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  1. Yes, I was referring to the alpha version of Spriter2... Alchemist specific features will start to appear (also in alpha state, being not yet fully perfected, but ready for testing and feedback from the community) as the Sprite 2 build gets closer to a feature complete beta. I'm responding on behalf of BrashMonkey, LLC, but I'm the artist half of the two man team. The other half of the team, Edgar, is the programmer. We each always work full time (or more) for our company, but much of that full time work is often things other than development, like making business decisions, deals, customer
  2. It's possible the new alpha build will be released by the end of the month, it might be slightly delayed, ironically due to the unexpected extra time required to prepare the Kickstarter campaign. Everything is effected to some degree by funding, and there are several potential factors that could change how much gets done per update, but the updates themselves will still happen. Spriter 2 will have a much better beta build out for July regardless of the Kickstarter, but even Spriter 2 can arrive at version 1.0 faster if the Kickstarter is fully funded. The better the funding, the more man
  3. What do you by tested? If you mean feature complete and for testing that's still several months away, but there is already the first alpha build available for Steam owners of Spriter Pro. (However right now it's not in a usable state, so I suggest you wait until future builds in the coming couple of months) https://steamcommunity.com/games/332360/announcements/detail/1691563671420978645
  4. Thanks for the great feedback 8DashP We plan on frequent posts and updates to explain many features in more detail and we're working in a feature list for both Spriter 2 and for Alchemist. Spriter 2 will be a fantastic advancement over Spriter Pro as a 2d game animation creation program with advanced mesh deforming features, while Alchemist will be an optional expansion suite of added features and functionality allowing for all the cool procedural stuff and authoring interactive content like motion comics and simple games right within Alchemist. The widgets are for within Spriter2:Alc
  5. Worst case scenario you're going to have to switch the Scml object to the non draw self mode and re-import it, which will get Construct to generate the hit box sprites, after which point you can switch back to draw self mode and delete the individual construct sprites (EXCEPT for the hit box sprites, don't delete them!) But before you do that, check if there is a folder that was generated when you imported the scml file that has your hitbox sprites in there. These are the sprites you'd check for collision with to get the Spriter hit boxes to work within Construct.
  6. Hi everyone. We've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help speed up finishing Spriter 2 and to take 2d animation far beyond Spriter 2 1.0 Please take a look to learn more. Special discounted tiers for everyone who already owns Sprier Pro and the pre-order of Spriter 2 and bonuses for those who packed the original Spriter Pro Kickstarter back in 2012. This is the first in a series of videos where we will explain some of the core principles of Alchemist. In this video, we give a quick example of how to add simple logic and interactivity to objects and characters for your games or
  7. Yes, you'll receive it automatically once it's available.
  8. You'll still have access to your Spriter Pro license and you can still use the art packs with Spriter Pro. It's possible we'll eventually make a converter to convert Spriter Pro project files to Spriter 2. It's also highly likely we'll provide discount options for people with the current art packs to cross-grade to the new ones. We won't know for sure until at least a few months from now.
  9. You can find out more info on the kickstarter, as well as what the retail price will be for Alchemist.
  10. Spriter 2 will be a free upgrade for anyone who currently owns Spriter Pro. Alchemist is an optional expansion suite of advanced procedural and scene animating features which must be purchased. The Kickstarter is the most cost effective way to get it (pre-order) by backing any of the reward tiers that include Alchemist.
  11. The full range of Alchemist features will require a massive amount of work in addition to that required to finish Spriter 2, including additional contracted work to get done. it's not financially feasible to make them all free without additional funding via selling it as an expansion. A successful crowd-funding campaign will help us get there sooner. The better it does, the more features and other value we can add more quickly. The core version of Spriter 2 is befitting from Alchemist development as well. It's now planned feature set has already expanded in scope beyond what was originally p
  12. Thanks for this. I'll report the issue. In the meantime, can you please email me the file and I'll try to upload it on your behalf, after which point (if that works) you'll be able ot finalize the details and make it live on the marketplace. sorry again for the inconvenience.
  13. You have a typo in our email address, it's support@brashmonkey.com Don't worry, it's a bug that you can make the purchase without clicking it. If you don't pirate our program or art packs there is no problem very sorry for the late reply.
  14. Awesome work bwwd! Congrats on finishing this epic project!
  15. Assuming you have your project set to point sampling and you have pixel rounding on, then my best guess is there's a rendering issue if you use the draw-self mode in the Spriter plugin. I suggest you try switching the spriter object to use standard construct sprites instead of the draw self mode and see if that resolves the issue.
  16. Have you tried contacting the creator of the of Game Maker Spriter plugin directly or in the Game Maker forums?
  17. I'm pretty sure there is not a way to tell it to name each component something different. if renaming them manually takes too long you could look into batch renaming programs. I found a free one years ago when I needed to rename hundreds of image files into a specific format, and you can create formulas to change the names as needed of entire folders of files.
  18. Very sorry for the late reply and for the inconvenience. If you don't mind, can you try again one more time and either record your screen while doing so, or screen grab the error message so I can report the issue to the forum service providers? thanks.
  19. For issues like this you should email support@brashmonkey.com . Please do and in the email let us know what email you likely used to make the purchase. The overwhelming majority of the time when someone can't find their serial number it's because they are searching in the wrong email account from the one they actually used to make the purchase. In your case specifically, you only have to log into the forums here, then click the "my purchases" tab near the top of the page and then the manage button. This will bring you to download links and your serial number. Sorry for the late reply
  20. Hi Scraggle, There are two separate solutions to these issues.. specifically, to make the overall anchor point of your animations in a new place, choose your animation, hold M while in the canvas, and simply left-click and drag to move the anchor point for the entire animation. Then there is also this feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BpjzYKk-40
  21. Yes, you are exactly right! Inside Spriter you need to generate a sort of rendering bounding box for each animation. It actually uses the same data you set up for animation cropping seen in this video. Be sure to re-save your Spriter project after making these settings. Please try that and let me know if it resolves your issue. Sorry for the late reply.
  22. Yes, with Spriter pro you could set up character maps to hid the other images except the one you want rendered out, and save each character map setting as a character, and then batch render out each "character" (which would be each body part).
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