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  1. Oh I'm not saying you should or anything, just that the technique you mentioned is possible (I think). If Unity is already packing/compressing sprites when you build, then that's fine too.
  2. Hey just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty sure this is possible, and I believe that this library, https://bitbucket.org/Chaoseiro/x-unitmx/wiki/Home (an API to import maps made in the popular and free Tiled Map Editor) uses this technique. It finds the sprite sheets used in Tiled in your Resources folder, and slices them according to how they were slices in Tiled. You can probably look through it and find out how they do it if you're interested.
  3. This is the type of update I've been waiting months for! Thanks for finally putting us in the loop haha. Looking forward to the weekly updates.
  4. If I switch to this version of Spirter2Unity, will it overwrite the prefab I had made from the old one? I want to try your solution since it's newer but I'm close to finishing my game and I don't want to break anything. Either way this seems really nice, and I'll try it with my next project either way.
  5. Switching to Unity 5 broke Spriter2Unity for me, had to switch to mythgarr's branch and update a few of the scripts because some things were depreciated. There used to be a Spriter Entity script component in the old version I had and this one doesn't seem to have it, not sure if that actually matters though. Well anyways the animations I had already brought in seem to be working fine. I haven't tried importing new animations or updating ones already brought in yet. If it doesn't work I'll have to go back to Unity 4.6 :-|
  6. I started using this plugin again and I'm having problems with rotation angles being inconsistent on re-import. I believe this bug was mentioned on the first page, where a 30 degree rotation will suddenly become a 330 degree one the other way in Unity. Well it still exists and my current solution when one of the rotations break down is just to keep re-importing until I get lucky. :mad: Anyone have a proper fix? Also I had issues with autosave and the constant re-importing every time i saved (I'm a manic saver) so I keep my working Spriter file outside of the Unity Project, and import it in
  7. Thanks for the reply. When I tried using Spriter2Unity previously (admittedly months ago) I had some problems with it not displaying my animations correctly in the editor (but I think they were fine at runtime for the most part). This was a big problem because I wanted to animate certain props that will be used for level design. Say i have a bush with a "rustle" animation for when the player collides with it. The bush prefab created with Spriter2Unity would come in at a strange size in my unity Scene view (as if it wasn't using the first keyframe as the default sprite to display), but when I
  8. Any update on the generic implementation or the Unity one in particular? A time-frame would really help (1 month? 3 months? 6?), otherwise I might try Spine instead.
  9. I agree with Kiori. I personally do not care if the animations end up as pure Unity 2D animations or not, I just want them to play as they do in Spriter. I also don't think the sound triggers or collisions are a priority feature. Spriter is first and foremost an animation tool right? So the goal should be to get people's animations, as they see them in Spriter, working in Unity. All the other stuff is kind of a bonus. Right now Spriter2Unity is lacking some core features, which means I would have to resort to exporting spritesheets from Spriter instead. This kind of defeats the purpose of mo
  10. I recently bought Spriter for use with Unity. Right now the available Unity API is incomplete. Will you be picking up development from the existing API or starting a new official one? I just want to know if I should bother using it or if I'm better off waiting.
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