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    UElabeal reacted to GeorgeDziov in Can't Assign X,Y and Other Stuff to Object   
    When I'm trying to copy X, Y, angle, opacity and other stuff through panel on the left, timeline simply won't remember. Not sure if it's intended or not but seems strange a bit.
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in Spriter r2 bug thread   
    Post bugs for Spriter r2 here.
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    UElabeal reacted to italomaia in Can't run spriter1.0 in ubuntu 64its   
    Hello folks! I quite can't run spriter 1.0 in ubuntu 14.10 64bits here. Here is my error:
    In console:
    => ./Spriter: error while loading shared libraries: libQtHelp.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    What should I do?
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    UElabeal reacted to Trixt0r in Dynamic Lighting with Spriter animations   
    Hey guys,
    I created this thread to let you discuss about the here mentioned topic, since this is not really Spriter feature related.
    Anyway, I tested the shading stuff with Spriter and pre rendered/generated normal maps. I used tombmonkey's flower girl for the tests (sorry tombmonkey, but the ZIP file, you provided, has not normal maps for every sprite. In addition your program (Crazy Bump, I think?) removed the alpha channel for the normal map, which would end up in some very ugly rendering. So I had to create my own with ShaderMap 2. But those which you uploaded are much better and smoother than mine. Maybe you could add the remaining if you've got time.)
    And here you have some screenshots:
    First of all the scene without shading:

    And here is the same scene with some lights and a dark environment:

    As you can see it does not look very good because the character was not designed for dynamic light rendering and the normal maps are really shitty.
    It looks like an emboss effect.
    What do you think?
    Maybe we could create some other scenes with different art styles and proper normal maps.
    - Trixt0r
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    UElabeal reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Please suggest anims for the Platform Adventure art pack   
    Hi everyone,
    Work has only just begun on what will be an enourmous art pack, filled with varying hero characters, npc characters, humanoid enemies, monsters, villiages, etc. All with char-maps and alternative art to change up their appearances. HUGE.
    It's far to early to make a remotely complete list of diferent animations that will end up in it, but I'll try and hit the basics anyway.
    Male hero 1: (based on Arthur from Nnar)
    idle in several states of fatigue
    block with shield
    several loopable attacks with his sword
    block with sword
    dash attack with sword
    getting hit (several variations)
    simple speaking loop in several emotional states
    special double jump
    uppercut attack with sword
    throw projectile
    There will also be several other humanoid hero characters with full sets of animations like the one mentioned above, but with very diferent physiques..such as a female warrior with throwing weapons, a monk with a staff, a large guy with axe or warhammer etc.
    A cast of villiagers of varient ages, all animated at idel, walking, and speaking in several emotional states...perhaps running in fear too
    Humanoid enemies with animation sets similar to the heroes.
    Hound like monsters with basic animations for combat.
    lots more..but we'd like to hear/see your suggestions too...
    Please let me know what you'd like to see in there as well. Ideally with links to video or image examples of the sort of thing you're talking about.
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    UElabeal reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Welcome to the new Spriter forums.   
    Hi Everyone,
    As you might have noticed, we've upgraded to a totally new forums system.  The migration seems to have gone off without a hitch, but there's the possibility that if you posted during the 30 minute window in which we were migrating that your post ended up in the old forums and didn't make it over here. 
    For anyone with a missing post, for a limited time you can actually access the old forum by going here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/forumOLD and copy the text from your post so you can easily repost it into the new forum.  If this is required I apologize for the inconvenience.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    UElabeal reacted to DAG in Fade/Blend Animations   
    is it possible to fade a animation into another animation at runtime? Using Construct 2.
    For example a walk and a jump animation. I want to fade in to the animation for smooth motions.
    I want that an arm position (i.e.) from walk animation move smoothly to the arm position of the jump animation.
    It looks ugly when the arm jumps instant to another position.
    Awesome tool btw. :)
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    UElabeal reacted to xiemakeinu in Cocos2d-x 2.2.2 Spriter Implementation   
    Hello all. I wanted to implement Spriter into Cocos2d-x 2.2.2, so I scoured these forums and the internet, but wasn't too happy with the results. Generic C++ implementations and old Cocos2d-x implementations that weren't really set up to do things the "Cocos2d-x" way, meaning they weren't fully utilizing the CCNode hierarchy for transforms. I'm still working on this thing, but I wanted to go ahead and share it in its current state. Simple sprite and bone animations are functional: translation, rotation, scale, and colorizing.
    Please note that some of the files in the attached archive need to be merged into the existing engine code. Also, for some reason unbeknownst to me, Cocos2d-x is set up to use reversed rotations(positive being clockwise), which I decided to change at the core level of the engine. Obviously this could break a lot of the built in tools, so some of you may want to just inverse the rotations in the Spriter implementation instead.
    You can use this implementation like you do anything else in Cocos2d-x:

