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  1. Dear Spriters, I have started using Spriter after I purchased it like a year ago (or more), finally. Let me start by saying it is a nice piece of software. I do have a question. Few days ago I finished my animations and now I am busy to load them into my SpriteKit(xcode) project. In the game I have a character that has many interchangeable equipment parts (e.g. helmet x, with weapon y, and shield z and body armor b). So what I did was export every equipment/body part separatly (with the same custom rect for all parts and their frames so that they all align perfectly in game) and in game loading the equipment parts and their frames(animation) depending on what equipment parts the user is wearing. This is working but it is memory consuming. What I would like is to export every part seperatly like I am doing now, but the export width/height (rect) should not be bigger than that of the biggest frame of that particular equipment/body part. also I would like to have a file with the correct x y z offset so that I can align the equipment parts correctly ingame. is this possible? I know I can do this somehow through the scml file but I would like to know if there is an easier way to do this. Thanks for reading, and excuse me if the question is not very clear.
  2. Hi all, Im new to this community, just bought spriter a week ago didn't had enough time to work with it (till now). But it looked quite interesting and something I was looking for. I have the RPG Spriter pack with Spriter pro and I would like what the best way is to export the objects that makes a character separately, so i can merge them in different combinations in the game. For example - male_chest_body_left, male_chest_whitearmor_left, male_chest_goldarmor_left - male_arm_body_left, male_arm_woodenshield_left, male_arm_ironshield_left with the various animations, ofcourse, so i can use them dynamically in my game. I tried to search the forums, the only interesting thing i could find is character mapping, but its not answering my question.
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