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  1. How do I make a sprite sheet with Spriter? I have the Pro edition and I am wanting to make sprite sheets to use with Construct2..
  2. I have downloaded Spriter on my laptop with Windows8.1 twice and I keep getting a message that it cannot start because MSVCP100.dll is missing. They want me to download it again. I did and it didn't. How do I fix this and get it to work so I can use my license? I found out that if I loaded the latest version of Adobe reader it installed the missing dll and things worked fine. (so far) I was going to delete the post but as a solution was in here I decided to leave it for someone else who may have this problem.
  3. Raybrite


    I am sorry that I get so involved with some of these posts that I reply and don't realize that this makes me appear as a spambot. Guess I am just an old man with a bad memory. Sorry, Ken
  4. I was wondering about 2 things. First, did you save the background layer for your Sprite? That makes a block instead of just the sprite. I usually delete that layer when I don't need it anymore. My other concern is for when you are in Construct2. In the animations block (I think) , when you set the origin, did you try to set it for the bottom right? I am not sure if that will work if you use it for both directions. Just thoughts as I haven't been over there for over a week. Ken
  5. I really don't want to argue. I bought this program just likecI have many others. I have manuals on the others that I have printed out and use. Some of them were made by piecing the help files together. This is one program that seems to have made that impossible to do. I am probably much older than you and my hearing is not what it used to be so many tutorials do not work for me.
  6. Personally I don't think you should assume too much. I have been trying to get Spriter to work for a few weeks and I am not at the computer with Spriter when I have the time to push tab buttons.
  7. Frustration. I tried to go p[age by page with the help manual to get myself a hard copy so I wouldn't have to interrupt what I am doing to find out what I am doing wrong but to no avail. It seems that I cannot copy page by page to a writer program to then print it out. Why are you so intent on keeping the operation of Spriter a secret and making us gop through hoops to learn the program. I can get a manual for the other programs I have and may even just use the animation section of Krita to make my sprites. All I wanted was a simple document that I could hold in my hands a
  8. I am still in the learning stage. I really haven't figured out how to make a hero yet. Thanks Ken
  9. I am trying to find a manual that I can either buy or print out on my printer. So far all I have found is one that must be read on the computer. This doesn't help much when I only have one screen and must be working on Spriter while I am looking for information on how to do something. The one that you are making online is fine but you must be online to read it. I really don't carry my computer to bed with me to read at night or when I am going somewhere and will be waiting for a long time. I hope you understand that what you are doing is great. I am just frustrated with tryin
  10. I am wanting to use the Sprites I make here to use with Construct2. I am not sure where to ask but is it possible to make a Sprite sheet to use with Construct2 here or is there another program I need to use to get from here to there? The Construct2 program recognizes the individual sprites on a sheet and places them in the program to use in their animation. Thanks for your help. Ken
  11. I am trying to copy the individual pages over into Libre Office so I can make a hard copy of it for my own use but it is giving me problems when I try to copy it. It looks very good. I usually have to copy the pages over one at a time and then print it out. Takes a long time. Will there be one I can just download and print out so I will have it handy when I get lost ( as happens a lot with me.)? Thanks, Ken
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