    CCSpriter* spriterTest = CCSpriter::create("anim/player/Player.scml");
    spriterTest->setPosition(CCPointMake(512.0f, 384.0f));
    addChild(spriterTest, 5);
    My future plans for this are:

    [*:1jditbpz]Add support for zindex
    [*:1jditbpz]Add support for parent swapping
    [*:1jditbpz]Add support for texture swaps(may already work, needs testing)
    [*:1jditbpz]Add support for default file defined pivots
    [*:1jditbpz]Add support for adding/removing sprites and bones during animation
    [*:1jditbpz]Add support for plists
    Not sure how much further I'm going to go with it beyond that, but this should lay a good groundwork for someone to make it "fully featured". Because this is loosely based on work done by BruceWang and 568083142 on this forum, which was based on work done by James Hui (a.k.a. Dr.Watson), I've stuck with the BSD License.
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    UElabeal reacted to tiamistiam in Can't start...error (0xc000007b)   
    Well, I was hoping this would go away with v1.0, but:

    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.
    This is what greets me when I try to launch Spriter.
    I've tried R9, R11, and 1.0. I've given admin privileges, and tried compatibility modes.
    My system is Win7 Ultimate 64bit, 3570k, on-board graphics(HD4000), 16gb ram, Asus mobo.
    Only thing I see on google so far is to do with Visual C++ redist being configured incorrectly. This may be the case...though I haven't seen this issue til now.
    Any ideas?
    Cheers, Tim
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    UElabeal reacted to hunterfox in gui looks bad on macbook pro retina   
    I want to buy the PRO version but the gui looks pretty bad and complicated work with the program.
    the other problem is that the final version works very slow and also tried b11 version.
    the b9 version works well graphically but all have the problem gui.
    i've a
    macbook pro retina display
    Yosemite 10.10
    I hope you can help me because I am very interested in the program

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    UElabeal reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Welcome to Brash Monkey's Spriter forum   
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for trying Spriter. I look forward to feature suggestions and bug reports.
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    UElabeal reacted to Discobeard in Generic Java Importer   
    Hi :)
    I have been horribly ignoring Spriter since the kickstarter finished so i decided to change that and start on a java implementation this weekend, progress so far can be found below.
    Its obviously rather rough at the moment but i am planning on putting some serious effort in the coming weeks.
    The example project i have there is for the lwjgl with Slick2D Texture, but i have been trying to code quite generically it so it can be used in various frameworks with little effort.
    Implementation is quite basic at the moment

    Spriter spriter = new Spriter(path_to_SCML_folder,drawer,fileloader);
    spriter.playAnimation(animation number);

