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  1. Updated the package again. Fix for rotation issue when a bone has a negative scale.
  2. Latest gameplay video of World Soccer Shoot Out. Characters are animated with Spriter. should be ready in 2 weeks for mobile devices.
  3. I'm looking for someone who would be able to create a couple of characters for a Penalty Shoot Out game. I would like for the game to look like this. http://www.myfootballgames.co.uk/game/1 ... -GoGo.html I will also need it so that the Shirts of the Players can be swapped out with other shirts. Same with the faces, hair and skin color of the players. I have a scope of work on google docs for anyone who is interested. Any quotes back would be great. Thanks Phil
  4. Here is an early video of a Turn based fighting game I'm developing. This is written in AS3, with starling framework. The game is at an early stage. Phil
  5. Yes is the implentation I did a week or 2 ago. Expanding on it, and using it in a game currently. The github link is below. I'm sure there are more optimizations I can do. But all animates nicely. https://github.com/Acemobe/SpriterAS3Anim Phil
  6. Animation is tombmonkey's. Yep, saved out with B6 and all worked 100% fine. Also just got boxes and points importing as well. Looking forward to getting skinning working. Phil
  7. I've got an issue with some timeline keys, which is causing my animation to render wrong in my code. When my code calls keyFromRef (which is identical to yours and works on most other animations). As you can see the last key and the first key get interpolated, but there are massive differences in position and angle. This is happening because the bones in the animation get changed out. Yes probably should fix the animation and bones, but this could cause issues later. This is the video of my animation. This is the video of it in spriter. Phil
  8. Can you update the documentation with how collision info and actions points are exported. Thanks PHil
  9. Thanks, yes, Tombmonkey has taken the job, and is doing a fantastic job. Hopefully next week we can release some screen shots and videos of the game. Phil
  10. A small speed improvement was uploaded today.
  11. Here is the basic code working. https://github.com/Acemobe/SpriterAS3Anim Phil
  12. So, could not find a version which worked with the latest version of Spriter, so I sat down and wrote some code to render properly with all the bones. I will be uploading to git soon if anyone needs a Starling version of the render working. Phil
  13. Is there a working version library for Starling AS3. I've tried both SpriterAS and SpriterMC, and the animations (I have the character pack) do not play back correctly with these versions. Thanks Phil
  14. I'm working on a new mobile game, and I'm after an Animator who can create and animate 3-6 Characters for a fighting game I'm developing. The characters have to be cartoony but also realistic. There will be around 11 basic animations per character. This is a paid job, and anyone who is interested, please contact me at phil@acemobe.com. Please send me examples of your work, and what your hourly rate would be, plus a quote per character. Thanks Phil
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