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  1. I recommend purchasing Camtasia Studio. It's the easiest software I've found for recording video, and commentary(I talk into a headset while recording).
  2. Awesome. Thanks for all the information, @Mike at BrashMonkey ! Yeah, I realize the Spriter applications are used for animating, and not for image design. For now I outsource all my art. Most games I go with pixel art(love that old school vibe), and lately I've been working with more vector art. So no worries there. I can use Pro Motion NG for pixel art, then find something for vector art, if needed(mostly just work with pixel art). Just trying to figure out which applications to use for what, as I take on more of the artistic side of things over time. I sent an email out to Jan over at Cosmigo earlier today regarding the installs allowed under a single license. Just waiting to hear back regarding that, and then I'll go ahead and place an order with BrashMonkey. Thanks for your help clearly answering my questions! I'm sure I can figure out pretty easy way to cut, copy animations to do what I need to do. I'm currently working in Construct 3. So I'll also look into plugins/APIs/whatever is needed to use the tweening features directly in the engine Hope you are having a fantastic day!
  3. Hey @Mike at BrashMonkey. I appreciate the response Most of the art I am using was made in Spriter. So I thought it may be possible to tween two animations together, which have already been setup in Spriter. I believe the spriter project file contains the animations that were made as well as the images themselves... But, not 100% sure. I'll have to look into that. I'm considering Pre-ordering Spriter 2 either way. It seems like a very useful tool for the toolbox. Here is a another question for you. I would open another thread, but it took a couple days for this one to go live. As far as the licensing goes. Can I install Spriter Pro on multiple devices? Also asking this question in regards to, Pro Motion NG, but that is another developer, so not sure if you might know the answer as far as Pro Motion NG goes.. Basically... I have an older model HP Spectre x360, the style laptop that can fold over into tablet mode. I'll be doing most of my art and animation on there. But, it would be nice to be able to install a copy of the applications on a desktop or two as well. Is this allowed under a single license? I would be the only person using the applications. But, it would be nice to have it on the desktops I do my game design/dev work on, for any finishing touches on sprites, animations, etc, without having to jump back and forth between computers/devices. I also plan on getting a touch screen drawing tablet for my desktop in the future as well. I used to have a nice 24", from Wacom years ago, and looking to eventually get whatever the newer model is. EDIT: I looked into the EULA and Terms of Use, but could not find an answer to this question anywhere, unfortunately.
  4. Hey all. I've been looking into buying Spriter Pro, for both vector art, and pixel art animation. Just wondering if someone out there can answer pretty basic questions. Is it possible combine two animations easily using Spriter? Say if I have an animation of the character running, and an animation of the character shooting. Can you combine the two to create a running & shooting animation easily? Would it be easier to just create a new animation from the running animation? I guess you could even copy the bottom half of one animation, and the top half of the other to create a running & shooting animation. As you basically need the legs to run, but have the upper part of the body shooting. So, overall I guess there would be a few ways of going about it. Also, how difficult is the learning curve of Spriter? I have some animation knowledge, and have done a bit of pixel art, and pixel animations, as well as 3D modeling back in the day(working with low poly models, and a bone structure for animation). Now I'm mainly working with vector art made in Spriter, but created by other artists, then exported into sprite sheets, and animation frames. Also have some packs, that come with the Spriter files for use in the application.
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