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    IzbranniY reacted to jaunusa in Generic Java Importer   
    You wrote a few posts ago that the library now works also with GWT.
    I tested that and it works when compiling for dev:

    >gradlew html:superDev

    But when I compile for distribution, I get these error:

    >gradlew html:dist

    Compiling module com.mygdx.game.GdxDefinition
    Validating units:
    [ERROR] Errors in 'file:/C:/workspace/CharacterAnimation/core/libsrc/com/brashmonkey/spriter/Spriter.java'
    [ERROR] Line 75: The method getDeclaredConstructor(Class<?>[]) is undefined for the type Class
    [ERROR] Line 96: No source code is available for type java.io.FileInputStream; did you forget to inherit a required module?
    [ERROR] Line 113: The method getDeclaredConstructor(Class<?>[]) is undefined for the type Class
    [ERROR] Line 145: The method getDeclaredConstructor(Class) is undefined for the type Class
    [ERROR] Aborting compile due to errors in some input files
    :html:compileGwt FAILED

    Any ideas what is wrong?
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    IzbranniY reacted to Discobeard in Generic Java Importer   
    Trixtor have you got any messager clients i can contact you on?
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    IzbranniY reacted to Pikarus in Python implementation?   
    Is there any working Python implementation yet?
    EDIT: I might attempt my own implementation soon, but I am still curious how others are doing it either in python if anyone else has been working on that or in other languages.
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    IzbranniY reacted to YanDaik in Bone length   
    Good day folks!
    How are you? I'm fine too, thank you.
    I've implemented c++ scml reader and visualizer. But one thing i can't figure out myself.
    Bone lengths. If bone has childs it's length can be calculated easely (that is not always true. if child bone has some offset then we are screwed). But if it has no childs it's kind of not obvious. There is sclae_x parameter. i believe it scales bone (cpt. Obvious). But what is that custom length to which it is scaled?
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    IzbranniY reacted to giuseppe in reference image   
    hello guys, the ability to use a reference in the background ... you can do this
    thanks ;)

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    IzbranniY reacted to lucid in Update on Spriter API matters   
    I just wanted to let everyone know my full focus has switched from developing Spriter (aside from critical fixes) to getting complete and thorough documentation for developers.  This will take some time, but this long overdue step is underway and I will update you when things are further along.  Thank you everyone for your extreme patience thus far on the matter. 
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    IzbranniY reacted to filharvey in Starling AS3 with Bones   
    Is there a working version library for Starling AS3. I've tried both SpriterAS and SpriterMC, and the animations (I have the character pack) do not play back correctly with these versions.
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    IzbranniY reacted to Erik1 in Monogame implementation   
    I wrote a C# Monogame implementation so the images and scml file need to be part of the project. The code is similar to XSpriter but I've done just about all tweening and transforms when loading for performance reasons.
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    IzbranniY reacted to Polys in Spriter price jump and unity support   
    Not to post needlessly but being able to import into unity without making 100% sprite sheets is crucial to me. However I can't stop to write an importer while I work. Is there any eta for 1.0 when importer support may be focused on?
    On a side note, what kind of price jump are we looking at after 1.0 goes live?
    Thanks :)
    Possibly a new spriter fan
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    IzbranniY reacted to StarCrunch in Corona SDK   
    lucid brought this up on the Corona forum, so I had a go at it. It sounds like the dev team might be working on their own, but I had already started, so...
    My implementation, so far
    It's not well-documented, but I implemented what I could given the example file + compact spec, so up to a2 sans transients, I guess. The monster moves a little bit (just to show relative coordinates are right) playing the "Posture" animation, stops, then 5 seconds later plays the "Idle" animation.
    I modeled the interface after Corona's SpriteObject (minus frames, which probably don't make sense). The spriter_event listener is available and mirrors sprite, basically. The non-frame properties are there, more or less, and should be considered read-only apart from timeScale.
    I figure some of what the editor can do now should be obvious, so I'll try to update some more. If anybody could point me to a decent list of a4-current stuff, that would be great.
    Anyhow, that's all for now.
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    IzbranniY reacted to Aaendi in Using Spriter for retro systems.   
    I want to use this for SNES homebrew, but I looked at the format and it uses a lot of floating points. I wish I knew more about high-level code, but maybe there is a way to make a file converter to convert it to a more 65816 friendly format, such as either using all 16-bit fixed point numbers, and 24-bit address.
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    IzbranniY reacted to Aniketos in Generic Java Importer   
    @Trixt0r: Nope i'm not using multiple threads. Also I noticed that if you change the alpha of the bone or sprite during animation in Spriter, it's not changed ingame. I was wondering if you can point me to a part of code where those values are passed on so I can change that.
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    IzbranniY reacted to Discobeard in Generic Java Importer   
    Hi :)
    I have been horribly ignoring Spriter since the kickstarter finished so i decided to change that and start on a java implementation this weekend, progress so far can be found below.
    Its obviously rather rough at the moment but i am planning on putting some serious effort in the coming weeks.
    The example project i have there is for the lwjgl with Slick2D Texture, but i have been trying to code quite generically it so it can be used in various frameworks with little effort.
    Implementation is quite basic at the moment

