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  1. Oh okay, the forum posts keep saying 2010, and I didn't see on the DL page it was supposed to be 2013. I'll try later on and update. EDIT: Okay it worked this time, thank you!
  2. I keep getting the error that I am missing these two DLL files the thread is so titled. I've tried downloading them, both 64 and 32 bit, put them in the right places, but i get the "application failed to start" error with code "0xc000007b". I've tried uninstalling the redist packages (32 and 64) for 2010 per instructions and reinstalling, no go. I need to use this software, you guys! Help! Windows 10 64, fresh install, fully updated.
  3. The "Window" menu does not work. EDIT: Opening a file or starting a new one fixes this.
  4. As an early adopter, I had a link for the free download pack, and it is not working. How do I acquire the essentials resource pack?
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