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    lucid got a reaction from Monkey_Balls in Animation inside animation? Construct 2 sprite loops   
    @monkey_balls - Thanks for reporting the bug and providing the project.  Looking into this now.
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    lucid reacted to Monkey_Balls in Animation inside animation? Construct 2 sprite loops   
    That is great @lucid, it's working perfectly now =]
    I'm really glad to be working with Spriter and how you guys keep up with developers.
    Thanks so much for the help o/
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    lucid got a reaction from Monkey_Balls in Animation inside animation? Construct 2 sprite loops   
    @Monkey_Balls , that is correct, the Override Animation action only lasts for one tick.  

    Also, I've added a new action to set a C2 object to any Spriter object that should help with the pinning issue.  (also to be used every tick)
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    lucid got a reaction from germanmolto in New spritesheet feature question   
    @germanmolto  I found the issue, and it's fixed for the next version.  In the meantime, if you change the setting for multiple sprite sheets to Generate multiple spritesheets when images don't fit max, it should work and give you the same results as long as you select a size that fits all images.

    Thanks for reporting the bug.
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    lucid got a reaction from Monkey_Balls in Animation inside animation? Construct 2 sprite loops   
    Hi @Monkey_Balls To override the blinking animation, try using the Override Animation action.  For object name, put the eye sprite's object name (the name it has in Spriter), and choose to override the component 'image frame', and then for value, choose the frame number you want to display.

    For your other issue with the smoke lagging behind the rest of the object, a potential workaround was found here (https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=167801&p=1015979#p1015979), but I think I have an idea for something that could be added to the plugin to make it easier.  Please keep a lookout in the main Spriter plugin thread on Scirra forums for updates on that.
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    lucid reacted to turosteel in Appended events making crazy stuff happen   
    It worked perfectly! Thanks @lucid for your quick reply and desire to help! Thanks BrashMonkey Team for the excellent fixes!
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    lucid got a reaction from germanmolto in Spriter R6 Bug Thread   
    @bwwd and @germanmolto The issue with children being automatically keyed is fixed for the next version, at least it appears to be.  germanmolto, I believe the other issue may have been related to that, so please test when the next version comes out and let me know if you still have the issue.
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    lucid reacted to thedicegoddess in Stuff I'm working on...   
    Thanks, I'll be posting the demo for the game when we get it done. We're currently building levels and getting animation done. 
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    lucid got a reaction from Fangoram in Spriter crash during batch export   
    This has now been fixed.  Thanks for reporting it.
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    lucid reacted to germanmolto in Spriter R6 Bug Thread   
    Awesome! Thank you!
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    lucid got a reaction from turosteel in Appended events making crazy stuff happen   
    @turosteel there was a bug fixed in the latest version of Spriter released after you made this post.
    Please see if you still have the issue in the new version.  This will not fix any projects that were already corrupted. 

    If you have important work that was corrupted and you don't have an earlier back up for, feel free to send me the project files to lucid@brashmonkey.com, and I will see if I can repair them
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    lucid got a reaction from Wledig in Spriter R6.1 Released   
    Update 2/7/2016 Spriter r6.1 - Fixes a critical bug where attempting to batch export images would cause a crash.

    Hi everyone,
    We're happy to announce the beta release of Spriter build R6.
    This build marks another important milestone, as not only does it fix the vast majority of remaining known bugs, but it also introduces 2 great new features which will be described shortly.
    These two new features mark the final two new features for Spriter Pro.
    We're excited to soon begin full time development of Spriter 2, which as we mentioned previously will make room for a large amount of great new features and flexibility.
    As we stated in our previous update, Spriter 2 will be a free upgrade for all Spriter owners.
    Please keep in mind Spriter 2 development is still in it's earliest stages so it will be quite some time before the can provide any in depth updates on it's progress.
    While we'll be dedicating the bulk of our time on Spriter 2 development, we'll always take time as needed to address any critical bugs in Spriter Pro if any are found. There are still many great things yet to come to continue to improve the value of the current Spriter as well, in the way of more run-times for additional authoring systems and languages, more art packs, more tutorials and some other cool stuff we're not ready to announce yet.
    Please keep in mind, this is a beta build and many changes and additions have been made, so new bugs could exist. Always back up your work frequently.
    The first new feature allows you to batch export finished animations as PNG's GIF's Or sprite sheets, but adds the ability to perform multiple batch exports each with a separate set of character maps applied.
    The second new feature allows you to quickly and easily convert your Spriter Projects or art packs from using individual image files to using texture atlases..all generated within Spriter, with plenty of settings for you to control their maximum size, whether they are divided into sub-folders, etc.

