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  1. Thank you for this answer. I asked around a lot - many people said different things. But I think its safer to gain the sprite parts with the help of an artist.
  2. Hi guys! I´ve got an uncommon question based on the copyright of sprite parts. (sorry for the bad english - i`m from germany ) I worked with Spriter Pro some time now and I think its a powerful software to animate anything you can imagine. Since Spriter uses parts of a body (for example Head, upper arm , torso etc.) there are unlimited combinations of meshing the characters together. The more sprite parts you have, the greater are your possibilitys. The question is: When I take those parts from other games, mix them together and create a whole new character with it - Can I use this in my own game without beeing accused for breaking the copyright? As an example i´ve attached a file showing different sprite parts from other games. Has anyone made experience with sprite parts from other games? Thank you in advance + greetings
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