for now you willl have to make all possible combinations have there own entity. From what Edgar and Mike have said, after the update this will change. But for now this was the only way I found...http://www.brashmonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15415 Good Luck
  20. I've been testing my apps with XDK and I'm not getting the spriter to show up. I'm wondering if this is a known issue? Has it been tested? And if so, are there any workarounds that might work atm? Thanks in advance guys :)
  21. Sounds awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it:) And yes Construct 2 can do many many things and one doesn't even need to know how to code really ;)
  22. You helped and that's the big thing:) I just appreciate a place to post and get feedback. Can't wait to see more updates too, especially on the C2 side of things but I get what's involved, the time it takes. I'll just keep checking back every so often ;) Cheers
  23. Finally got it working. Seems that spriter saved/kept erroneous entries in the folder were the spriter file was located even though there was no files in this location. So I manually edited the Spriter file removed these entries. Each one had 2 calls for the same image, I jsut removed the ones calling the root folder. After that I was having trouble with either the swaps or the naming conventions. Not sure which was the culprit, but I did get it to work giving each folder it's own naming convention or prefix Spriter Character/Dakoo_Anims.scml Spriter Character/Dakoo_Anims/(Dakoo_images) Spriter Character2/Fuggin_Anims.scml Spriter Character2/Fuggin_Anims/(Fuggin_images) I did have to rebuild the 2nd characters anims, no matter what I tried it just kept messing up but now all seems fine. Regardless, thanks for pointing me in the right direction :D , I hope this helps anyone else having the same problem. Cheers
  24. After reading your last post I did exactly the same as above but with the test files I sent you, I was able to swap Entities. So I moved on to the full assets I separated the files into separate spriter files, making sure that the spriter files are in the root directory outside of the images folder. like so... Spriter Character/Dakoo_Anims.scml Spriter Character/Dakoo_Anims/(images) Spriter Character2/Fuggin_Anims.scml Spriter Character2/Fuggin_Anims/(images) I then proceeded to merge the spriter files. everything seems fine in Spriter but again I still can't swap the Entity in Construct2. I tried repeatedly, trying every merge option available and still nothing. Are you sure it's the structure causing the problem?
  25. Thanks for figuring this out so quickly. :D I've copied the contents into 2 mirrored folders. I now have the spriter file and the 2 folders with the images in a separate directory. Now I'm wondering, how do I redirect spriter to point to the new folders/ file structure? Is this even possible or do I have to start the anims again? Hope this makes sense. Cheers
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