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    hippyman got a reaction from Angelofame in So it's been four months....   
    It's totally okay I'm just super excited to see the new and improved Spriter! I hope I don't come off as too entitled. I know you don't owe me anything. Just really excited. 
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in So it's been four months....   
    Don't worry at all. We're thrilled that you're excited about it and incredibly humbled by and appreciative of the incredible patience and support the Spriter community have shown us. We promise we're doing everything we possibly can to make Spriter 2 special ,and worth the very....very...long wait.
    There will be an update with more info soon.
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in So it's been four months....   
    A new update coming very soon. Sorry for the very long delay and development cycle. We're building momentum now.
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Clear guidelines hotkey?   
    Sorry. That's the only way to remove them (dragging them off the canvas.) I'll report the feature request to Edgar.
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    hippyman reacted to GradusGL in v. 1.1.0 update Spriter 2D: Game Maker Studio extension   
    hippyman Yes, it will be ready soon)
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    hippyman reacted to lucid in Gamemaker Studio Implementation Issues   
    // prefix 'parent' is the parent's absolute values that have already been transformed // prefix 'child' is the local child values you tweened from the keys before they've been transformed) // prefix 'absolute' is the final absolute values of the child object - the result of the transform                  absoluteScaleX=childScaleX*parentScaleX;         absoluteScaleY=childScaleX*parentScaleY;         if(parentScaleX*parentScaleY < 0)         {             absoluteAngle=-angle;         } else { absoluteAngle=angle; }         absoluteAngle+=parentAngle;         float childScaledX=childX*parentScaleX;         float childScaledY=childY*parentScaleY;         float angleSin=sin(parentAngle);         float angleCos=cos(parentAngle);                  absoluteX=(childScaledX*angleCos)-(childScaledY*angleSin);         absoluteY=(childScaledX*angleSin)+(childScaledY*angleCos);         absoluteX+=parentX;         absoluteY+=parentY;                           absoluteAlpha=childAlpha*parentAlpha;  
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Gamemaker Studio Implementation Issues   
    Hi @hippyman
    I've sent you a private message with links to get more Spriter projects and here is another link to get Spriter projects which feature the more advanced features. 
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    hippyman reacted to lucid in Gamemaker Studio Implementation Issues   
    Interval is the snapping interval that you set using the '...' button next to the snapping (magnet) button on the timeline window.
    It's the size of the interval, in milliseconds that Spriter will snap the keys to if you have snapping enabled.
    Sorry I must have missed the question earlier.  The gline shouldn't always be there.  It's a bug, and probably only in the scon version.  It should only be there if you are using guidelines in Spriter Pro (You can drag them from the rulers on the top or left side of the main canvas).   Gline is the tag where Spriter saves their locations.   
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    hippyman reacted to lucid in Gamemaker Studio Implementation Issues   
    It's TexturePacker's json hash format:
    "x", "y" = location in spritesheet
    "w", "h" = trimmed unrotated image size
    "rotated" = is the image rotated 90 degrees clockwise
    "trimmed" = always "true" in spriter generated spritesheets
    "x", "y" = trimmed offset - pixels trimmed from the top and left
    "w", "h" = same as in "frame"
    "w", "h" = original image size
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Official Reference Implementations and Other Big News   
    Yes, everyone who purchases Spriter Pro t any time before the release of Spriter 2 will get Spriter 2 as a free upgrade once it's out.
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    hippyman reacted to loodakrawa in SpriterDotNet - An implementation for all C# frameworks   
    There's a Unity project in the SpriterDotNet repo. It is not up to date due to a recent push to implement all the features in the core library. However, it's being worked on and should be complete soon (as a nice Unity package).
    Thanks for the feedback!
    While writing the library I took really a lot of effort into breaking down everything into smallest possible methods and naming everything in a consistent and meaningful way (hoping to have self-documenting code). Also, I used only the most common data structures which are available in virtually any language. But I understand why it might be a bit hard to understand, especially if you're not familiar with the scml data structure. In light of this, I will add a document that explains the general flow. In the meantime, you can start by looking at the "main" method and trying to follow the flow while keeping any scml open for reference.
    I've added a note about animation blending in the official documentation. The crash you discovered should not be happening and I'll fix it asap.
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    hippyman reacted to loudo in Spriter Official Reference Implementations and Other Big News   
    Great news.
    Can we have also the scml reference updated in the following link to see the changes :)
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    hippyman got a reaction from fetito666 in Reference Implementation Status Update (10/18/2015)   
    I'm so freaking ready for this! Super excited, thanks for the updates and hard work! Even more excited to finally be able to get a working implementation setup for Gamemaker
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    hippyman reacted to lucid in Reference Implementation Status Update (10/18/2015)   
    Progress is indeed going smoothly. Still on target for October 18th. original post updated to reflect we're still on track for the ETA
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Export to specific sized frames   
    You'd need to make sure your animations never exceed that clipping size if you don't want them clipped. The reason people use same-
    size frame sprite-sheets is due to a lack of support for an atlas (some form of text file that describes all frames, their positions, rotation etc)...so you can;t just have a program like Spriter move the position of each frame to best try to squeeze it into a 64x64 pixel limit, because then each frame of your animation would jiggle all over the pace compared to the previous and later frames. (due to not having data for how to re-position each frame as it displays it.)
    When I need to animate within a specific cropping size, I add a rectangular image at that size as a guide and then lock it.. Once all the animations are done, I delete that guide image. This will help make sure your animations are never so big they get cropped.

