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  1. ok. Please let me know what you find out. It would be great to know why they behave differently. Ideally they should all behave the same- SCON and SCML and Windws and Mac.
  2. That did get it to behave properly in the SCML file on Windows. Thanks. But why would the SCON on Windows behave like the SCML and SCON on Mac (eg: how I intended) and the SCML wouldn't? I would assume that both SCML and SCON would behave the same way on Windows. And which is the expected behavior for that sort of keyframe issue, the SCML on Mac or SCML on Windows?
  3. Sure thing. Will send it right now. Thanks for the help.
  4. The animation doesn't look correct in Spriter on Windows and when exported from Windows. Also, it is just the SCML file. The SCON looks correct on both Windows and Mac. I have tried re-saving from the SCON on Mac as SCML, then opening on Windows and it is still incorrect. Adding an additional keyframe to the little star when to the right did not fix it. It just made it rotate.
  5. what's odd is that the scml file on Windows displays differently than on the Mac. I even opened the scon file on Mac, re-saved as scml, it plays fine on Mac, but when opened on Windows, it plays incorrectly. See below. The stars shouldn't overlap one another, but in the Windows export they clearly do. scml export from Mac: scml export from Windows:
  6. Thanks for the explanation Mike. Which format should I be using if I am going to work on both Windows and Mac? The project was old. I'll have to check the date, but I just needed to export individual sprites to import into C3 since I'm having issues with the plugin. The problem was that the animation was different in the scon from the scml. I must have edited one of the files and not the other. If I have to use the two file types, is it possible to have the files sync with each other?
  7. Can someone please explain the difference between the two file types? and why we have the two different file types? I recently opened an old project on windows, opened the scml file and the animation looked funny. opened the scon on Mac and it looked the way I had remembered it. also, why dont either file type open on mac when double clicked? I have to open Spriter and fine then open. on windows I can just double click the scml file.
  8. I am working to scale. The graphics imported into Spriter are to scale. And when I export individual sprites in the animation and import in to C3, they are to scale. However, when I follow the method you outlined in your tutorial, the animation is huge during playback. It is like it resized the graphic 500%. The edges are blurry/pixelated. The scml sprite is 250x250, so I reduce to 50x50 and it looks normal. And when I was using the Spriter plugin in C2 it looked fine. Here you can see the elephant imported as a separate sprite from Spriter on the ball, and above him is the one imported using the scml plugin. he's huge.
  9. I just followed instructions and imported into C3 and it seems to work with a few issues... As others have noted, I can't see the character in the editor. just the empty scml square sprite. is it possible to see the character in the editor? The animation is HUGE! How can I have it set to proper scale automatically? resizing the empty sprite doesn't correspond with the bounding box size.
  10. @lucid thanks for the tip. I hadn't seen this post yet. Just so I'm clear, I should do this right in C3, and not in my C2 project and then try to import in C3, correct? I've already replaced the SCML files with sprites and animated using C2's default behavior. It now imports fine into C3.
  11. I imported the scml file foe each animation in the game. so the separate sprites are saved as families. opening and closing/saving does not change the outcome. I am going to replace the scml files with new sprites and do it the old school way of using separate sprites files for animations.
  12. I downloaded the new plugin, tried to re-import, and got the same error: Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 2 single-file (.capx) project. ...and same error in the console.
  13. thanks. I found his bug report here: https://github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues/1718 Looks like they're still trying to sort things out, but Ashley's waiting on a sample project from @lucid
  14. Thanks for the reply, Mike. Is the request public so we can vote or add our request to show support?
  15. Has anyone else experienced a problem trying to open a Construct 2 project in Construct 3 that uses Spriter animations and the Spriter plugin? I know it is the Spriter animations because I deleted them from the project and it opened just fine. I opened a thread on Construct's forum in case anyone wants to chime in there... https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/failed-to-open-project-from-c2-135949#forumPost941546
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