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  1. Hello, are there any plans of a pixi.js implementation. I am asking because my favorite engine is using pixi.js - gdevelop. Gdevelop is an open source alternative to construct2. It Builds html5 games, ready for intel XDK packaging. It's editor runs on both windows and Linux. Unlike construct2 it can also build native games - for windows and linux. In the future for mac as well. Since last year it has matured quite a bit- also got open sourced. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. http://compilgames.net/ it's github page (see its getting constant updates) http
  2. Dear Spriters, I have started using Spriter after I purchased it like a year ago (or more), finally. Let me start by saying it is a nice piece of software. I do have a question. Few days ago I finished my animations and now I am busy to load them into my SpriteKit(xcode) project. In the game I have a character that has many interchangeable equipment parts (e.g. helmet x, with weapon y, and shield z and body armor b). So what I did was export every equipment/body part separatly (with the same custom rect for all parts and their frames so that they all align perfectly in
  3. I'm relatively new to Spriter so this may very well be user error however, I uploaded the wav file to my file folder. That works. Shows up it my palette which is nice. But that's all I can do with it. The online tutorial on here says you should be able to left click for a preview and then right click to add it to the timeline. Neither of these work. I know the sound file works and my computer's volume is up, yet spriter won't play the sound at all. Even a video tutorial said the same exact thing and it worked for him. Please help! And I have restarted spriter because I thought it mig
  4. Greetings everyone, I've been working with Spriter Pro for a while, and this fantastic tool recently caught the attention of a fellow dev. Of course, I encouraged him to take it, knowing how useful it is to bring life to our little sprites. But. If I have no doubt regarding his competences, I know that he's not very skilled in english, being a fellow baguette eater. and thus I decided to write a french traduction of the online manual to help my buddy and any other frenchies in a similar situation. Last time I checked, there was none. So here's the first version : http://www.mediafire
  5. Gdevelop can use JavaScript code events. So, surely theres a way to bring Spriter to life in Gdevelop? If so please post how to.
  6. Hi, I've been trying for hours to export a spritesheet of my animation using the Spriter exporter. It looks like whatever configuration I try, there is no way to control the frames rotations inside the output spritesheet, this risulting in Phaser rendering the sprite with its body parts randomly rotated and attached to the wrong points. How can I force my Spriter Exporter to output a spritesheet containing only non-rotated frames?
  7. Hi I love spriter and used it in with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS which worked perfect. Now switched to Ubuntu 17.10. First of all, there is only gstreamer1.0 available, fixed it with: But it still does not start, getting: Install xcb with: sudo apt-get install libxcb1 and also installed QT5 But still no luck. Can you please compile against newer version or can anyone tell me how to fix, really like to use Spriter again!
  8. Hi everyone, hi Mike! So, I have watched your video on youtube about importing spriter animations to unity, and I followed every step. I dragged the whole map with sprites and body parts, and .scml file as well. I've downloaded Spriter2UnityDX for Unity 5.0 (yes, I am using Unity 5.0) and imported it as an asset in Unity project. But as I import the map in Assets, I get this. I am unable to drag player with its animations in scene, and there is that error "the name titleContent does not exist in current context" Also, the error is related to Spritet2UnityDX. What should I do? Best r
  9. Hi everyone! It started as a project for my daughter (she was at the age of about 2). She loved two apps I had on my old iPad - both were animated/interactive scenes. Just tap somewhere and see what happens. She loved it. On my way to find more apps like that, I had a hard time, so I decided to try to make one myself. So, this is it. I did some research, found Monogame, found Spriter, and the great SpriterDotNet implementation from loodakrawa. I love working with that. And although I am not a great artist, I tried my best. As my daughter liked the result much, I decided
  10. hi there . in spriter i changed the child of bones in middle of my animation and its worked very well but when i imported it to unity its broke down please see this video : http://s9.picofile.com/d/8318051492/e0db2048-f2fa-46d9-8c0a-80721edf4627/Record_2018_01_30_09_28_47_560.mp4
  11. It was stated over a year ago that work for spriter pro and Rpgmaker MV support was being worked on, and so far pretty much every game engine has support but Rpgmaker so I was just wondering if the project was dropped or if it was still being worked on, and possibly what progress has been made, thanks Also, I am willing to pay for Rpgmaker MV support as my characters in battle have so many frames (25+) for each animation, and are very high resolution, so they take extremley long to load, to the point where if multiple are used the game will just crash rendering my game unplayable, and I a
  12. Hello Brashmonkey Team, I have a little bug I've encountered that needs attention. The bounding boxes are ignored or not rescaled after resizing the entire project. That's all. Thanks. - Chad
  13. I try to make Spriter work but program keeps destroying my progress. This is my project loaded today. When I saved it, everything was fine (and I save every 5 mins because Spriter crashes often). Later when I reloaded project this is what I got. What is going on?
  14. Time 6:20. I can't find bone parentage option anywhere. Where is it?
  15. Hello, So I've been using spriter pro for a while now and I had no issues so far. I use it with Scirra's Construct 2. The way I use the scml plugin is the Self Draw way, everything worked great so far, so I've added an scml instance, imported the spritesheet that I exported from Spriter and then impirted the scon file as well. The animation worked fine, but after a while I changed some aninations, exported new spritesheet and scon and I changed them in Construct, but I kept the original scml instance. So my problem is that the animation is blank now, but if I swap back the scon to t
  16. germanmolto

