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  1. Hi Is that possible to import animated sprite - for example Snes sprite converted to animated gif, and then use it as a background-reference for creating animation skeleton, referring to half-transparent animated gif in the background? If no, what is the other way to use references?
  2. Hi, In my pipeline, I need to export seperate frames on each animation by itself (so not a sprite sheet, but an image sequence for every animation) so I can generate normal maps for them on Sprite Illuminator, then pack using Texture Packer. An organized folder structure is essential to avoid messing things up. What I need is a checkbox on Export dialog (when using "seperate numbered image files") to create folders for each animation (named by animation itself) and export their frames into the necessary folder.
  3. I guess I'm somewhat of an animation hobbyist and desperately looking for some sophisticated software because let's face it, continuing to use Photoshop (or similar software that doesn't support bone rigs) is nothing but a bad idea, even though its puppet warp feature IS quite convenient. Spriter seemed interesting and it was recommended to me, so I gave it a try ... However, I'm already failing at a very simple task: a soft ball So I create a project and load the image of a sphere ... I can move it up and down, alright, I can crudely squash it using the scaling when it hits the ground, but I cannot seem to punch it. There's simply no feature to deform a sprite/skin on impact, although I believe there are some forum topics claiming there was such a thing - two years ago. Am I missing something or will I have to look for a different tool? (and if the latter, any suggestions?)
  4. I know it has been adressed in another topic but I was wondering if someone has figured out a way to use a simple animation inside another animation. I Have a tentacle animated and I want to duplicate it and use them inside my character animation.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm actually using spriter free version with a construct 2 plugin. The problem is that when I export my animation on construct 2, one of them doesn't work. here on the screen, the attack animation doesn't work on construct 2 when I triggered it. I create a new project on construct 2 where I just export this profil animation and it stil doesn't work, so the problem is not from construct 2. So for test, I create another animation folder, another project on spriter and well that works.. you will say me yeah so I just have to recreate my first project animation spriter but, if the problem come again? why the hell it that do'esnt work? I'm really cursed I just don't understand why ...
  6. I know there's probably an obvious answer to this but I've watched the tutorials and looked through the forum posts and can't find the solution, so I'm hoping someone on here might be able to offer some advice? I'm using Spriter to animate frame by frame (without tweens), using the 'instant' tween setting. Most of the animations will be 12 fps. I have set the project's timeline to 12 and there's one image on each of the 12 frames. When I export this as a PNG sequence it plays back perfectly but I'm not sure how to play it back in Spriter at the correct frame rate to live-view the animation. Am I supposed to leave the timeline at 1000 and space the 12 frames evenly between them? The only way I can see to do it is to change the timeline back to 1000 and tick the 'stretch keys' button to make it play back properly. Is this the right way to do it? Just want to check whether there's a simple thing I'm missing that can do this. I know this is not how most people will be using the software but any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi! I just bought the pro version and I'm strugling to make my first animation (even though it seemed so easy). The issue is that I have already set up all my sprites and each of the pivots, but when I assign the bones, the rotation of each sprites uses the bone starting point not the pivot of the sprite. What is the point in setting the sprite's pivot then? Also, is there a way to be more presise when adding bones? I found that holding B when creating a bone, not always makes a child of it and I have to set it manually. And if i try to create it just at the end of the las bone I created the mouse selectsthe previous bone. I hope you can help me. Thank you!
  8. Hi Guys, I am looking for some help on the best way to swap out images in an existing animation. Basically, I have my character all rigged and animated but the images are very big in scale. Today I got round to getting them the correct sizes in Illustrator and I exported them into my Spriter project folder and now I am looking to replace the current images with the new images that I have exported at the correct size without having to rig and animate my character again. Here is a screen grab to better explain my problem: I know about 'Char Maps' but I don't fully understand their functionality and I'm not sure if using them is the right thing to do, I'm still learning Spriter Before someone suggests it I am going to say, I know I can just scale my current images down but the ones I have exported are the exact size I need them to be and I'm very precise with things, could be my OCD Knowing how to do this would also help me with other basic things like lip syncing and facial expressions etc. Right now my work is very linear and I don't need anything complicated but it's nice to know how it works and how to do it just for the future Cheers, Dave.
  9. These are some animation I've been working on in Spriter. I may post more... *Update* I changed the running sprite a bit.
  10. Hi All, New to spriter and still using the basic version (trying to learn it first) I'm having some trouble with the walking animation. I tried to duplicate what was done in the youtube tutorial: The youtube tutorial has the ground position at 0 in the timeline and the reverse ground position at 392, half of 782 which is being used as the end of the time line I think? I tried to make mine in a timeline of 0 to 1000 which seems to be the default of the spriter program. I made the one ground position at Zero like in the tutorial, the opposite position at 500 and at the 250 mark and 750 mark I moved the character up 2 clicks like the tutorial did at the 392 and 588 mark. The end result looks weird, like it goes up and then up again when I let it loop and play from 0-1000. Are there any tutorials that break it down more for very inexperienced people? Here is the gif export and the image at the 0 mark in the timeline and the 500 mark. I'm clearly doing something wrong. Thanks for reading and any suggestions are much appreciated. As you can see in the animation, it does this thing where it goes up and then slowly floats up a little in the end of the animation.
