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    Danielki reacted to Wenhao in How to use spriter in unity 4.6.x and 5.0   
    reading the litle. thank you reading my question and coach me. :-P
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    Danielki reacted to winson in Construct Classic Plugin ?   
    How long until the construct classic plugin is released? Thanks.
    we have been waiting for a long time, is it coming?
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    Danielki reacted to AstralDream in Saving project with different scale   
    I need someone with pro version of spriter to save my project with diffrent scale,
    0.4, 0.6 and 0.8.
    Its an animation from Don't Starve game, I'm making mods for that game, but this mod needs resized animations, and that can't be scaled by game, cause then it scales all special effects on it to and it looks very bad.
    Contact me on steam if you want to help me out with this:
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    Danielki reacted to lucid in scml documentation (deprecated - use reference implementations instead)   
    Deprecated : Use Reference Implementations pinned in this forum

    Hello again everyone,
    This is the preliminary edition of the scml documentation. It takes the form of an interactive document with a side by side of pseudo code and the scml format specification.
    This will be expanded over the coming weeks with detailed descriptions of the functions and dom elements being described, but as is, it should provide a good jumping off point for developers creating implementations, and also for anyone attempting to update or troubleshoot an implementation.
    I'll be out of town and away from my dev PC for the next few days, but when I return this document will be continually updated along with Spriter to be as useful and clear as possible. In the meantime however, I'll provide you with a few key points to get you started.
    â—¾the document is written in a c-like pseudo-code ignoring as many language specifics as possible. This means there is no concept of pointers or references. brackets[] at the end of a type name indicate an array
    â—¾float, int, string are intended as general types and can be replaced by double, short, cstring, etc as you see fit
    â—¾as all xml parsing will be language specific, this is not addressed in this document, however, the scml and code are side by side. Where the data structures should contain information directly from the file, those items are highlighted, and hovering them reveals the relationship to the scml file.
    The pseudo code is released to the public domain under the cc0 license. This means you are free to use it in any way you see fit. ("You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission")
    There is a checkbox to hide the scml side, so you can copy paste the code into your IDE or text editor, do a few find/replaces, and you have a basic scml implementation you are free to release it for anyone to use or keep for use in your proprietary engine for your game.
    This version only includes a Set Current Time, and Apply Character Map function, and provides a data structure to translate spriter data to be drawn at the position and orientation of your character on screen. In time this will be expanded to provide a full suite of features to make your playback engine as complete and powerful as possible.
    This document is the first part of a larger strategy to get Spriter universally supported on all platforms, languages and authoring tools, and we will get into those in greater detail over the coming weeks.
    view the documentation here:
    and please leave any feedback in our forums
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    Danielki reacted to Sphax in 8 Directions animations for the animations already done   
    I'm currently discovering Spriter and I quite like this tool. It reminds me a very old small tool I made when I was young (Space Animator) so I must love this new extremely useful tool. :)
    I'm an artist myself but I hate animating and don't have much time for that. I would love to see an Animations Art Pack with 8 directions for all the already done animations in the Platformer Starter Pack.
    Would it be feasible? I would buy directly. ;)
    Cheers and keep up your good work.
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    Danielki reacted to lucid in Spriter R3 Bug Thread   
    Please post bug and crash reports for Spriter R3 here.
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    Danielki reacted to Sprite in When dragging file into Construct it doesn't import the individual sprites   
    I have a problem when importing the scml or scon file into Construct 2.
    It doesn't import the individual sprites/images, only the gray block with a number "1" appears. 
    The sprites show up in Spriter (I'm not getting any "missing-image" pictures). 
    The SCML and SCON file have the same name and are in the same directory as the folders of all the body-parts. 
    Can someone help me with this problem? 
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    Danielki reacted to Gus in Which platforms would you like Spriter support on?   
    Unreal Engine 4
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    Danielki reacted to MonkeyBrain in Maybe a nice Plugin-suggestion ? Normal Mapping :-)   
    Hi ,
    great tool by the way , but what if you implemented this as a Plugin ? :smile:
    https://www.codeandweb.com/spriteilluminator ?
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    Danielki reacted to SymboliC in Export to AVI or another type of Video support?   
    I'm wondering if there is a plugin or plans for further development to support exporting the animations to various or at least on type of Video file? Etc . Avi.
    This is useful to share the current phase, look and feel of animations with others in our team while partnering for a project.
    I know there is an export to animated GIF function but this does not cover it completely. I mean wouldn't it be nicer to have export to a video file support?
    Please correct me if I'm missing something or point me to a plug-in.
    Thanks a lot,
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    Danielki reacted to PrismaSlice in Spriter R3 Bug Thread   
    I have an annoying bug in windows 8.1
    When I set the interpolation curve of a parent object to something other then linear, the IK targets on the children move out of place. It's a spider so there are a lot of legs and a fairly deep hierarchy. I can set the interpolation for the timeline as a whole but this isn't ideal since it's messing up the timing for all of my secondary animations. My workaround right now will probably be to manually animate the legs, which is a HUGE pain. Hopefully that can get hammered out in a future release.
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    Danielki reacted to staniu in Slow performance on mac OS X Yosemite.   
