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Unable to import Spriter animations to Unity


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Hi everyone, hi Mike!

So, I have watched your video on youtube about importing spriter animations to unity, and I followed every step. I dragged the whole map with sprites and body parts, and .scml file as well.
I've downloaded Spriter2UnityDX for Unity 5.0 (yes, I am using Unity 5.0) and imported it as an asset in Unity project. But as I import the map in Assets, I get this.
I am unable to drag player with its animations in scene, and there is that error "the name titleContent  does not exist in current context" Also, the error is related to Spritet2UnityDX. What should I do?

Best regards and thanks in advance


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Hi Dorja,

I think there are specific Spriter features that Spriter2Unity does not support/ cant import and convert properly.
This is a wild guess, but if you are using any skin mode, sub-entities it likely won't successfully import.
There may also be limits like each image needs to be assigned to a bone and only one image is allowed to be a child of each bone. (This part is a guess)

I suggest you post this issue, especially with a screen recording of your import attempt process and the resulting error in the thread dedicated to Spriter2Unity DX. This is much more likely to get the attention of either the plug-in developer or someone with much more experience using than I have.  


Mike at BrashMonkey



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Right.. Spriter2Unity actually converts Spriter animations to Unity's own animation format during import, but the cost is it cant support/import complicated Spriter files.


SpriterDotNet for Unity supports more Spriter features much better, but there is a steeper learning curve because it does not convert the animations, it keeps them as Spriter animations and lets you control them from within Unity.

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