  11. Hi, I would like to know how i would go about rigging and animating this character because i keep getting line breaks. Maybe the character is drawn wrong for animation? I tried breaking it apart and i tried to keep the character parts together but no luck. Thank you to anyone that can help me with this problem.
  12. Hey, I've got a problem and I can't come up with solution. I've got a skeletal animation made in Spriter Pro. I import it into my Unity project using spriter2unity plugin. It works like a charm. Now i want to modify the animation with some code. Id like to move/rotate some parts or my model (particularly head and neck of a dragon) to follow a mouse. Yet it looks like it is not possible to move parts of Spriter game object, because they always move back to they original position/rotation imported from spriter. Does any one know how it can be accomplished? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, Does somebody know how to apply a customized tangent to several keys without having to do it for each single key with the curve editor ? Cheers.
  14. Hey all! We’re currently looking for a 2D Artist and animator to join our team of 9 members. We’re working on Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode. You can find more details at: – Ludust Project page – Aeon Chronicles Website We’re focusing on the development of a playable alpha version, to present in our upcoming Feedback Pre-Campaign at the Square Enix Collective Initiative, which will then follow on to fundraising if all goes well. This is a high-quality project that has got a very talented group of people from various corners of the world together, and looking to use this project as a startup to an indie video-game development studio, CreaByte Studios. We work in a results-oriented environment, usually on a week-by-week updates basis. The current position is to join our core team at CreaByte, starting off by joining other members with character art and animation, and later helping with some promo artwork. Even though we’re a serious team, with big goals and standards, we’re also really friendly, with a great environment, and as indie as one can get! Currently a 0$ budget team(Revenue will be shared between all members upon release), and still working every single day for this project, passion to create video-game experiences is what drives us. Any questions you have or if you’re interested in joining, leave a comment below or direct it to CreaByteStudios@gmail.com Thanks, Tibs :)
  15. I wanted to know if its possible to, instead of export the whole animation as a whole (meaning lets say the whole body of the player), to export each body part by itself in its own frame. The reason im asking about this, is for character customization in my game; we draw the player layer upon layer, and then we just "dress" him by placing a shirt image for example over the body image. Is there a way to do something like that? If now, are there any suggestions on how to develop a spriter project that will be used for in game customization? Thanks! -BTW, I am right now using the free version, but if spriter is capable of doing this, I would definately buy it!
  16. Hi all, Ian pretty new with sprite but i need to use it a lot for new game. So having a really important question. I need to make 30 characters walk, die, idle and fight. The images are most of the time similar (head, hair, eyes, L-arm 1, L-arm 2 etc.) So i made 1 character do all those animations. No the question is, can i copy the animation and put the new character in? Is that possible? That would save lot of time, and making something walk was a pain in the @ss. So anyone has a idea? Also is it possible to only copy bones (whiteout the images), also is it possible to copy complete animation of the bones? Please help me? Martijn
  17. Everytime I try to call a animation using this kind of event the spriter animations keeps paused on the first frame. Could anyone help me with that?
  18. Hello guys :D Introduce... My Name is Rizky Djati Munggaran from Indonesia, call me ridjam :D . I'm Vector Artist, hopefully not the only one here haha... I've purchased spriter since January 2015, and it's great software! especially for me who live in developing countries, the price is very affordable and reasonable :D I've startup company with my friends call “Sinaulin Studio†a Game Studio Company, we are now making our first game, named “Save My Wifeâ€, tells the story of a husband who drove his pregnant wife to the hospital with a old scooter named Vegi. I use linux for work, and still use the Spriter version R2 because R3 version does not run on my system, hoping to be fixed. Below is the result of my work using spriter. I have difficulty in making "Add or Remove Bones", like Wonky Skeleton Animation in AdventurePlatfortmerPack_Essentials, I hope Mike made a tutorial about it, hehe :D Critique are wellcome, guys. :D And this is one of my process of designing using vector graphics program.