    Hi all,
    i desperately looking for some help for the slow performance of spriter on my mac, it is a macbook pro with 16 gb ram and using a Geforce GT 650 graphic card, i have the latest spriter b11 running and turn off the open GL but still experiencing slow performance.
    pls let me know is anyone has a solution for it.
    many thanks
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    Danielki reacted to Chilly Willy in Welcome to Brash Monkey's Spriter forum   
    Just signed up two give two suggestions - it would be nice to have a 32 bit build for linux, and a very brief note on how you run it in linux would be nice. Looks like a great program... I'd love to not to have to use Windows to use it. ;)
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    Danielki reacted to Threshroge in You think you could show a Photoshop-to-Spriter   
    Know that I apologize that the nature of this email is to "utilize monetary funds to acquire some sort of benefit", but I wanted to propose to anyone that if I offered seventy five usd for them to publicly post a photoshop-to-spriter  how-to-build-a-dont-starve-like-character-from-scratch tutorial that included them shifting from a blank page in photoshop to a finalized bone-laced structure in spriter so I could get forward on my game design, I think I would be very appreciated as well as the gaming design community.
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    Danielki reacted to blastar in bug will crash spriter   
    i'm new to spriter but within a few minutes i found one (or two) bugs:
    1. add an image and set x-scale (or y-scale) to 0.0 -> resize this image sets imageposition to 680000,00000/680000,00000 -> you can not move or resize this image only delete
    2. add an image and set x-scale (or y-scale) to 0.0 -> try to rotate this image -> spriter will crash
    i use spriter R2 @ win7 x64
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    Danielki reacted to akdean in Inverse Kinematics Spriter Pro from Steam   
      I was using the "Spriter Free" edition for a while and thought the program was so great, I needed the Pro version. Seeing that it was available on Steam made it a no-brainer for me. However, when I upgraded to the Pro version and attempted to use the inverse kinematics "locking" feature that was mentioned in the tutorial videos (the ones that appear every time I open the program) doesn't seem to work and I can't find any buttons or other shortcuts that have the same features.
      Has this been removed, changed?
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    Danielki reacted to RunnerPack in Nomenclature question   
    Hi, Spriter team and community,
    I'm in the middle of writing an email to a friend, and I just realized I have no idea what to call the output of Spriter to differentiate it from other kinds of "sprites". Is there an official name or phrase for these besides the somewhat clunky-sounding "Spriter sprites"? Going by the blurb on the main Spriter page, I would assume it's "modular sprites", but I've never seen that actual phrase used anywhere.
    I was thinking something like "skeletal sprites", but that sounds more like something that's not finished yet, like the early stages of a sprite. Besides, not all "Modular sprites" use bones... Also, I'm not sure if we need to differentiate from the output of similar tools, like Spine, or just use a generic phrase that covers the whole concept, then differentiate using "Spriter <phrase>" vs. "Spine <phrase>" etc.
    Anyone want to weigh in on this one? Mike? Edgar?
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    Danielki reacted to rSheep in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Hi. The feature Jonjon show in the video is something that really seems to be missing in Spriter.
    I've seen the Spriter video where it set 2 bones to a skin (the snake skin sprite), have tried it, and is really good.
    It works perfectly with sprites with a longer width, but would love to do have the same option for height (a sprite with height greater than the width).
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    Danielki reacted to Kiori in Spriter r2 bug thread   
    I still have issues on running this on windows on intel gpu, but none under linux. thought r2 might fix it, guess not.
    Perhaps its related to the frameskipping problem mentioned above.
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    Danielki reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Welcome to Brash Monkey's Spriter forum   
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for trying Spriter. I look forward to feature suggestions and bug reports.
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    Danielki reacted to deadhorse in Spriter essentials   
    Ive recently purchased spriter pro and noticed on your site that  it includes 260 free spriter animations but I cannot  find them.I have been looking  around the  programme but  find no animations at all.
    so I am wondering if you can point  me in the  right direction for these
    I also noticed you can get spriter essentials are these the  same   as the free spriter animations  or different  if  they are different  can you   point me in the right direction to get these as well.
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    Danielki reacted to Grok in A couple of animations   
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    Danielki reacted to SymboliC in Animation syncing problem in 2D   
    Hello all,
    Me and a friend of mine are trying to create a game...
    I am the graphics guy and creating the animations using Spriter.
    He is the developer using Unity enviroment and the assets and sprites that I create.
    Here is the scenario for a typical problem...
    We have two animations...
    Let's say,
    One is RUNNING and the other one is FIRE WHILE RUNNING.
    When you press the right arrow, the character starts to run (RUNNING) by default... and while running, if you press the fire key, another animation is triggered(FIRE WHILE RUNNING) in which the main character's right arm is risen as if shooting projectiles while running.
    The problem is both animations have the equal series of images (8 frames each, typical walk/run cycle) but the enetring and exiting the FIRE WHILE RUNNING animation is timeless, I mean it will eventully occur randomly depending on the interaction of the player.
    While transtioining from one animation to another, the legs just scramble... or there seems to be a glitchy skipping because that while FIRE WHILE RUNNING anim is let's say, on the 6th frame, the player stops to fire and therefore, RUNNING animation starts FROM THE FIRST FRAME... skipping the last two frames of FIRE WHILE RUNNING, which causes an absurd skipping in RUN cycle, considering the legs part.
    You may suggest to tear apart the body and use same leg sub-animation for both of these two different animations. But this ime another problem similar to the one above comes into play. The anatomic syncing of arms with legs!!!
    How do you overcome this problem in UNITY or do we have to do something additional in Spriter-side?
    How do you sync the positioning of the legs in both animations so that on entering and exiting of those two animations, the legs are always stay in sync??...
    Thanks a lot...
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    Danielki reacted to SlinkyRaptor in Steam Keys for Multiple Licences   
    I purchased a key for myself and a friend recently and I was wondering if or how I could get steam keys for both of those. I followed the directions in the sticky, emailed support and only received a single key.
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    Danielki reacted to Bioz in Any difference between spriter pro and the steam version?   
    I was just wondering if there was any difference between spriter pro available here and the steam version?
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