    spriter.draw(x coord,y coord);//will draw the current state of the animation using your custom drawer
    Would love to get some help, moral support, ideas or comments on how to move forward.
    Trixtor is going to take of the main work now, as i am just to lazy at the moment to keep things going at a decent speed. His fork can be found below.
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    UElabeal reacted to staniu in Slow performance on mac OS X Yosemite.   
    Hi all,
    i desperately looking for some help for the slow performance of spriter on my mac, it is a macbook pro with 16 gb ram and using a Geforce GT 650 graphic card, i have the latest spriter b11 running and turn off the open GL but still experiencing slow performance.
    pls let me know is anyone has a solution for it.
    many thanks
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    UElabeal reacted to joekinley in Linux 64 Gif export crash   
    I have Spriter B11 (latest files downloaded today) and when I want to export an animated Gif it just crashes.
    This is the output:
    QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_setBoxToAnimationCancelled()
    QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_keyFrame_edittingFinished()
    QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 3
    Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler. Throwing
    exceptions from an event handler is not supported in Qt. You must
    reimplement QApplication::notify() and catch all exceptions there.
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Magick::ErrorModule'
    what(): Spriter: UnableToLoadModule `/home/joekinley/Downloads/SpriterB11(64)/png.la': file not found @ error/module.c/OpenModule/1282
    Aborted (core dumped)
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    UElabeal reacted to Disar in Different colors for timeline.   
    It would be nice to give the timeline more distinctive colors rather than the gray matching the other elements of the gui. Personally right now it isn't visually appealing and rather disorienting.
    Something like this:
    Whatever color that helps.
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    UElabeal reacted to langley-agm in Couple of bugs.   
    Toggle animation loop button doesn't seem to work.
    When I select an image from the images list on the right, then press the delete button near the View option, a progress bar appears but it doesn't delete anything.
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in Spriter R1 Bug Thread   
    Post issues with Spriter Release 1 here.
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    UElabeal reacted to lamorris in Crash on load after activating Pro, even on fresh reinstalls   
    Hey guys,
    Been a big fan of Spriter for some time and tweet/stream a bunch of my work with the software. I saw Spriter Pro on sale recently and grabbed it, though I didn't activate until today when I needed one of the features for crunch work I'm doing. After activating the software, I restarted it as the OpenGL said I needed to, and now it crashes on load, stalling and bringing up the 'Spriter has stopped responding' dialog box. I have:
    1.) tried uninstalling and reinstalling (several times)
    2.) tried uninstalling, cleaning registry keys with CC Cleaner and reinstalling
    I'm on crunch right now, please help. ): I have a bunch of rigs I need to get finished over the next few days and would really like to be able to use the software I bought.
    Update: I installed Spriter B8_2 and that seems not to crash on load with Spriter Pro activated. B9, however, seems to crap itself still.
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in End of year update   
    Happy New Year!
        This was a big year as we released Spriter 1.0 and are now on Steam.  We also released two new Art Packs, a new promo video, and a new site and forums.  Now that the foundation is set, 2015 will be an exciting year for Spriter Pro owners.  We already have some amazing unannounced features in the works that we can't wait to share once they're ready to be unveiled.  
        I'm currently focused on creating a working, fully featured and well documented reference implementation.  Once finished, this should make creating full Spriter support for any particular authoring system trivial.  And we'll be focusing resources and efforts into helping developers port this to as many languages and authoring systems as possible.  Originally we were going to make this a barebones implementation with support for all Spriter Pro features, but we've decided to take a bit longer and include several implementation and playback features that most developers will want in their arsenal.
        Sorry for our slow response times on the forums and tech support during the holidays.  Don't worry, you haven't been forgotten, and we will respond and help you resolve your issues as soon as we can.  We also realize there are a few open bugs with Spriter R2, and we'll do our best to fix them as soon as this implementation is complete.

        On a final note, the Steam Sale ends on January 2nd, so there are only two days left to get Spriter Pro for 50% off.  Also on BrashMonkey.com Spriter Pro and all of our Art Packs and bundles are also 50% until January 2nd using the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS.

