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  1. I kind of solved it by just animating the "head" of the laser and then for the rest of it I just put the particle effect :)
  2. Hello! :) I would like to ask what is the best way of implementing my animation into a game. I made a laser animation, and now i want it to be able to bounce off of walls from all angles. Of course, it's impossible to animate bouncing off walls for every single angle, so i would like to know how you would solve this issue. One solution that I have is to have "another" laser coming out of the wall when the first goes in so it would give an illusion of bouncing. Please answer as soon as you can and thank you for reading ^_^
  3. Yes, i have read everything about spriter and watched all the videos and I also have a pro version. The reason I asked this question is because, as a traditional artist and a designer I have good knowledge of anatomy and want to implement at least part of it in my own game. Good visuals are pretty important here because of very particular way I want this game to look. So, if I want it to happen this way, I would need to draw every frame in the animation (which is not a problem because there need to be 12 at most). Otherwise i would need to draw every part of the body from few angles (right?) which is going to create a huge pile of images. Btw, I am using Construct 2 and the game is sidescroling platformer with a very fast type of combat. Can you tell me something I don't know, is there any better solution that I don't have a clue about? O_o'
  4. Can you please tell me what is the difference between importing animations as a bunch of png an scml files in spriter, and are there some disadvantages with either of those two?
  5. yes, it works perfectly, thanks :)
  6. When I make a few animations and then select one of them (from the same entity), Spriter craches.
  7. yamada0000


    Ok, i know it is not the main purpose of Spriter, but do you have any intension of adding some kind of drawing tool in later versions?
  8. Is it possible to, for example, insert an animated piece of clothes in already finished character animation and put it on the character?
  9. yamada0000


    Spriter chrashes when I select and copy all the parts and bones from one frame in first animation and click on the title of theother animation. This doesn't happen always but it does very often.
  10. Well, I just want to change the order of folders and scml files but don't want to have a missing image files. I saved scml outside of the folder which contains all the sprites from that scml. Now i want to put that scml file inside the folder containing the sprites, but then missing image appears. Is there any other way? PS. It would be perfect if copying from one to another spriter project would be possible or copying parts of animation from one to another entity. Also, can you tell me what is the best way to animate in spriter if i I want to do an animation with a lot of changing the sprites but to still be smooth. For example If I want to animate a jump (in one place, not while running), a few different angles (sprites) of character's legs will be required. Is it better to do this without bones, only by changing the sprites from the pallete for every frame?
  11. Is there any way to switch to another folder which contains other sprites without spriter constantly showing me "missing image"? If I have scml file outside of the folder that contains the sprites in that scml, can I somehow put it in the sprite folder without getting the missing images? I tried to the option "delete from all frames", to delete all the missing images in the project, but little before it deletes the images on the last frame in the animation spriter crashes everytime.
  12. Thanks for a quick answer, and great advice! :)
  13. I'm trying to animate a character interacting with another one (exemple: when a character grabs his oponent on a fighting game). I have both of the characters fully animated (in saparated .scml files) and now I would like to make a few animations containing the two characters at once. Is it possible yet, and will it be soon? The only way I figured to do this is: exporting squences of the other character into .png and swaping the other character (which is now only a set of .png images in the folder containing onli the first character) as the animated one performes action on the "exported one" . Is there any other, easier way to do this?
  14. Actually, I'm trying to move eitities around to put them in the order I want, or copying from one entity to another, which is obviously impossible for now. :/
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