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  1. Not sure - I haven't dealt with that property at all. I'm pretty sure you're right - z scale does nothing in 2d mode (and also means it's not your camera). There's a constant value defined for the z step size - try flipping it from negative to positive (or whatever). It SHOULD still be using z position to determine a raw drawing order in the absence of other overrides...
  2. Dengar, I'm not sure why things are getting reversed but there are a few things I can think of. The camera may be looking 'down' the z axis in the opposite direction I was using, for instance. Setting the z scale on the entire object to -1 should work around the issue.
  3. My timing could certainly be better, but I'm going to have to stop working on the Unity plugin version of Spriter2Unity. I'm starting a new job which shares enough in common with the project that it constitutes a conflict of interest. I hope somebody else will be able to take the existing code base and improve upon it - I realize there's still a lot of work to be done, but I really don't have any other option. Best of luck, Mythgarr
  4. Hello everyone, My apologies for not noticing these responses sooner - I thought I was subscribed to this thread. Some personal matters have prevented me from working on the plugin for the past month or so, but now I'm ready to resume work. The main bug I'm aware of is that sprites are not hiding/showing properly during the animation. I'm working on a fix for this right now. Denzilb55: Hiding all sprites at t=0 is a hack to hide any sprites that shouldn't show up by default. I'm working on a much more elegant solution that should fix this and several related problems. Solo: What features are you looking for, specifically? Preview features (such as deforming sprites) are not final. If there is some must-have feature you can create a bug for it on the github (https://github.com/mythgarr/Spriter2Unity/issues). Dr9: The native plugin is mostly functional, but I'm polishing up some rough edges and bugs (see above).
  5. It might make sense for me to start a new thread for this at some point simply to better manage release notes. 2014-01-28 Features [*:2cklsuxh]Avatar generation has been removed until it can be developed further [*:2cklsuxh]References to AnimationClip and Prefab will be retained when re-importing SCML file [*:2cklsuxh]Linear, Instant, Quadratic and Cubic curve types on Timeline are now supported [*:2cklsuxh]Removing an animation from the SCML will remove the corresponding clip within Unity [*:2cklsuxh]Added a SpriteMaterial property to CharacterMap that allows you to easily modify the material of all sprites at once Upcoming Features [*:2cklsuxh]Import of curves applied to Mainline [*:2cklsuxh]Import of Quintic, Quartic and Bezier curves by resampling (lossy conversion) [*:2cklsuxh]Import any additional character maps from SCML [*:2cklsuxh]Custom Inspector for CharacterMap to simplify reskinning within Unity
  6. The plugin version of S2U is mostly functional at this point. There are still some issues (multiple sprites with the same name in your project can cause problems) but I'd love for a few people to start trying it out. The repository is located at https://github.com/mythgarr/Spriter2Unity I'd like to emphasize that this wouldn't have happened without Malhavok's initial implementation and continued advice. To use, copy the contents of the UnityPlugin/Assets folder into your own Assets folder. Any SCML files in your project should be automatically imported. This will create prefabs in the same folder as the SCML. Similar to importing an FBX file, the prefab will contain all of the animations from the SCML. Let me know if/when you run into problems!
  7. It wouldn't be terribly helpful in this case, since I'll still have to allow for those SCML files that weren't exported with that option. It's not a big deal - I was able to just crawl all animations after parsing in order to determine which are used. I'm trying to provide a reasonably straightforward way (in Unity) to allow remapping sprites as needed. I've got the importer functioning reasonably well but I'm running into some issues with how I was intending to swap sprites - I'll let you know as I run into more issues!
  8. Are folder and file IDs guaranteed to be in consecutive order starting at 0? It would greatly simplify my life if the id was a simple index into an array rather than a full dictionary. And on a similar note, is there a better way to determine which files are part of the animation and which are part of a character map than looping through animations, then timelines, then sprite keys?
  9. Thanks, lucid! I was having a tough time figuring out which source was most current. Only one question for now - what do the scale_x and scale_y properties mean on a bone? Treating it as a traditional hierarchy where the scale is multiplied down causes some serious problems - looks like this is expected to be 1? EDIT: I think I figured it out - it DOES multiply down the hierarchy, but the scale is only applied on the leaf node objects. This makes sense - otherwise a rotated child scaled in the x direction would be squished into a diamond shape instead of a smaller rectangle.
  10. @DanTsukasa: IK would be very cool and incredibly useful in many cases - notably, if you want to aim a weapon you could IK the arm. I haven't looked into what this would take but I'm very open to the idea once I get the base native Unity plugin functional. As I mentioned I'm looking for some tricky spriter files that have less-frequently-used functionality in order to test the importer.
  11. @Malhavok: Sorry - I somehow overlooked one line of code in python. You export the first frame before going into the loop (PrefabMaker.py, make_prefab()) then skip it within the loop. I missed the separate export of frame 0,0. I'll be in touch on the github page with any more questions.
  12. Malhavok: I'm not quite sure how to contact you through github - sorry! Should I just post/edit the wiki? I've got a C# model fully rigged (The existing ones seemed potentially dated and/or supported only limited functionality). Yes - I have generated AnimationClips through code before - I actually expect that part to be fairly simple. In fact, it looks like you might be making things much more difficult than they need to be in a few places. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I continue to work on this, but it looks like you skip the first frame of the first animation. Is there a reason for this? I'll work on this tomorrow - I'm optimistic about having something functional sometime over the weekend. If anybody has some complex Spriter files that do weird/unusual things I would appreciate having them to test with. I haven't been able to find any reliable list of which SCML features are implemented in the current version or what changes have been made to the XML, so it will be interesting to see where my code breaks ;) Thanks for your work - while I've still had to do an awful lot on my own (Python is not one of my native languages) it has proven to be invaluable as a resource.
  13. Unfortunately the SCML documentation is still not finished. I have a few questions about the current implementation and spec: * Since transient objects and bones are no longer part of the standard, can the mainline be ignored entirely when importing the data? It looks like the mainline simply serves as a quick key-by-key reference of the latest key for each object - information that is duplicated in the individual timelines. Is that correct? EDIT: I realized after posting that parenting information is stored in the mainline - NOT the timeline. * There are some undocumented fields in mainline object_ref objects. I'm looking at the platformer pack in player.scml and seeing name, file, folder, abs_x, abs_y, abs_pivot_x, abs_pivot_y, abs_angle, abs_scale_x, abs_scale_y and abs_a. It looks like these might be override settings for the base object data? What does abs_* mean? * Is there a list somewhere of what SCML features are currently implemented, what version of Spriter implemented various features or something along those lines? I'm working from http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... cation.pdf and the current source code right now. I'm sure I'll think of more as I work on this. I'm hesitant to use any of the existing implementations as a reference point since it's difficult to tell what version of Spriter they were written against, and consequently how relevant they currently are.
  14. Malhavok, I am interested in porting this to a native Unity editor plugin. Has there been any work along those lines, or should I just start working on a new branch?
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