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  1. Hopefully better late than never. Check out the mirror post on the GameMaker community forums: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/disarm-gml-spriter-runtime.89629 Katsaii presents: Disarm A Pure GML Spriter Runtime for GameMaker Studio 2.3+ Homepage | Wiki | Installation Features Supports most of the stable features of Spriter Pro, including: Multiple entities per armature Pivot points Character maps Sprite and point attachments Bone keyframes for translation, scale, rotation, parent, and transparency Attachment keyframes for translation, scale, rotation, parent, transparency, pivot point, frame index, and z-index Animating between keyframes instantly, or by using linear interpolation, quadratic interpolation, or cubic animation Animating the z-order and hierarchy of bones and sprites Other features supported by Disarm include: Combine and layer multiple character maps Modify entity data at runtime Render animations whose sprites span multiple texture pages Blend between multiple animations Bake groups of animations into a sequence of vertex buffers that can be reused later Gallery Playing back an animation in GameMaker
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