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  1. Update on a situation - the issue went away. No idea how, but by deleting and re-adding all sprites it looks like anchor points are respected again. I do have a backup with an issue still happening, so investigation will continue.
  2. Hi everyone, Been bashing my head on this for awhile now. I am trying to create a character that swaps his bow for sword. What a way to use a character map for a weapon I thought! Somehow I can't figure this out. In default state he has a bow. It has a pivot point set right in the middle of a sprite, where bow handle is. I make a character map and replace bow with sword. I checked so many times that sword sprite has its pivot point set to lower 1/4 of an image, where sword handle is. Once character map is applied - the bow sprite switches out for a sword sprite, but the character is holding a sword by the blade now. There are no keyframes other than the starting one. Can anyone help e regain my sanity! I'm sooo ready to give up on this whole spriter thing...
  3. Feature description mentions CharacterMaps - are they supported? Can't seem to find a way to use them.
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