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  1. Gdevelop can use JavaScript code events. So, surely theres a way to bring Spriter to life in Gdevelop? If so please post how to.
  2. Thank you for your replies. And I never did try it when it was all jumbled. I just noticed after I deleted the auto saves it quit being jumbled. So you're prolly right on that. I just like when it works the same for me as others. When it doesn't, I question why. Its working fine now though. And I saw the check mark. I didn't notice it before. I unchecked it. And I found a solution, but I am unsure if its a good one. I mean, I will just have to email it to you like you said. I am pretty tired and am going to call it night soon. I am just very anxious to get started. I don't have much patience at times, while other times I have all the patience in the world. I really like Spriter and Construct 2. They have potential for making great games. Its for that same very reason I am thankful that you would look over it for me. P.S. It maybe a bug or maybe I was unlucky, but I swear when I deleted the auto saves, it quit acting that way.
  3. Actually it isn't if you watch the video, in no way does the images go out of order. But I found if you delete the auto saves, this prevents this from happening. Although from what I understand there's no option to turn auto save off. The tutorial mentioned having a scon and scml copy with the exact name. When I saw the auto saves, I decided to delete them and Whola! BTW, this may not be of your concern, considering you are support for brashmoney and not construct 2. But, is there a simple way of fixing the walk animation? For instance, after I jump (and have both animations, jump and fall) and land, I am standing still. This is if I am still pressing left or right arrow. Or gamepad axis x greater than 0 or less than 0. I have to let off in order to get the walk animation again. I saw in the video a different event configuration. I just was trying to find a simpler way. I can get all the animations to work perfectly except those.
  4. Has this happened to anybody? I followed the importing spriter file into contruct 2. I put the plugin where I was suppose to, ticked all the options from custom save options, saved a scon exactly same name as scml in the same folder as the spriter project. And this happens. Imports just fine, with no errors, but ya....This happens. I am figuring its something simple I am over looking or I just am cursed, lol. Please help!!! P.S. everything is up to date. (Spriter, the plugin, Contruct 2)
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