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Spriter for Unity 4.3


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The problem:

1. When the Prefab was dragged to the game scene window. It showed nothing.

The solution:

1. Make sure the objects (sprites) are imported as Sprites and not as Textures.

2. Do NOT import the objects in a folder named "Textures". Unity (for me, at least) was converting all the files in that folder as textures.

Awesome! Thank you guys for all the help. Spriter really is an awesome tool. I cannot say it enough. This tool is Godsend.

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Deer friends, first of all I would like to apologize in advance, if I may seem rude, and if I do not credit the many people that have put in so much into this project, I truly do appreciate your efforts. That being said, I have have spent the last 10 hours combing these threads attempting to get mythgarr + dengar's updated pipeline to work. I have tried and went through all the advice in this thread. I am not a programmer, but I have been able to follow along and even replicate sprite based animation from the unity tutorials. They were very well done and easy to follow along. Is there any way that the developers would ever consider making a guide either text or video, or any written documentation that could take us artists, and non programmers step by step through the process of getting our animations from Spriter to Unity .

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Here are the steps required to get things working in Unity:

* Download and unzip Spriter2Unity from Github.

* Replace the two files updated by Dengar.

* Copy that into the Assets folder of a Unity project.

* From the menu bar in Unity, go to Edit > Project Settings > Editor, and set "Default Behavior Mode" to "2D". (If you don't do this, you'll have to change each image used by the animations from "texture" to "sprite" manually after you've imported them.)

* Import the images used by your animation.

* Import the spriter file. (The preview window will be empty if you try to look at the animations, but they will be there, and working. To preview them, you can drag the prefab onto the preview window after selecting an animation. The preview will have messed up ordering of body parts, though, as it's drawn in a 3d setting.)

If this description is unclear, please say so, so that I (or someone more experienced) can clarify it.

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Thank you so much, Trum. I have successfully got it to work now and I couldn't be happier. Some of the things, that really messed me, up earlier somehow I had encountered an error message that mentioned something regarding legacy animations. I remember reading about that issue earlier in the thread so, I went to the unity main page and attempted to figure a solution to that problem. That landed me in debug mode. This altered a few of the settings, and made

the steps unclear, and confusing (for example there is no default 2d behavior option in this mode). Also other complications came up, that I will not mention to not confuse anybody by accident.

In any case its been a joy to learn animation with Spriter. Thank-you for your help.

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Hey everyone!

We've just started using Spriter for a Unity project. Unfortunately Spriter2Unity seems to be abandoned.

Is anyone else already working on a fork? If not, I'll see if I can pick it up.

The GitHub repository is over here: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity

You can get in touch with me on Twitter, if you prefer that kind of communication: https://twitter.com/bonus2113


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Welcome bonus2113,

I'm not aware of anyone officially taking over Spriter2Unity. (Please anyone correct me if you are working on it.)

If you do run into any issues or have questions about the Spriter data format, features etc., please don't hesitate to contact Edgar (Spriter's programmer and lead designer) at lucid@brashmonkey.com


Mike at BrashMonkey

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I suggest that you add a bit about the 2D-mode and sprite versus texture thing to the documentation. (See earlier posts in this thread. It's something that new users are likely to stumble on.)

Maybe continued discussion should be in a new thread to avoid confusing new people - right now, you have to read through many posts before getting to the current state of the plugin. I think it'd be good if the first post of the thread would contain everything you need to know to use it.

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A new thread sounds like a good idea, seeing how this one is from back when Spriter2Unity was a Python tool.

I'll spent some time documenting the current code (mostly so that I'm completely comfortable working with it) and fixing the bugs we are experiencing right now.

I'll put the thread up as soon as the documentation is usable!

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Just a quick tutorial on how to import with the current version:

Please help me!!!

i do follow this video but when i run game on Unity, it throw a erorr "'monster' AnimationEvent 'S2UInternal_AssignSprite' has no receiver! Are you missing a component?" - "monster" is game object was created by Spriter.

Please give me a solution.

Many thanks! :)

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I guess you are using an outdated version of the converter.

Try using this one: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity

Instead of having an external tool to convert the SCML files you can just drop them and all the assets into your Unity project.

1. Download this Unity package: https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity/raw/master/Package/Spriter2Unity.unitypackage

2. Open your Unity project.

3. Import your whole Spriter project folder into Unity.

4. With Unity open, go to the folder you saved the Unity package to and double click it.

5. Unity should pop up with a dialog asking if you want to import the assets, click import on the bottom right.

Unity should now import the Spriter2Unity package and then automatically convert your SCML files to prefabs. The prefabs will be in the same folder as the SCML files.

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