        Thank you everyone for a great year, and we look forward to making 2015 an awesome year for Spriter users.
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    UElabeal reacted to Lakaroth in OSX Version Download Error   
    Hello there, i'm trying to download the OsX trial from the website, the file size it must be around 65MB but, the download finish around 20MB and i cant install.
    Who can help me?
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in Spriter 1.0 Released!   
    Hello everyone,
    We're pleased to announce the official release of Spriter 1.0. It's been a long journey, and we'd like to thank all of our glorious Kickstarter backers and Early Adopters for making this possible.
    While this build offers substantial optimizations, and a few feature additions, enhancements, and bug fixes, we're just getting started with where we want to take Spriter. There will continue to be new builds with new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and improved documentation, which will be free updates for Spriter Pro owners. The Essentials version will also continue to get updates with bug fixes, and workflow enhancements.
    Thanks again and enjoy Spriter 1.0!
    Spriter Release 1
    Released 11/11/2014
    Additions and Enhancements

    [*:3lb04hxy]Several performance optimizations
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added Pro only feature to add custom watermarks to Png and Gif exports
    [*:3lb04hxy]Export to Png and Gif now recalls last used settings
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added the ability to resize the default pivot point editor
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added single action to copy the selection from canvas and paste it to all frames (available in the edit menu, the right click menu on the canvas, and with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D)
    [*:3lb04hxy]Paste to all frames now only creates one key for the addition if possible
    [*:3lb04hxy]Added 'Deselect All' to the right click menu after clicking an object on the canvas to make zoomed in editing of many overlapping parts easier
    Bug Fixes

    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug with anchored IK, where only rotating a bone not involved in the IK would cause the anchored IK to shift position upon releasing the mouse button
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug with anchored IK, where moving a bone far up the chain from the IK would cause the anchored IK to shift position upon releasing the mouse button
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed several bugs in onion skinning where onion skins could get stuck stuck on the screen after they should have disappeared
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that caused unintended selection behavior in the file palette after dragging an image onto the canvas
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that allowed the default pivot point dialog to very large images into a window that extended outside the borders of the screen
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug that caused the default pivot point dialog to appear in a different monitor than the program for certain setups
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where after deleting the last animation in an entity, the keyframes would remain in the timeline widget, and the program would crash if you attempted to edit them
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where sub-entity onion skins would either display incorrectly, or not at all
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where it was impossible to delete sub-entities
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where changes to the canvas zoom made using the keyboard shortcuts or menu items would revert back to the previous zoom level after making a change to the sprite z-order
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where changing a bone's angle would reset it's opacity to 100%
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where clicking to drag a bone would cause it's opacity to flicker momentarily if it's opacity was set to less than 100%
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where dragging and dropping a new sub-entity when a bone was selected would cause the sub-entity to shift it's location upon the drop
    [*:3lb04hxy]Fixed a bug where copy pasting multiple keys wouldn't always paste all keys
    A quick note about version numbers. We've opted to use release numbers instead of version numbers, so this build is Release 1, the next will be Release 2, etc. Hotfixes, and beta versions to be tested before being marked as stable releases will use decimals. (e.g Release 1.1)
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    UElabeal reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in How to Embed Youtube Vids Into Your Post.   
    Hi Everyone,
    Since originally making this post the forum system has become easier and just pasting the url to your video should embed the video.
    Report here if it's not working for you.
    -Mike at BrashMonkey
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    UElabeal reacted to blkmkt in Spriter instantly crashes on Windows 8   
    I refreshed my system twice to double check before posting, but Spriter eventually started to crash instantly on Windows 8 every time. It opens and shows the program, then crashes every time...
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    UElabeal reacted to WillianElmyr in Steam Key?   
    Seeing that Spriter is on steam now, i'd like to know if there's any way to get a steam key for it. I've been using spriter for a few months already and i have to say that i love it, but with it on steam i could track of how much time i've been using daily and that would be nice to know.
    That's pretty much the only reason
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    UElabeal reacted to mattcusprime in Just wanted to say thanks   
    About 2 years ago I started teaching myself programming in order to bring an idea to life that I had had for a long time and was really just a pet/hobby project.  Thanks to your software and art packs I have really been able to make it breathe; granted it's totally a self funded non-commercial project at the moment, but I am really enjoying it.  I added a little creditation on the site, hope you dig it.  
    Anyway, hopefully it will be a success and I know Spriter will be.  Thanks!
    Check it out if you can, I put it in the works in progress forum as well.
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