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  1. Hello, So I've been using spriter pro for a while now and I had no issues so far. I use it with Scirra's Construct 2. The way I use the scml plugin is the Self Draw way, everything worked great so far, so I've added an scml instance, imported the spritesheet that I exported from Spriter and then impirted the scon file as well. The animation worked fine, but after a while I changed some aninations, exported new spritesheet and scon and I changed them in Construct, but I kept the original scml instance. So my problem is that the animation is blank now, but if I swap back the scon to the previous one it works fine again. What are the most common reasons that might explain this? I exported several animations like this before and never had any issues. I use Spriter on macos and run Construct 2 on a parallels vm, preview is sent from Windows running on parallels to Safari on macos, but it was never an issue before. Thank you in advance.
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