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    AlbertMen reacted to Pixelnose in Copyright Question   
    Hi guys!
    I´ve got an uncommon question based on the copyright of sprite parts. (sorry for the bad english - i`m from germany )
    I worked with Spriter Pro some time now and I think its a powerful software to animate
    anything you can imagine.
    Since Spriter uses parts of a body (for example Head, upper arm , torso etc.) there are unlimited
    combinations of meshing the characters together. The more sprite parts you have, the greater are your possibilitys.
    The question is: When I take those parts from other games, mix them together and create a whole new character with it - Can I use
    this in my own game without beeing accused for breaking the copyright?
    As an example i´ve attached a file showing different sprite parts from other games.
    Has anyone made experience with sprite parts from other games?
    Thank you in advance + greetings

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    AlbertMen reacted to John Te in Spriter Pro Questions   
    Thanks for the link!
    I'm looking particularly into the combination of frame by frame animation with cutout animation. Is that possible?
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spritesheet export not saving   
    Hi FailedStarfish,
    Are you using the new build of Spirter (r5) or R4?
    The size of the png's you're using is not as important as what the total size of each frame would be. For example, even if your separate images are 1x1 pixels, if they are 1000 pixels away from each other in the animation, then each frame will be massive. 
    Can you please make a screen grab or screen recording video showing the attempted export and most importantly, what export settings you're using.
    Also, feel free to email your Spriter project to mike@brashmonkey.com and tell me which animation you're trying to export and at what settings and i'll see if I can figure out the issue. This is most likely the fastest way to get the issue resolved.
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    AlbertMen reacted to simonsanchezart in Pixel art for Spriter2?   
    will it be possible to animate pixel art in spriter2 with bones (ik, etc...)?
    i know it's impossible to have clean animations like that, but it's a great starting point for a fluid animation in pixel art.
    Please implement the rotsprite (used in Aseprite for example) algorithm  
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spritesheet export not saving   
    Yes, my guess is even though the character is the same size, due to the number of resulting frames (duration of animation) AND the overall size of each frame (due to position of character, such as arms extended, tail extended etc ) combine to demand a bigger total spritesheet image than Spriter is capable of. 
    I'm glad to hear you're using Unity! This should solve all your problems! http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4477-spriterdotnetunity/

    If it has any issues importing or playing back your Spriter files, please report them on that thread.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spritesheet export not saving   
    Hi corndawg,

    can you please zip up your entire project and email it to me? ( mike@brashmonkey.com ) so I can see if I can find the issue?
    May ask how big each frame would end up?
    Have you tried exporting as single frames?
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    AlbertMen reacted to popeyesfx in Spriter R11 Bug Thread   
    further to my post above, i have ostiarius installed which stops unsign binaries from executing, it would appear that yours are unsigned so Spriter is not allowed to run.
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    AlbertMen reacted to .israel. in Spriter R11 Bug Thread   
    I am having a rather large issue in Linux (specifically Debian/Ubuntu).  I downloaded the trial version from the website to see how it all worked, and found that the key combination for creating bones does not work for me at all.  In Linux Alt+Click will begin to drag the window.  I have tried this in JWM and LXQt (two different Desktops)  and the result is the same.
    Can you please make this configurable, or at least change it to something that doesn't interfere with standard Window Manager keyboard shortcuts (in X11).
    I think using the 'Super' key (a.k.a. the windows key or the 'Meta' key)
    I have been enjoying trying this program out, but this missing basic functionality is a show stopper for me.
    So yeah please add in
    //I haven't seen your code... but probably you are using QApplication::keyboardModifiers() // so please add this, or make it configurable Qt::MetaModifier Or let me browse the code
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    AlbertMen reacted to blurymind in update by Spriter 2   
    Its almost december now :) are they going to do it on new years ever or christmas? 
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    AlbertMen reacted to saga55555 in update by Spriter 2   
    Hope to test Spriter 2 in New Year but seem like its not on time  D:
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Unable to import Spriter animations to Unity   
    Hi Dorja,
    I think there are specific Spriter features that Spriter2Unity does not support/ cant import and convert properly.
    This is a wild guess, but if you are using any skin mode, sub-entities it likely won't successfully import.
    There may also be limits like each image needs to be assigned to a bone and only one image is allowed to be a child of each bone. (This part is a guess)
    I suggest you post this issue, especially with a screen recording of your import attempt process and the resulting error in the thread dedicated to Spriter2Unity DX. This is much more likely to get the attention of either the plug-in developer or someone with much more experience using than I have.  
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    AlbertMen reacted to fabioriva in purchase from steam   
    hii i was puchasing spriter on steam so is the free update to spriter 2 are also available free via steam?
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    AlbertMen reacted to Einar in Pivot point marker/rotate widget gone   
    I can no longer see the pivot points or the rotate handles for images attached to a character in Spriter. Is there a setting somewhere that I cannot find, or a hotkey? Or is it in fact a bug?
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    AlbertMen reacted to l34765sgh in Spriter Requests   
    As long as we're making request and giving suggestions