    Spriter spriter = new Spriter(path_to_SCML_folder,drawer,fileloader);
    spriter.playAnimation(animation number);

    spriter.draw(x coord,y coord);//will draw the current state of the animation using your custom drawer
    Would love to get some help, moral support, ideas or comments on how to move forward.
    Trixtor is going to take of the main work now, as i am just to lazy at the moment to keep things going at a decent speed. His fork can be found below.
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    IzbranniY reacted to miletbaker in Photoshop to Spriter (Photoshop Plugin attached)   
    Hi all,
    This isn't a Spriter Plugin, but a handy Photoshop one to export to Spriter. I have been working on improving my workflow and have written a simple Photoshop script to exports the contents of each top level layer group into a separate flattened png file for use as in Spriter. For example if you have layers organised as per attached image.
    The script creates a subfolder in the same directory as the psd, named with the psd's name and within (in this example) would be:
    head.png (which would have merge the sub group too)
    (In the example image the ungrouped layer1, a scanned image I am tracing from, is not exported)
    As I can't upload jsx files, just copy and paste the script below into your text editor and save it as 'Export Layer Groups to PNGs.jsx' and copy the file to your Photoshop CS6/Presets/Scripts folder. You can then access the command (after a restart) from File > Scripts > Export Layer Groups to PNGs
    I have only tested on CS6 but pretty sure it will work on CS5

    #target photoshop
    function main(){
    if(!documents.length) return;
    var doc = activeDocument;
    var oldPath = activeDocument.path;
    var docname = doc.name.replace('.psd', '');
    new Folder(oldPath + "/" + docname).create();
    for(var a=0;a activeDocument.activeLayer = activeDocument.layers.getByName(doc.layerSets[a].name);
    var saveFile= File(oldPath + "/" + docname + "/" + doc.layerSets[a].name +".png");
    function dupLayers() {
    var desc143 = new ActionDescriptor();
    var ref73 = new ActionReference();
    ref73.putClass( charIDToTypeID('Dcmn') );
    desc143.putReference( charIDToTypeID('null'), ref73 );
    desc143.putString( charIDToTypeID('Nm '), activeDocument.activeLayer.name );
    var ref74 = new ActionReference();
    ref74.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), charIDToTypeID('Ordn'), charIDToTypeID('Trgt') );
    desc143.putReference( charIDToTypeID('Usng'), ref74 );
    executeAction( charIDToTypeID('Mk '), desc143, DialogModes.NO );

    function SavePNG(saveFile){
    pngSaveOptions = new PNGSaveOptions();
    activeDocument.saveAs(saveFile, pngSaveOptions, true,Extension.LOWERCASE);

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    IzbranniY reacted to siba2893 in Spriter with LibGDX?   
    Hi people, I'm trying to make a 2D platformer with LibGDX, is it possible to integrate Spriter animations with this game engine? I'll be waiting your answers, Thanks.
    :D :D :D
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    IzbranniY reacted to Trixt0r in Generic Java Importer   
    The library has now support for calculating the bounding box for a whole animation.

    You can also manipulate the calculating by setting the starting bone.
    This enables the ability to cull parts from an animation. I hope this is an useful feature.
    - Trixt0r
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    IzbranniY reacted to Frozenforest in Construct Classic Plugin   
    How long until the construct classic plugin is released? Thanks.
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    IzbranniY reacted to 8DashP in scml documentation (deprecated - use reference implementations instead)   
    Apart from the bugs in the reference code, I think it's still pretty much valid and should just need adding to with new features.
    My Shiva implementation is in C++, but using Shiva API's for image, object and screen manipulation as Shiva is a 3D environment, not 2D. I've had to modify some of the reference data structures to make sense in my environment, mainly around the timeline, bone and object keys, as turning 2D images into 3D objects but still treating like 2D objects requires some lateral thinking, and coding.
    I started with the generic C++ code! but have virtually rewritten it all as my deviations for my environment were turning it into spaghetti code, and I wanted to stay closer to the reference implementation.
    So overall, the basic algorithms and data structure are sound. It's getting it into your runtime environment that takes all the work.
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    IzbranniY reacted to mindthstudio in how to implements to pixi.js   
    hi guys.
    i'm newbie for pixi.js i want tutorial to use about spriter and pixi.js
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    IzbranniY reacted to PandaMonkey in MMF2 integration, other questions   
    Hi, I would like to know how the mmf2 integration will work in the future.
    Also, I spend my time both at home and in work, so I would like to know if I can use the serial more than one time.
    Thanks a lot!
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    IzbranniY reacted to kiwi in Spriter for Qt   
    Hi guys,
    First of all, I wanted to say that Spriter is absolutely awesome and that it's probably the best gamedev related tool I bought.
    Anyway a while ago I made a C++ importer that wrapped QGraphicsItem and loaded a json file similar to the scon file. The thing is that it relied on a spritesheet generated by texture packer.
    I'd like to adapt it and make it available to the Spriter community and the way I see it there are three options to do this:

    [*:12nknt5r]Wait for the texture packer support
    [*:12nknt5r]Load the files separately
    [*:12nknt5r]Run texturepacker myself and generate a separate json file that describes the rectangle of each component
    I'd tend to go for option #3, but I wanted to ask for your opinion as well.
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    IzbranniY reacted to icuurd12b42 in Spriter and Game Maker Studio   
    Hi guys!
    I dont know if you remember me but I did the Game Maker Spriter API a long while ago and it worked for a while but after a few spriter updates it stopped working and so I been pestered quite a lot to update the api but I simply had no time on my hand and mainly had not time to keep up to date with all the changes and features.
    What I need is a little guidance to figure out where to go get the information I need.
    I also need example files and the download I got comes with none.
    I need the file specs, the supported features specs, example(s) that use all the features, hopefully those example would be included with the API as a demonstration on how the api works and to show what feature are supported; as well they would make an appearance in the demo exe and the demo video.
    I am not an animator so I would need something "free to use" as I cannot do these animations myself.
    Also I got the free version, how does it differ from the purchased version, would an API written with the demo as a working/testing tool be enough? would I need to get the purchased version?
    Thanks for helping out!
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