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  1. Greetings everyone, I'm here to ask a very dumb question I suppose, but still I think it's worth a shot. So, I bought a Spriter Pro license a while ago, and due to several reasons, I need to reformat my computer. My Spriter's directory is safe, sleeping in my external hard drive. But still, as the biggest paranoid ever, I would like to know what happens after a reformat. Can we take our licence back from our mail or something ? Just in case. Thank you !
  2. Understood, thanks for the explanations you two. By the way, Spriter is as great as I heard it was, really useful. Thank you !
  3. As game devellopers, we are supposed to exactly know what we're doing, hasard hasn't its place there, so I'm surprised...yeah sometimes my work looks good on Spriter but I don't understand why and I wish I could instead of doing I_Dunno_wat with the timeline
  4. Greetings everyone, as someone who has no experience in animation, my recent acquisition of Spriter Pro introduced me to this world. Thanks to the manual, everything is fine but I didn't totally get how to correctly use the timeline, which is probably important ! So until now I tested my animations with any length and any "steps" for each frame (10 by 10, or 5 by 5 etc...). It works, but well, If I want to use this work into my game project I better try to really understand how this tool works, I suppose ! And I don't know how to determine which lenght will be suitable for my animation, a
  5. Thanks Abian, problem solved ! Lucid : Yeah sure. It's not IN the store, it's after (my mistake). I mean, look at these screens
  6. Hi everyone, I've seen that Spriter Pro was in sale on the Scirra store, so I took it ! I have the receipt and the serial key, but...during the download, nothing asked me to enter the serial key, and during the installation, there was still nothing. So yep, I have the tool right now, but it's not the Pro version I bought, so I can't use everything. When the tool propose me to upgrade, I just end up on the purchase page of the tool, but I already have a serial key...so I don't understand. The "help me" section on the sore said that they will ask me to enter the serial key before the d
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