    Videos should be released in the coming several days to showcase and explain the use of these new features.
    Also once we're ready to release the non-beta version of this build, the manual will have been updated to contain sections for all new features.
    Aside from those two great new features and a few other small but useful additions, this version also contains 32 bug fixes!
    Thanks as always everyone for your support, your patience, and all of your great feedback, not only in finding and reporting bugs, but also for your suggestions which will continue to make Spriter and Spriter 2 the best products possible.
    Edgar at BrashMonkey
    Spriter Release 6
    Released 2/5/2016
    Additions and Enhancements (Manual entries and tutorial videos explaining new features coming soon)
    Added spritesheet generation directly in Spriter (in the file menu) Added ability to save palette swaps to new projects (in the File menu under Other File Actions) Added ability to choose scms files to perform batch exports on a series of character maps and palette swaps Added Remove all Palette Changes button to palette widget Added 'Clear Active' button to character map widget Added progress bar while applying palette changes Added My Art Packs shortcut to the help menu (Steam version only) Added startup log to help troubleshoot future issues starting the program Added openGL related crash detection with an automatic option to disable openGL upon restart after a crash Cleaned the program startup command line output of extraneous warning messages (Mac and Linux only) Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue with palette color selection where the palette would unapply when you reentered the palette dialog Fixed an issue where interval values wouldn't update in batch export dialog Fixed an issue where drawing a box from the bottom right would create a box with a default negative size, causing issues in some runtime implementations Fixed a bug where the list of available tags would persist and accumulate when a new project was created or loaded Fixed a bug where changing the keyframe count settings in export to png dialog wouldn't always update the spritesheet size settings, creating spritesheets that had missing images or extra blank images Fixed a crash on start that occurred when Spriter attempted to use legacy window geometry restoration functionality Fixed bug where dragging sub-entities didn't preview the zorder in realtime Fixed a bug where selecting a sub-entity would cause the zOrder window to refresh to that sub-entity's z-Order Fixed a bug where adding a new non-event object after adding an event object would result in strange behavior or an unloadable file requiring a manual fix via text editor Fixed a bug where the transforms would behave erratically when there were multiple objects selected and at least one was a subentity Fixed a bug where the warning dialog for saving to a directory away from your original project directory (and associated project images) wouldn't allow you to accept or cancel, and required a force close to exit the program Fixed a bug where points and boxes were invisible upon creation until the mouse button was released Fixed a bug where the undo stack would already have undos upon loading certain projects Fixed a bug where sometimes pastes wouldn't immediately take effect until you changed animations or attempted to paste again Fixed a bug where sometimes deleting the last instance of an object in an animation wouldn't delete it's timeline Fixed a bug where pasting across entities wouldn't work correctly when the target entity contained an object with the same name if the object wasn't already a copy of the object being pasted. Would also corrupt undo buffer so undoing would cause objects to disappear Fixed a bug where Next and Previous shortcuts didn't work when using the numpad keys Fixed a bug where undoing the deletion of the last key in a timeline wouldn't properly restore the state Fixed a bug where sprites would disappear from the hierarchy window when you dragged them until the widget was next refreshed Fixed a bug where metadata keys for sound effects would show the waveform for the sound Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances newly added or loaded sound effects would display as normal keys instead of showing their waveform Fixed a bug where export to png would fail would if animation preset was selected when no preset was set for an animation. Now falls back on trimming to animation Fixed a crash that could occur under certain circumstances when deleting a key while the floating key curve view was visible Fixed a crash with gif export (64 bit Linux only) Fixed a bug where after a bone's opacity was set to 0, changing the opacity in subsequent keys would leave all child objects at 0 opacity Fixed several additional bugs with and improved the general behavior of children of bones with less than 100% opacity Fixed a bug with saving resized projects where subfolders of subfolders in the project wouldn't be saved to the new project Fixed a bug with saving resized projects where some of the original files might not be overwritten if you saved over a previously resized project and selected 'yes to all' when prompted whether to overwrite existing images Fixed a bug where attempting to set the default pivot point to a box had no effect. Fixed a crash when attempting to set a box to it's default pivot point. Fixed a bug that didn't allow character maps to use spritesheeted images Fixed a bug in the character map dock widget that would merge all character maps to new instead of just the active ones
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    lucid reacted to Solgryn in Mantis Queen   
    Just wanted to share some of my work and possibly get some feedback, I think I'm getting the hang of spriter ' v'
    If you want to check out some other spriter works I've tweeted some over at https://twitter.com/Soulgryn
    Casting ended
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    lucid got a reaction from adamcreator in Fix my corrupted file?   
    Hi @adamcreator,
    I sent you a link to your fixed file through the support system, but I'll detail the issues I found here, in case someone ever has similar issues.
    First, there were some png images that weren't importing to C2 correctly.  This is usually caused by software that saves or converts pngs in a nonstandard way.  I did a batch action in photoshop that just resaved the pngs.
    The jpgs were coming up as missing images in Spriter, this could cause issues with the save, which would make it not import correctly into c2.  Your jpgs weren't loading correctly in Photoshop, so I saved blank pngs of the same size with the same names (just paste your jpgs into these pngs and save the png).