  19. The first character was for a project that I've put on hold. It's the first animation I had made Spriter. It took me around six hours which is a really long time. This had nothing to do with Spriter, but just my lack of experience at the time. I've managed to improve my speed since then by doing some fanart, but it could be due to the bad habits I have with over tweaking values. Even though the final animation doesn't always turn out how I liked. I know how to use IK, but I find myself setting each bone individually a lot. I'm also really glad you can tweak values by scrolling over the object properties. It makes it so simple to do small adjustments. I'll be putting the images for this post in spoilers to make the post a little easier to navigate if more are added. My Art This is art I've made so far. Mushroom Dash - (project discontinued) Fanart Everything below is fanart for different indie games. I wanted to get better at animation and art, so I figured some fanart would help since I'm not used to using a graphics tablet or animating. I don't own any of the characters below this point, and a link to the games will be posted above each spoiler where you can play them and find more information about the developers. Ultra Hat Dimension - http://eniko.itch.io/uhd Birdsong - http://managore.itch.io/birdsong ChickenSword - http://chickensword.com/ Advice I'm still new to things, but this information might help others who are also learning about skeletal animation. Joints ----To ensure properly aligned rotation on elbows and knees, make sure you make a perfect circle where the limb segments end. This is very noticeable on characters with outlines. The Birdsong fanart for example, there would be no need for this since the character is flat shaded. ----Most limbs have to be flat shaded to look correct, with no difference in color or shade. It there's enough room to allow it, you can use transparency on joint image that lies above the other to allow the shading to blend smoothly. Animation ​ ----If you want to do walk cycles, check out this awesome tutorial by Ptoing. It was posted on WayofthePixel a few years ago, but he recently shared a link to his dropbox because twitter managed to mangle the gif pretty bad when I tried to show someone. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15588722/12framerunproper.gif ----Enable snapping. This will prevent unnecessary keyframes from being created and allow you to easily remember key points in the animation. I hated moving keyframes before I did this, and this makes it simple to adjust their timing. Other With the new API that's coming up, and the mesh deformation that's in development, I have a feeling animations are going to become easier to manage, since each limb segment won't have to be chopped up. And being able to use squash and stretch will make things even more fluid. Is there any estimate of how long after the API is done before we can use deformation in beta? Even if I couldn't save the deformation it would be awesome to test it out. :D EDIT: I saw a screenshot with something called skin mode in the suggestions thread, so I'll look into that to see if that's the deformation features. EDIT2: I found it, but it seems the image goes completely invisible when I double click it to change the points. Changing the image, or even after saving and loading it remains invisible. It seems I'll have to wait... Thanks for making Spriter, it's very easy to get the hang of it since there's really no learning curve.
  20. hi all, i am a beginner. i am working on scene of a robot, i want to scale a bone in one axis. but the associated image does not seem to have an effect as i want. how can i edit bone properties? please help me.
  21. Hello! :) I would like to ask what is the best way of implementing my animation into a game. I made a laser animation, and now i want it to be able to bounce off of walls from all angles. Of course, it's impossible to animate bouncing off walls for every single angle, so i would like to know how you would solve this issue. One solution that I have is to have "another" laser coming out of the wall when the first goes in so it would give an illusion of bouncing. Please answer as soon as you can and thank you for reading ^_^
  22. Hi friends, I recently discovered the Spriter :-P software (used Spine until)...I need Spriter to making animations for Unity (v 4.6.1f), planning to buy the Spiter PRO version but I have some issues :???: and I'm wondering if are there solutions for this problems: First of all for some animations when are imported I get this :???: error: Quaternion To Matrix conversion failed because input Quaternion is invalid {-1.#IND00, -1.#IND00, -1.#IND00, -1.#IND00} l=-1.#IND00UnityEditor.AnimationUtility:GetCurveBindings(AnimationClip)UnityEditorInternal.AnimationWindowState:get_allCurves() (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/Animation/AnimationWindow/AnimationWindowState.cs:237)UnityEditorInternal.AnimationWindowHierarchyDataSource:FetchData() (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/Animation/AnimationWindow/AnimationWindowHierarchyDataSource.cs:43)UnityEditor.TreeView:ReloadData()UnityEditorInternal.AnimationWindowHierarchyDataSource:UpdateData() (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/Animation/AnimationWindow/AnimationWindowHierarchyDataSource.cs:146)UnityEditorInternal.AnimationWindowState:Refresh() (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/Animation/AnimationWindow/AnimationWindowState.cs:525)UnityEditorInternal.AnimationWindowState:OnGUI() (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/Animation/AnimationWindow/AnimationWindowState.cs:70)UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI() ...this error generates strange behavior for this particular animation, video example: View My Video Please help me as soon as possible...Thanks in advance !
  23. ok I got a Left walk animation but i want to copy it and flip it horizontally but just changing the X to a negative it shifts the entire thing and i also had a piece rotated a bit which results to the normal image of that particular sprite. I want this reversed so I can actually have a seperate walk animation, so what ever Item my character is holding will stay logical to what hand it's in. so i know normalling in a 2d platform game sword in left hand would be in right hand when going in opposite direction , i've been animating my character in all Angles so that I can eventually have a Isometric game. Here is my character parts sheet that i've been animating with below. I think I did a pretty good job :mrgreen: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/0803/Gaberiel/knightsparts2_zps596c5d36.png I may just use Character mapping for this, and have items switching hands depending on direction which is another idea I have for getting around this Any Ideas and help are much appreciated!!
  24. So I've been scouring the documentation for Spriter and I'm trying to see if there's a way to make what happens in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eofB2Z4-00w) happen within Construct 2. I suppose if I had to think of a way to describe it, it would be runtime tweening of bone structures toward another object (in this case, the mouse). Is this within the realm of possibility with Spriter and Construct 2?
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