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  1. Cant believe how much work you have put into this since the last time i looked in on this. Nice work Trixt0r!! ill disappear for another 6 months now, keep it up :P
  2. Trixtor have you got any messager clients i can contact you on?
  3. Sorry some real life stuff and all those cheap games on steam last week have made me lazy im going to force myself to get a bit more productive. I did have a quick attempt at merging in your changes to the master branch last night but my amature git skills failed me, ill try again tonight with hopefully better results. I might have a look at the textureAtlas stuff myself as well to get me back in the code.
  4. Thanks Trixt0r, Ill have a look tonight. Since you seem to be updating it in your own project i can make you a collborator if you want and you can check your fixes in.
  5. This is great Tim, found loads of bugs in my code already :)
  6. Added in a libgdx sample project which runs the basic animations fine. looking to start putting in some nice features now.
  7. Another check in. -Bones, Alpha and Scaling now supported. -refactoring around the drawers and loaders. Next -refactor around the bone code(rather ugly a the moment) -add some extra functionality including pausing the animation and lining animations up -try and get a test project up and running for libGDX.
  8. i know nothing at all about cocs2d-x but i bumped into the same issue with these 3 parts a few days ago. If i remember correctly at least part of the problem was that i had been incorrectly setting the default pivot_y point to be 0 (it should be 1) so if anyone does look it at i would start there.
  9. - adding in slick test project with ImageLoader and ImageDrawer which seems to be rendering the test monster animation fine. - Did quite a large refactor a few days back after realizing i had completely misunderstood the mainline. - Bone support is going rather slowly unfortunately.
  10. Still very early but should but good enough to draw a simple(no bones) animation out. Not sure how easy it would be to port at the moment as i haven't thought the whole thing through yet, going to try and get a few test projects for different frameworks together once Ive got the bones working(hopefully in the next few days).
  11. Hi :) I have been horribly ignoring Spriter since the kickstarter finished so i decided to change that and start on a java implementation this weekend, progress so far can be found below. https://github.com/Discobeard/spriter Its obviously rather rough at the moment but i am planning on putting some serious effort in the coming weeks. The example project i have there is for the lwjgl with Slick2D Texture, but i have been trying to code quite generically it so it can be used in various frameworks with little effort. Implementation is quite basic at the moment Spriter spriter = new Spriter(path_to_SCML_folder,drawer,fileloader); spriter.playAnimation(animation number); spriter.draw(x coord,y coord);//will draw the current state of the animation using your custom drawer Would love to get some help, moral support, ideas or comments on how to move forward. EDIT: Trixtor is going to take of the main work now, as i am just to lazy at the moment to keep things going at a decent speed. His fork can be found below. https://github.com/Trixt0r/spriter
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