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  1. Okay, 6 months has passed and no new announcements were made about the deformation mesh option or any kind of update at all. I should have bought Spine, the only reason I bought Spriter Pro was for the promise Mike did about implementing the mesh deformation. Even DragonBones has this option (open-source app): http://dragonbones.com https://youtu.be/CTRNS1cgpOM
  2. I bought Spriter Pro almost 2 years ago and still no update with the new version of the mesh deformation.
  3. I really want the "mesh distortion" to improve and release , without it the animations look kinda dead. I know you are working on it and the program is constant updating, you are doung a hell of a good work Not sure if i can share here a video of Spline "mesh distortion", but I would like to show only as a reference for what could be improved and implemented in this "beta" feature you have: Thanks and keep the good work !!
  4. Thanks @thewrongvine, hope I can get the handle of it and progress. Yup @BrashAdmin, I know that but is such an awesome feature that I had to try it.
  5. Nice use of the skin mode saga55555, thanks for sharing it bwwd! I will definitely try this later..
  6. Found a bug few minutes ago, I tried to save the project as a backup outside the main folder of the project in a subfolder, the warning message pop-up but I was not able to select neither of the options, end up forcing the program to close with task manager. I'm using the last version of Spriter with a windows 10 pro version.
  7. What is the AMD driver version you are using?
  8. Hi there, I bought Spriter Pro one week ago, I only had time to play with it today. I'm still learning who to workaround and will adjust and progress with the wips i will post. Hope you guys like it (My first attempt playing around with skin mode) (My second try with bones. I know it looks terrible )
  9. Nice animation and art!
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