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    DarrenOl reacted to Minsc in free animations spriter pro   
    I purchased Spriter Pro on Steam, how can I access the free animations?
    Thank you in advance for your help :)
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    DarrenOl reacted to LukeLanFaust in Luke Lan Faust's Thread   
    The first character was for a project that I've put on hold. It's the first animation I had made Spriter. It took me around six hours which is a really long time. This had nothing to do with Spriter, but just my lack of experience at the time. I've managed to improve my speed since then by doing some fanart, but it could be due to the bad habits I have with over tweaking values. Even though the final animation doesn't always turn out how I liked.
    I know how to use IK, but I find myself setting each bone individually a lot. I'm also really glad you can tweak values by scrolling over the object properties. It makes it so simple to do small adjustments.
    I'll be putting the images for this post in spoilers to make the post a little easier to navigate if more are added.
    My Art 
    This is art I've made so far.
    Mushroom Dash - (project discontinued)

    Everything below is fanart for different indie games. I wanted to get better at animation and art, so I figured some fanart would help since I'm not used to using a graphics tablet or animating. I don't own any of the characters below this point, and a link to the games will be posted above each spoiler where you can play them and find more information about the developers.
    Ultra Hat Dimension - http://eniko.itch.io/uhd

    Birdsong - http://managore.itch.io/birdsong

    ChickenSword - http://chickensword.com/

    I'm still new to things, but this information might help others who are also learning about skeletal animation.

    With the new API that's coming up, and the mesh deformation that's in development, I have a feeling animations are going to become easier to manage, since each limb segment won't have to be chopped up. And being able to use squash and stretch will make things even more fluid. Is there any estimate of how long after the API is done before we can use deformation in beta? Even if I couldn't save the deformation it would be awesome to test it out. :D
    EDIT: I saw a screenshot with something called skin mode in the suggestions thread, so I'll look into that to see if that's the deformation features.
    EDIT2: I found it, but it seems the image goes completely invisible when I double click it to change the points. Changing the image, or even after saving and loading it remains invisible. It seems I'll have to wait...
    Thanks for making Spriter, it's very easy to get the hang of it since there's really no learning curve.
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    DarrenOl reacted to Iska in Is there any way to change play speed?   
    I created animation what are i like mostly with 200% Spriter play speed. Is there any way to make my gif with same play speed without change all my keyframes manually? Some scaling option or something in export settings?
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    DarrenOl reacted to randomdood in Newbie Question: Steam Version vs Non-Steam   
    Hello my fellow 2d animators. Quick question:
    I was browsing steam, saw the sale for spriter, looked it up, thought the program was interesting because it follows my work flow. My question is however, is there a differance in the how the steam version handles licensing and restrictions? If I get the steam version, is it just like a normal program and I'm just buying it from steam, or am I required to launch it through steam or have steam running running in order to use it? If its the former, will I get a program key that will work with the normal version?
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    DarrenOl reacted to Silpheed in Spriter for Game Maker: Studio   
    Hello everyone,
    I'm am aspiring game developer that loves the interface provided by Spriter. However, it seems there is no up-to-date model for Game Maker: Studio support. I know there are a few outdated APIs out there (notably icuurd's implementation seen here), but I am aiming to provide a current model. I am aware that Edgar is hard at work with the reference implementation, but I simply can't wait! I'm going to try and release a program for use until the update is pushed.
    So I'm creating this thread as a sort of devlog. I've yet to break any serious ground (most of my efforts have been researching what needs to be done), so I'll begin by asking the community:
    Has anyone done this already?
    Any amount of work done would be largely appreciated.
    As of now my goal is to simply transcribe Spriter's JSON output (along with an atlas file) into a form that GMS will recognize as a Spine file. This will allow access to the valuable skeleton_ family of functions provided in GMS.
    As I'm writing this, it's already fast approaching 4:10am. I'll be out of town tomorrow evening but I plan to have my first chunk of work/programming done by the end of this weekend. Expect another post by then.
    In the meantime, please offer any ideas, crticisms, or questions you have.
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    DarrenOl reacted to lucid in Spriter R3 Bug Thread   
    Please post bug and crash reports for Spriter R3 here.
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    DarrenOl reacted to bwwd in Animator Available   
    Recently finished big full game projects and looking forward to do more.
    Some examples:


    I do animations, backgrounds, sometimes music... everything.
    My work can also be seen on my deviantart http://bwwd.deviantart.com/gallery/ and in this thread:
    If You have any questions You can contact me through this forum or: 2blackbar @ gmail . com
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    DarrenOl reacted to Pikarus in Python implementation?   
    Is there any working Python implementation yet?
    EDIT: I might attempt my own implementation soon, but I am still curious how others are doing it either in python if anyone else has been working on that or in other languages.
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    DarrenOl reacted to lucid in Spriter Pro on Steam for 75% off until Friday 1:00 PM EST!(Sale over)   
    Spriter Pro is available on Steam for 75% off until Friday (May 29th) 1:00 PM EST! http://store.steampowered.com/app/332360/ 
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    DarrenOl reacted to hypersloth in Help! I need a sloth sprite!   
    I need an animated sprite of a sloth for a simple 2d side scrolling platformer. The style I'm looking for is cartoony and minimalistic. This is a very good example of the style:

    I need these typical animations / states:
    Dead (no specific cause...just a look of surprise then dead.)
    And also...
    Lying down to sleep (maybe with some "zzzz" floating up from his head.)
    I new to game creation so please let me know if I've left out any useful information. Thanks!
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    DarrenOl reacted to SymboliC in Export to AVI or another type of Video support?   
    I'm wondering if there is a plugin or plans for further development to support exporting the animations to various or at least on type of Video file? Etc . Avi.
    This is useful to share the current phase, look and feel of animations with others in our team while partnering for a project.
    I know there is an export to animated GIF function but this does not cover it completely. I mean wouldn't it be nicer to have export to a video file support?
    Please correct me if I'm missing something or point me to a plug-in.
    Thanks a lot,
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    DarrenOl reacted to PSI in B6.1 Bug Thread   
    Another issue I notice with Construct 2 is that transparencies don't seem to change. I have some animations where I change the alpha of certain sprites during the animation and, in Construct 2, this same fading doesn't happen. Sorry for piling these up but I've been playing with C2 today.
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    DarrenOl reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Welcome to Brash Monkey's Spriter forum   
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for trying Spriter. I look forward to feature suggestions and bug reports.
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    DarrenOl reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter for Unity 5.0   
    Amazing, Awesome, Stupendous stuff Dengar! You're a treasure to the Spriter community! :)
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    DarrenOl reacted to MattyAB in Importing with .json file and spritesheet   
    Hey Everyone,
    So, I'm brand new to spriter, and have just installed it with the aim of doing a project with Love2D and making some decent animations. I want to use Move Or Die's "toasty" image and sprite sheet, as well as it's .json defining where to cut the sprite sheet. I have put both the sprite sheet .png and the defining .json in the root folder of my spriter project, and it only shows the .png as a single image. How do I get it to import the sprite sheet info into spriter?
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    DarrenOl reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter R4 Bug Thread   
    Ah, there was the problem. I viewed the GIF in a browser that refused to play it.. I thought it was a single frame. I was not seeing the frame with the obvious IU popping up into it.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    DarrenOl reacted to darktoad in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Very excited about this program guys!! Posting these as suggestions, but maybe there's already a way to do this...
    Ability to cancel mid-operation (position,rotation,scale)
    For example, I've selected a set of parts and in the middle of rotating I realize I started rotating the wrong parts, or maybe I'm just playing around and want to preview how the rotation would look. If I hit 'Esc' while I'm rotating these parts, it could cancel out of the operation without needing to undo.
    Simplistic paint
    I'd like to hack some really simple shapes together, or sketch out some ideas without having to jump to my workhorse image editor (Photoshop). These would basically be placeholder art that I'd reskin later.
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    DarrenOl reacted to YanDaik in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    It would be nice and very useful if there was an option like "bone length" near "scale" fields  to change dynamically bone length after skeleton was created.
    One more thing. Copy and paste bones not only in one working window but between 2 opened instances of Spriter.
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    DarrenOl reacted to shibekin69 in Expand timeline easing feature?   
    I noticed that for some implementations of Spriter, things are not kept up to date anymore, like with the Haxe implementations, I don't see the timeline easing implemented. Is there a way (or maybe this can be a new feature) to be able to add frames to an animation into the number of frames desired with easing applied? For example: If an eased animation has two frames, and I'd like to easily add 6 frames in between with the proper easing movements applied on the sprite parts and keyframe positioning so this easing feature is still useful for those whose platforms are not too actively supported at the moment?
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    DarrenOl reacted to eros in Spriter 64-bit for Linux Not Running   
    I've downloaded the free version of Spriter onto my Ubuntu distro, unzipped it into a local folder, but when I click the Spriter application it does not run - nothing happens, actually. I've also installed phonon via "apt-get install", by the way. 
    When attempting to run from the command line I get the following error:
    liblcms.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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    DarrenOl reacted to lucid in Reference Implementation Status Update (10/18/2015)   
    (update 10/18/2015) The first official reference implementation is ready for testing. More information here.
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    DarrenOl reacted to shibekin69 in Spriter for Haxe/OpenFL and HaxeFlixel   
    Seems there are a couple of libraries available for the Haxe/OpenFL/HaxeFlixel platforms that I've found:
    HaxeFlixel (for latest dev build?):
    NME (OpenFL?):
    I'm trying to get the HaxeFlixel one to work but is lacking in noob friendly documentation. If anyone gets it to work, please post how you did so here.
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    DarrenOl reacted to qshukla99 in scale animating a bone   
    hi all, i am a beginner. i am working on scene of a robot, i want to scale a bone in one axis. but the associated image does not seem to have an effect as i want. how can i edit bone properties? please help me.
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    DarrenOl reacted to shibekin69 in How do you deal with ugly edges?   
    I'm trying out Spriter with a 2D graphic I made using a vector app and exported as PNG parts. The curved lines are thick enough and look nice and 'crisp' or rather 'smooth' so to speak. Solid colors and solid lines were used. When I use them in Spriter and subsequently in HaxeFlixel, I notice that the curved lines are not rendered perfectly anymore and looks ugly depending on the resolution of the of the images. More so if they have been rotated. I don't know what the industry term for this is, but what do you guys call it, and what do you do in your work flow to avoid this?
    For example:

    The one on the left is running on Flash using SpriterHaxeEngine, and on the right, is what I see on the Spriter Editor after dragging and dropping the image parts. You can see the subtle imperfection on the rendering on the left.
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    DarrenOl reacted to PrismaSlice in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Here are two export options that would be pretty useful for me. 
    1. An option inside trim rect to animation that would force the rect to be square by adding padding to the shorter side of the frame. Idealy with a guide to choose an anchor point similar to photoshop's "Canvas Size" dialogue box.
    2. An option to determine export size in pixels or percentage points. It would be groovy if the output size area displayed "size in pixels" under the percentage, and allow the user to input a custom pixel size and let the percentage adjust accordingly.
    With these two options, I could completely cut photoshop batch processing out of my workflow by creating square power of two texture sheets right from spriter. Thanks for reading :D
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