    Then you had certain objects with an exclamation point in the name, which was preventing c2 from generating the same name for the sprites.  This may not have caused issues, since the associate action specifies the filename, but to be safe I renamed every object in the project by replacing the  !'s with _'s.  There were also files with '!' in the filename, which would eventually cause issues with on piece of software or another, so I changed those as well.

    Lastly,  I'm not sure how it happened but there was an object listed in your file that no longer existed in the project.  Because of the way it was being stored in the scml file, the scml plugin couldn't finish loading the file, so I removed that as well.

    On a side note, when I was attempting import, C2 was having issues with your wav files, and couldn't import them.

    In general, I'd advise not using special characters in filenames and object names, and if you're using any obscure software to save or convert images or sounds, that seems to be the root of a lot of issues, as Photoshop, C2, and Spriter all had trouble with some of your files.


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    lucid reacted to adamcreator in Fix my corrupted file?   
    That is awesome, thank you SO much! I'm going to get to everything at the start of my next work day. It may take me time to find out why my PNGs and JPGs are saved in an unusual way, as all my image work and saving is simply done through "Adobe Photoshop CC (64 Bit)", but I'm just so glad to finally know what the cause(s) are. Thanks so much!
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    lucid reacted to Banbury in SpriterPlusPlus - a C++ Spriter implementation   
    For complicated reasons UE4 requires that plugins have to be recompiled every time they are packaged into a game. So game-makers need the libraries and their header files in the project or they couldn't use my plugin. Trust me, I know what I'm doing.
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    lucid reacted to Banbury in UE4Spriter - Spriter for Unreal Engine 4 (WIP)   
    UE4Spriter is a plugin for Unreal Engine 4, that allows importing and rendering of Spriter animations in Unreal Engine games (Windows only as of now).
    Spriter project files and sprite images can be imported quickly. A Spriter component is responsible for rendering the animation. I tried to make the process of setting up a scene as hassle-free as possible.
    The whole project is open source (MIT license) and free to use. It can be downloaded from Github.
    Currently the plugin supports animations only. If there is enough interest I might add more features in the future.
    Recent changes
    Update README.md                                                         Disabled crash reporter and 'anonymous' statistics.                      Added Blueprint function to query triggers.                              Add reimport asset action for Spriter Project.                           Added Blueprint function to blend animation.                             Added Blueprint functions for stopping and starting animations.          Added Blueprint functions for character maps.                            Added Spriter placeholder image.                                         

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    lucid got a reaction from monge93 in Spriter crashes when opening project   
    hi @monge93 I'm not sure how the file got corrupted, but my guess is it has something to do with eventlines, and possibly deleting an object after creating an eventline.  I will look into this more.  In the meantime, though, I was able to fix the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/257875422/SpriterForums/v4_character_000.scml

