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So it's been four months....

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What the heck is going on with Spriter 2? I know I'm acting a bit entitled but you tease us with that 20 second video and then just go dark for four months with literally nothing on any platform. Is it even kind of close to anything being released? If not then what was the point of even showing that?

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56 minutes ago, hippyman said:

It's totally okay I'm just super excited to see the new and improved Spriter! I hope I don't come off as too entitled. I know you don't owe me anything. Just really excited. :)

Don't worry at all. We're thrilled that you're excited about it and incredibly humbled by and appreciative of the incredible patience and support the Spriter community have shown us. We promise we're doing everything we possibly can to make Spriter 2 special ,and worth the very....very...long wait.

There will be an update with more info soon. :)


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