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  1. Title explains it all. I'm looking for how to make a motion blur for something like a sword swing? Something that looks like this, thanks
  2. damn thanks mike :/ I've made a petition for it and I'm thinking about posting it on the Rpgmaker MV forums, but I'm not too sure how many people would be interested, it would mean a lot if you could possibly mention this petition in a stickied post or on the news section for me, thanks so much. (Also I used the spriter logo in the petition, if you're not okay with that PM me and I will change it!) Petition Link: https://www.change.org/p/kadokawa-corporation-rpgmaker-mv-spriter-support
  3. It was stated over a year ago that work for spriter pro and Rpgmaker MV support was being worked on, and so far pretty much every game engine has support but Rpgmaker so I was just wondering if the project was dropped or if it was still being worked on, and possibly what progress has been made, thanks Also, I am willing to pay for Rpgmaker MV support as my characters in battle have so many frames (25+) for each animation, and are very high resolution, so they take extremley long to load, to the point where if multiple are used the game will just crash rendering my game unplayable, and I a
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