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Found 6 results

  1. Gdevelop can use JavaScript code events. So, surely theres a way to bring Spriter to life in Gdevelop? If so please post how to.
  2. How do I replace image from the all of the animations in an entity? It will be easier doing it that way since I have these similar images present in each of my animation. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking for some help on the best way to swap out images in an existing animation. Basically, I have my character all rigged and animated but the images are very big in scale. Today I got round to getting them the correct sizes in Illustrator and I exported them into my Spriter project folder and now I am looking to replace the current images with the new images that I have exported at the correct size without having to rig and animate my character again. Here is a screen grab to better explain my problem: I know about 'Char Maps' but I don't fully understand their functionality and I'm not sure if using them is the right thing to do, I'm still learning Spriter Before someone suggests it I am going to say, I know I can just scale my current images down but the ones I have exported are the exact size I need them to be and I'm very precise with things, could be my OCD Knowing how to do this would also help me with other basic things like lip syncing and facial expressions etc. Right now my work is very linear and I don't need anything complicated but it's nice to know how it works and how to do it just for the future Cheers, Dave.
  4. I must admit that I have some difficulty understanding the part that is attached to the bone on one of the images. If there in French that have understood if you like me help. Je dois avouer que j'ai un peu de mal à comprendre la partie qui consiste à fixé les bone sur une des images. Si il y à des français qui ont compris s'il vous plais help.
  5. So I'm sitting here playing with spriter pro for the first time, using a character model I made especially for the program. I have very little animation experience though, so the best I can really make right now is a very simple idle animation. I'd really love to get to the point where I'm capable of making something along the lines of the shambling skeleton animation included with the spriter pro download, because it doesn't seem to use many more techniques than the very simple bone-attached-to-sprite animation technique displayed in the tutorials found on the official brashmonkey youtube channel. But I think what I'm really lacking here is a knowledge of the theory behind sprite and bone animation. As in, how I should be going about designing assets that will be animated, what things to keep in mind, how they're animated, etc. Are there any channels, guides, or tutorials for that? Aside from just plain raw practice, obviously. I know practice is a good foundation, but it always helps to know what direction you're going in. I guess this might be kind of a weird question to ask, but I'm definitely looking forward to your guys's responses. Thanks in advance!
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