    Spriter 2

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any news about Spriter 2 or mesh deformation feature! Thanks

    Ball Walker

    My game Ball Walker is available for iOS in the App Store and Android in Google Play for free! A physics based game that's all about balance, patience and maddening fun. Walk the ball across the finish line to win! Game play is simple, but difficult to master Animations made with Spriter. Game made with Construct 2. Please play and let me know what you think.
  18. Hello, I just got introduced to Spriter today. I have a set of animations under a .scml file and would like to export them to a TexturePacker file to then be able to use them on Phaser. My intuition tells me there must be a way to export all sprites onto a sprite sheet, and Sprite will generate a json file with animation coordinates that can then be called on Phaser. The thing is, I just cant find a way to do that as nothing happens when I use the Generate Texture Packer Spritesheet option under "File". When I say "nothing" I mean Sprite only generates a .tps file just as if I had
  19. When there is something that Spriter users know than it is that once the project path is set it cannot be changed anymore or the project images get lost. Well.. Here is a small guide how it can be actually changed. What do you need? Notepad++ Actually it is not a need but it's just easier to work with. Now let's assume your Spriter File (SCML) is inside the folder where all your sprites are located. In the above example my SCML file is called "Juggernaut". Now let's put it one folder higher in the file hierarchy. What I did is to cut out the
  20. Hi I'm making an implementation for Game Maker Studio (100% GML code), no extensions/libraries like DLL or Java For now I've tested on Windows and Android and the next things works: Can load .cson files and sprites(images with pivots), all on Included Files. and can load from a string(with this maybe can be used for HTML5) Render all sprites in the first frame of an animation, if has bones, don't have correctly transformations(positions,scale,rotation) I have to interpret all data from .cson file, I look some things weird like the pivot_y of images are inverted from 0
  21. Hi devs, if you're looking for a custom character sprite, you can request through our thread. If the character you're requested is a simple character, you can get it for free You can also buy and sell your art on our marketplace, visit http://tokegameart.net/ Here are some of our assets you can download for free http://tokegameart.net/category/freebies/
  22. Hi. Right now i'm using the open-source version of texture packer for libgdx that's on github, but I can't import the sprite and atlas that it made into Spriter (it doesn't recognize that it is an atlas). Also, buying texture packer pro or spriter pro is out of the question. Thanks!
  23. Hi guys, I'm trying to export a project from construct 2 by using nw.js. but their is a problem that I found is that when I launch the nw.js application that has been created after exporting, nothing is launched. so I've delete every scml from my project and i've exported again and that works. this problem with spriter plugin it's only apears after exporting. Because on the preview on construct2, I can launch my project on chrome, firefox, nw.js preview, etc... that works. I'have the last version of the plugin that has been released on december.
  24. I looked for documentation on how to accomplish an install on Ubuntu 16.04 but couldn't find any, not even for Ubuntu 14, can somebody point me in the right direction?
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