    The next thing you need to do is learn how to set the export to use "custom rect(angle)" for the animation trimming. The numbers are based on the intersection of the horizontal and vertical guides in the canvas of Spriter... (the hot-"spot")

    If your sprite is centered in the canvas (relative to that intersection of those guide lines) and you want it cropped to 64x64 pixels per frame, you'd choose: 
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    hippyman got a reaction from lucid in Reference Implementation Status Update (10/18/2015)   
    Good stuff. Just glad to see that it's moving forward. No hard feelings for not having a video. :)
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    hippyman reacted to bwwd in Animator Available   
    Recently finished big full game projects and looking forward to do more.
    Some examples:


    I do animations, backgrounds, sometimes music... everything.
    My work can also be seen on my deviantart http://bwwd.deviantart.com/gallery/ and in this thread:
    If You have any questions You can contact me through this forum or: 2blackbar @ gmail . com
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    hippyman reacted to lucid in API for C or C++ which loads Spriter file into some data structure   
    Hi everyone.  I'm still making progress and it's my primary focus, from now until it's done.  Nothing specific to report now, and I apologize for leaving everyone in the dark, but unfortunately we can't yet share the details of what we're building into the implementation.   I understand the delays are frustrating and inconvenient, but us making the implementation the right way will lead to dramatically better Spriter support across the board much sooner. 
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in API for C or C++ which loads Spriter file into some data structure   
    The work in progress is not available.  Sorry for the silence everyone. We'll try to give everyone an update within roughly a week.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Update on Spriter API matters   
    Hi again AniMittra,
    I agree, testing the latest version and then reporting any remaining issues directly on Spriter2Unity's Github page is definitely an excellent first step into making sure Spriter is better supported ASAP. On our end, Edgar can't help directly with Unity support until after the generic implementation is finished.  We hope to make an update post about it's progress within the next week or two.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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    hippyman reacted to AniMittra in Update on Spriter API matters   
    Any update on the generic implementation or the Unity one in particular? A time-frame would really help (1 month? 3 months? 6?), otherwise I might try Spine instead.
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    hippyman reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter and Game Maker Studio   
    Hi Krymzonsky,
    Spriter did suffer a number of prolonged delays but has lately been progressing nicely.  The current pause in updates is specifically for Edgar to work on a fully featured generic Spriter implementation, which hes working on now. Once finished it will be released as open source and should make it very fast and easy for any developer to port full Spriter support to any particular authoring system. 
    Once Edgar is finished with this generic implementation he'll be working directly with the developers and communities of all popular authoring systems (including Game Maker) to get Spriter fully supported asap.
    We cant give a reliable time estimate for when the generic implementation will be finished, so stay tuned for updates once Edgar has specific milestones of progress to report.
    Mike at BrashMonkey
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