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  1. nice animations old_flick very inspiring for me
  2. nice sprites my dude very inspiring for me :P
  3. I really like these dude :D do more!!!
  4. Thank you very much Aiat_gamer I followed the tutorial and i came up with this
  5. thank you stinky :) uploaded a new walk animation still needs a lot of work with the wobbly legs and stuff but looks better than the first one i posted that i deleted
  6. thank you so much mike, it was the sampling mode :D it fixed itttt!! yayyyyy im so happpy now :D
  7. trying to improve my walk animations
  8. Hey guys... So I started using spriter a few months ago and i absolutely love it... But the thing is when I export my animation into sprite strips, some of the frames lose its quality.. for example the first frame of my walk animation is kind of blurry, but halfway through the animation the lines clear up... i do all my art work in pixel art... im not sure why its doing this... i have the free version of spriter it really makes some of my animations look ugly :( ill try to post some pictures soon to show u guys
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