    Will you consider implementing a virtual camera?
    for use with cartoon animations and cutscenes in gaming?
    Sorry i should elaborate.
    Lets say you have a background, your character in the scene and you want to slowly zoom in on that character while it's performing it's animations. From what i understand with Spriter you would have to enlarge both the character and scene every frame to get that effect and have it export as intended. As we know, enlarging in this way can cause some issues with consistency and brings a lot more tedious realigning into play per frame. Exports may also may not be on point for a smooth effect. 
    What i meant by a virtual camera is.  Putting an adjustable frame / box around your scene. Which can zoom in or zoom out. Move left, right, up down on your target scene. Then have it export your frames as defined within the frame  / box information. While maintaining the animations you put in place.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Einar in Pivot point marker/rotate widget gone   
    It seems restarting spriter and opening a different document first solved the issue, and now I can't reproduce it. I will give a detailed description later if I manage to find any logic to when it happens.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Pivot point marker/rotate widget gone   
    I'm sorry I somehow never saw this thread until now. Be sure to mention what OS you're using Spriter on when you have an issue.
    for a second I thought maybe you accidentally clicked the "hide bones" check-box, but I think you're talking about the actual transform gizmos that appear when you choose any sprite to manipulate. I've actually never seen this bug or heard anyone else ever report this, so please do get back to us with more info if it ever happens again.
    again, sorry for not seeing this for so long.
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    AlbertMen reacted to bwwd in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    Youre doing everything wrong, first assign skins to bones and finish their setup, then its time to move them to ger proper Z order, dont do it at the beginning.Once skin setup is completed and you cant edit it anymore to add new segments then you can change their z order, it doesnt work if you do it before finishing setup, is it a bug ? Yes , but not a major one for me, just look for workarounds.Skins mode is working fine , just have to figure out your workflow and what to avoid.also when you see that wireframe ractangle leftover after previous character then close spriter and open it again.
    Where did you get "double click to " attach ? No tutorial says this, double click is for finishing skin setup, i think you just didnt do your homework.Go to brashmonkey youtube channel and watch every video.I did.
    Of course i could just mention all the shortcuts to help you but i wont, watch their tutorials.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Construct 3 failed to open Construct 2 project   
    I think until the Construct3 SDK is updated to allow us to finish the port of the Spriter plugin to C3, there's nothing we can do about that. A request has been sent recently to Ashley at Scirra, so hopefully it won't be a very longf wait. 
    Until then It might be best to continue to use C2 for any on-going project that already uses Spriter for now.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Bookwolf in Spriter Pro and Daz3D tutorial?   
    Is there any tutorials for using Daz character renders as Sprites for Spriter pro. I'm willing to pay if some can make a video tutorial.
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    AlbertMen reacted to KENYONB in Construct 3 failed to open Construct 2 project   
    I imported the scml file foe each animation in the game. so the separate sprites are saved as families. opening and closing/saving does not change the outcome.
    I am going to replace the scml files with new sprites and do it the old school way of using separate sprites files for animations.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in scon vs scml ???   
    scml is actually XML
    Scon is Json
    How old was the project? It could have been so old that Spriter updated its data format since then (I think that was several years ago)
    Regarding Spriter on Mac, I assume that's because we didn't bother "registering" Spriter with Apple so it's not granted  such niceties as programs that jump through the hoops to register with Apple. But that's just a guess.  Hopefully you can drag an scml or scon onto the Spriter icon and that will work.
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    AlbertMen reacted to lucid in Construct 3 failed to open Construct 2 project   
    @KENYONB You could also use the spritesheet method of importing: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/test-spriter-c3-addon-7-2-upda-130240#forumPost918422

    If you change the C2 version to the spritesheet method it may import correctly.
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    AlbertMen reacted to Sathania in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    It works now, thanks!
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    Please try downloading the free non-Steam version of Spriter from here and install it and tell me if it runs for you: https://brashmonkey.com/download_spriter/
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    AlbertMen reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    I recommend you zip up your Spriter project and send it to mail@brashmonkey.com so we can take a look at it. Ideally, a screen recording showing the initial key-frame before it gets "corrupted", then you making changes to a later key-frame, and then the resulting change to the initial key-frame.

    Is there a key frame for the things that are getting changed in the first place (there usually is) or are they missing? Do you know how to expand the timeline window to expose the key frames for each specific object?
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