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  1. Thanks for the heads up lucid. The plugin does indeed use the shortest distance. I will investigate how I can implement this with Moai.
  2. Okay you are not going to believe this. Talk about my mind overcomplicating the mater. On writing my response above I suddenly thought, hang on these are keyframes so should be the angle we are seeking. Outputting the angles as they are in the scml file solves the issue. The only issue now is how to resolve the spin direction. The example animation works but I suspect there are instances where this will break as I make no use of the spin value. I will push the updated code to github now and think further on this. Thanks for your help guys, if anything you helped me think it through.
  3. HI Jonny D Thanks for this. I am not sure to be honest. I am not tweening the objects myself but rather trying to leverage Moai's MOAIAnimCurve class which basically does the tweening for me. My approach is to extract the SCML file into a lua table which is stored in a .lua file and then the MOAI library I created iterates over the lua table to generate the MOAIAnimCurve keyframes. A MOAIAnimCurve is created for each property being animated here: https://github.com/miletbaker/spriter2m ... er.lua#L69 and then are linked to the MOAIAnim here https://github.com/miletbaker/spriter2m ... er.lua#L
  4. Hi Guys, Still struggling with this. I recoded a video and it does look like the example in grimfang4's video for inverted angles but I have tried inverting angles which seems to make it worse and also offsetting the pivot points as also suggested. For the pivot points Moai need these as pixel offsets rather than proportions and I simply multiply the width and by the pivot_x proportion and height * pivot.y. I don't think the issue is here as the first frame shows all the parts correctly placed and if these values are adjusted the monster is all over the place. For the angles I need to work
  5. I'm not too sure, you might be able to record an action and then call the action.
  6. I have made fairly good progress on the Moai library for spriter and pushed an initial commit to github here: https://github.com/miletbaker/spriter2moai There are still a few of issues with the code, in particular with the angles, which are likely down to my miscalculating the angle deltas here or not fully understanding the SCML spec. I need to go back over this and have also seen a helpful post on the forum which may point me in the right direction. Another issue is the animation isn't particularly smooth. I think this could be down to the animation easing but any help with this and the abov
  7. I have made a start on something for this. I am taking my lead from mariocaprino's Love2d plugin https://github.com/capmar/spriter-love2d, where the first step is to convert the SCML file into a lua script rather than get Moai to load the xml into memory at runtime. I have a fair few other commitments and this is just a side project for me but as soon as I have something working I will push it to github and share here. Jon
  8. Hi all, This isn't a Spriter Plugin, but a handy Photoshop one to export to Spriter. I have been working on improving my workflow and have written a simple Photoshop script to exports the contents of each top level layer group into a separate flattened png file for use as in Spriter. For example if you have layers organised as per attached image. The script creates a subfolder in the same directory as the psd, named with the psd's name and within (in this example) would be: head.png (which would have merge the sub group too) r_forearm.png r_upper_arm.png l_upper_arm.png body.png (In th
  9. If you click the disclosure triangle (which are partially hidden btw) the properties panel is exposed which is great but if you then scroll to expose the rest of the panel the panel stays stationary and the window items scroll underneath (See attached screenshot) Version is new A4 release running on Mountain Lion Thanks
  10. THanks for the push to get the release out, it looks great. Any news on integration with Texture Packer?
  11. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone was already working on a Moai SDK plugin for Spriter. If not I may have a go at creating something. Regards, Jon
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