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  1. Mike, Thank you for your expert opinion in this matter. Your words, though few, have saved me tons of time, which itself, once spent, can never be brought back. More power to you and your crew. Hopefully, when I do get the ball rolling, I might come up with something to contribute for the community. As of now, I am still a student of game development.
  2. Just wondering if anybody would like to share/teach some of their technique (or experience) working with Isometric view. I have been a big fan of Ragnarok Online, Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, and I would like to create an artistic way of making games like those. Say, like, 3D environment but hand drawn (2D) characters. But, my concern is, will 2D Isometric be too time consuming, considering I have to draw each body part four times (N,S,E,W) or even eight times (N,S,E,W, NE, NW, SE, SW). If such is the case, I am thinking of just switching to 3D. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you for the response. And I'm sorry for my late reply, been very busy lately. I took your opinion of making a video instead, but unfortunately the free version of Unity does not allow that. I am looking for another alternative.
  4. I use unity3d, and i am wondering if i could make my cutscene using spriter? If yes, would it be a resource hog? Thank you.
  5. Solved! The problem: 1. When the Prefab was dragged to the game scene window. It showed nothing. The solution: 1. Make sure the objects (sprites) are imported as Sprites and not as Textures. 2. Do NOT import the objects in a folder named "Textures". Unity (for me, at least) was converting all the files in that folder as textures. Awesome! Thank you guys for all the help. Spriter really is an awesome tool. I cannot say it enough. This tool is Godsend.
  6. I will check when i get home. I do not remember if the prefabs have children. But i remember that my imports were not of sprite type. Thank you guys! Awesome replies. Also, can we create an updated thread for this? The tutorial video seems to be outdated.
  7. Here's the instruction (usage) in Mythgarr's version of S2U. I downloaded the zip. Extracted it. Did not find the converter.EXE. I figured, Mythgarr probably removed it and automated that process. I copied the contents of the asset folder (third party folder) into my asset folder. Copied the folder containing the sprites and scml file into unity asset folder. I see the prefab, animations and the textures. But there are no textures attached on the prefab. Do i have to attach the textures manually? Thanks for the quick reply. Have a great day!
  8. I have both love and hate for Spriter. I love it as it has taught me how to animate. Flash never did, Swish never did, AnimeStudio never did, only Spriter was able to do that. This tool is very easy to use a caveman can do it. But alas, I have come to my limit. Though I only have one (and only) complain, it's very troublesome for me. I use Unity to make games. And the process to convert my Spriter animation to Unity, eludes me. I just cannot comprehend it. I downloaded Python, created the required folders. Transferred the files and such. But nothing is working. I have stopped using this software until a proper converter or easier procedure gets done. For now, I am using Unity's built-in animator (and/or sometimes Blender). More power to BrashMonkey! Keep up the good work.
  9. Greetings, Please take it easy on me. I have no Flash/Anime Studio/Swish or any animation experience whatsoever. What I do have though, is Google and this forums. So, I created an animation called "attack". Then I realized I needed to add an ornament to my character's helmet. No big deal I think to myself, just create a PNG file and import it then add it to the first frame. It works, the ornament is showing for the first duration of the animation UNTIL it gets to the frame where changes occurs - example, my character takes a swing of his sword. Is there a way to add an object all through out the animation and it inherits the bones and parent position/rotation - example, if the helmet titls 45 degrees, the ornament should folllow. Thank you. Have a great day! TLDR; How do you add an object to an animation and have it inherit the parent's rotation/position/scale?
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