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  1. It seems restarting spriter and opening a different document first solved the issue, and now I can't reproduce it. I will give a detailed description later if I manage to find any logic to when it happens.
  2. I can no longer see the pivot points or the rotate handles for images attached to a character in Spriter. Is there a setting somewhere that I cannot find, or a hotkey? Or is it in fact a bug?
  3. I've been using Spriter with Unity lately, and both the Spriter program itself and the Unity wrapper by loodakrawa are a joy to use. Performance-wise it seems to be a winner as well. I use events and points a lot, in order to control a lot of custom sprite swapping and other jazz in Unity, and I've encountered a couple of bugs/oversights/"features": 1: A Spriter-point, when converted to a unity object, does not get the correct rotation (it's always at zero degrees). I've fixed this by adding the following line to UnityAnimator.ApplyPointTransform (at line 138 in my case): pointTransform.localEulerAngles = new Vector3(0, 0, info.Angle); 2: A Spriter-point with limited duration (for instance it only exists at frame 60) will not be set if that particular frame is skipped in Unity. In my case the point was only visible/discovered by the system every tenth iteration or so. This is probably not a bug per-se, and easily circumvented when I know about it, but I thought I should at least mention it. Cheers, Einar
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