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  1. Sure, if it works for you, that's great. But because your initial image is looking good, it's a bit sad to see the second one looking like a tilted cardboard cutout of the first one. I suspect that you can do a lot better. You do mention tweaking and retouching, so maybe you eventually do end up with something looking as good as if you'd drawn it from scratch… That'd be interesting to see.
  2. Yes? Do you have some kind of adblocker installed? If such a thing became too enthusiastic, it could block images such as these too. (Because they're on a remote server.)
  3. Your method could work for a flat object turning (such as the spinning coins you mention), but a person tends to be more round than flat. Imagine a ball spinning instead of a coin - it looks quite different. Or look at yourself in a mirror. I think it's easier and quicker to draw from scratch for something like this.
  4. The main reason to use Spriter is to not have to export frames of the animations to your game engine of choice. It's when you use the animations directly in the game engine that it becomes a really interesting tool.
  5. Hi, you forgot to mention what the solution was. (It would be nice to have in the thread in case someone else encounters the same problem, and searches the forum.)
  6. In addition, it'd be good if it didn't require travelling into the app bundle to locate the executable. Just ask for the app and let the software figure the rest out (i.e. add the /Contents/MacOS/TexturePacker bit).
  7. Most of the suggested shortcuts are awkward on a Swedish keyboard. (< and > share the same key, [ and ] are on 8 and 9, when pressed together with Alt) Ultimately, the best solution will be make shortcuts customizable.
  8. You're talking to a spam bot. The majority of the post is copied from viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12584
  9. The image links work if you open the addresses directly. Apparently the server where they live don't allow hotlinking. It's the same with your avatar, btw, erdo. You probably see the images just fine yourself because your browser have them in its cache. I think it's looking good, but the jump is looking like the frog is flying. It probably could use a little more weight. (Or maybe it works fine when the up-down movement is added in the actual game. I'm not experienced enough to be able to tell.)
  10. So you mean that you want to do it in the game's engine? If your game engine is reasonably powerful, that's probably a very good idea, but I'd suggest making the individual animations separately in Spriter, and then put everything together in the game engine.
  11. Hi! You are aware of the existing plug in for Unity, right? (If you look at that thread, be sure to read until the end. The beginning is a bit outdated.)
  12. Cool. I suggest that you add a bit about the 2D-mode and sprite versus texture thing to the documentation. (See earlier posts in this thread. It's something that new users are likely to stumble on.) Maybe continued discussion should be in a new thread to avoid confusing new people - right now, you have to read through many posts before getting to the current state of the plugin. I think it'd be good if the first post of the thread would contain everything you need to know to use it.
  13. On Safari on OS X, nothing at all happens. I tried clicking on Yes, No and Start, but got nothing.
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