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  1. I understand what you are saying but I don't want to be limited by software I use. Original image project is drawn with vectors and I want my animation projects to be future proof for Ultra HD 8K resolution (I'm also programmer and engine I use gives me this option). I don't want to hope that software will work as intended. I want to be certain that whatever I plan to do, will work. If software can handle it I shouldn't run out of memory (32 GB on my machine). I only need PNGs. Code I wrote can handle the rest. I will check Spriter 2 when it'll be released.
  2. Thanks for anwer. Project size is 3000x4000 px. Parts are smaller (I used photoshop script to save all layers as cropped pngs) I made bones wider so I could easier move parts attached to them. I didn't know it may cause issues (if so then I don't understand why bone thickness can be changed by user) I really like how intuitive Spriter is but unfortunately because of bugs and random crashes I can't rely on this software. I moved on to Dragon Bones Pro that is free.
  3. I try to make Spriter work but program keeps destroying my progress. This is my project loaded today. When I saved it, everything was fine (and I save every 5 mins because Spriter crashes often). Later when I reloaded project this is what I got. What is going on?
  4. That's too bad. Option that I saw in older tutorial looked really useful. I know I can change hierarchy in hierarchy tab but dragging bones around from bottom to top takes long time if you have many bones. Also from what I see there are limitations. Example. I created skeleton but it's impossible to create new bone and make it parent of all other bones. At least I can't make it work.
  5. Time 6:20. I can't find bone parentage option anywhere. Where is it?
  6. Oh well back to the beginning. Thanks for answer. One more question is it normal that after converting to skin I don't see any thumbnail in z-view?
  7. Hi I'm new around here. I want to know if you can quickly change items that you've already put in the main window to skins from sprites and vice versa?
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