    I apologize for the inconvenience.
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    lucid got a reaction from flaith in Spriter R5 Released!   
    Hello everyone,
    We're happy to announce the release of a new Spriter update build.
    This new build involved making the switch to the latest version of the application framework (Qt).
    Community and internal testing shows improved performance and compatibility overall, but this is a big change from previous builds, so please back up your Spriter projects before using this new build and please let us know if any new issues occur.
    Beyond the improved performance and compatibility, this build offers several new features and improvements. Here's a brief overview: (full change-log at the end of this post)
    This build seems to resolve the major visual issues for users with retina displays. Mac users report a substantial improvement in performance (FPS), and there seems to no longer be a need to disable OpenGL, however, some Mac users will get better performance with it disabled so you should try both ways and see what works best for your system. There's a new character map related color palette change feature for use with indexed color images (This new feature will be used heavily with our soon to be released RPG Animated art Pack and a SHMUP pack which will be released some time later.) You can now move animations from one entity to another. You can now specify custom trimming rectangles for export per animation. These settings are saved into your project. You can now save and load character map stacks and palette swapping information separate from your project. (ideal for complex Spriter projects where characters can be created by activating many character maps at once.)  
    Stay tuned for new quick-tip videos and documentation showcasing and detailing the usage of these new features in the coming days.
    We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy these new features and improvements.
    Spriter Release 5
    Released 12/11/2015
    Additions and Enhancements (Manual entries and tutorial videos explaining new features coming soon)
    Upgrade application framework (Qt), which will enhance performance and improve compatibility Added ability to reorder character maps Added the ability to move animations from one entity to another Added the ability to swap palettes for indexes color images Added the ability to save and load scms (Spriter Character Map Stack) files which save the current character map stack and all currently applied palette swaps Added the ability to set custom trimming rectangle settings for exporting per animation that get saved into the project Bug Fixes
    Fixed memory leak when creating new character maps Fixed bug where the right mouse button image strip to choose images for sprites wouldn't show up for images in subfolders more than 2 levels deep
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    lucid reacted to jeremyjh in SpriterPlusPlus - a C++ Spriter implementation   
    I think this is a good idea @lucid - I will give it a try as I think it will be cleaner code and may also make certain features easier should I decide to try to implement them, such as integrating the Cocos2d Physics system.
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    lucid reacted to labsin in SpriterPlusPlus - a C++ Spriter implementation   
    My SpriterPlusPlusQt is now in a working state. You should now be able to build and run it.
    Using it from QML is very easy.
    I created an example that's more or less the same as the SFML one (creating 100 random entities). Each frame is 10ms, so performance is good.
    Now I need to add more features (sound, ...) and optimize a bit.
    Still a question, are there some dimensions on the animation as a whole I could use? A bounding box.
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    lucid reacted to josempans in Spriter R5 Released!   
    Wow! The performance in Mac (I have a Mac-Mini) is really really better, now I can actually work with it,  (I used to work in a PC/Win when using Spriter). Really happy now, congrats! 
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    lucid reacted to Ventos in Spriter R5 Bug Thread   
    Yes. Thanks for all the tips. AMD drivers is the problem.
    I should look for that.
    (Mine is Notebook Radeon HD 8600)
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    lucid reacted to LukeLanFaust in Linux, Mac, and Windows users, please test Spriter R5   
    I just tested it out on windows and seems to work great. The current mesh deformation feature never worked on my laptop before, but it does now!
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    lucid reacted to Breush in SpriterPlusPlus - a C++ Spriter implementation   
    I found out what the problem was, and it was not SpriterPlusPlus fault but mine.

    Reason was: I use a "model" image to place the different limbs of my animation correctly in Spriter.
    However, it becomes useless once in game. So I removed the line "<file id="6" ... />" by hand (back in the day) from the SCML file.
    But the current loader is guessing the file id, and not reading it, so all files id afterwards where wrong for SpriterPlusPlus.
    That's it. (Reloading the broken file in Spriter and saving a new version fixed it easily).)
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