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  1. I want to export my existing Spriter .scml projects to Unity with the Spriter2Uniity package. But the projects used the unsupported skin mode to make spritesheets. So importing the files in Unity isn't working ("InvalidOperationException: Instance validation error: 'skin' is not a valid value for SpriterObjectType"). In Spriter, I tried to select all skin objects in each entity and delete them (Shift-Delete). I changed the file extension of the project from .scml to .txt, and the file still has skin objects listed after deleting the object in Spriter ( <obj_info name="body" type="
  2. I thought I'd share what I worked on for the past year or two. All of the character sprites were assembled and animated in Spriter, then exported to sprite sheets for the developer to use in the game. I worked on all the new art/graphic assets (except the promo art+logo). It would not have been possible for me to work on everything myself, without Spriter. Thanks for making an affordable software that was easy to use. Trailer-- warning for cartoon violence
  3. This will help a lot! Thanks for the explanation of character maps. For the different body types, I can just adjust the position of the bones and limbs. Hopefully the game will be ready by the end of summer.
  4. I'm not sure if I posted an inappropriate question, but my topic wasn't responded to. It's possible that the forum traffic is low.
  5. I am creating multiple characters of different sizes/shapes/body types (but all constructed in a similar way, as in bones for the head/torso/limbs/etc). Some of the required animations are similar, such as jumping, falling, etc. Instead of posing characters individually for the same type of animations, are there any ways for Spriter to import animation sequences to different projects? I'm working on a game for mobile and Steam, and I am the only person assigned to creating the character assets. Along with options for reusing animation sequences, any general advice for reducing my workload
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