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    Geraldml reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter pro wont start   
    Yeah, reinstalling windows should definitely not be necessary. Let's avoid that. 

    I just noticed in the error message you posted that it mentions wintab.. I think this has to do with tablets... There are other known cases, mostly from the past were some specific tablet drivers (like some specific variants of wacom drivers) would cause crashes.
    Could you please try disconnecting a tablet if you use one and temporarily disable or uninstall the driver, just so we can verify that is the cause?
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    Geraldml reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter pro wont start   
    Agreed. It might be possible you only need to unplug the tablet or there might be a way to just disable the driver quickly without uninstalling it. No matter what, this clearly is not a "solution", just a way to use Spriter as needed while a real solution is being found.  It would also likely be a great help if you could tell us the exact brand and model number of tablet you're using.
    -Mike at BrashMonkey
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    Geraldml reacted to shadowslair in Can i create a 2D animated character from a 3D character using spriter   
    Hi, Henry. You can edit your 3d model to be modular in your 3d editing program, so you can render separate parts easier into sprites that Spriter can use as parts. You can also just render your 3d model as-is, then use Photoshop or other program to cut it in parts and import into Spriter. You may need to draw some areas, where your parts were overlapping.  It really depends on what your character looks like now, what kind of animation it uses and the final result you`re looking for. You can even render your animated 3d model from your 3d modelling program to frames, then use them as guides in spriter. If you do so, this video may help you:
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    Geraldml reacted to Berty in Construct 3 runtime is now enabled by default, can we please get an update to the Spriter SCML plugin?   
    Hi Ashley and team... back and still fond of Spriter, but indeed as well my plugin for C3 from spriter is not working any longer if i use the latest revision, i was not expecting this so soon, it is kind of frutrating... could you please update the plugin before spriter 2 comes up so we can continue to work with spriter? or do we have no chance to have this plugin updated any soon. Have a good day.
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    Geraldml reacted to ej#314 in What OS are supported on Spriter PRO?   
    The download page for the free version shows that the Window process isn't for all users (dll, install VS, uninstall VS), and the Ubuntu process supports an old version of the OS.
    I wonder if the situation for the PRO or 2 version is the same
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    Geraldml reacted to xrabidx in Construct 3 runtime is now enabled by default, can we please get an update to the Spriter SCML plugin?   
    I know that you Spriter folks seem to care very little for your Construct user-base, to the point of damn near neglect. Even when provided with code fixes and exact line numbers, the Spriter team still refuses to fix basic bugs in the plugin, for seemingly no reason, the excuse always given is Spriter 2, which has yet to materialize in anything other than gifs and youtube previews.
    Can we please for once get a timely update to the Spriter SCML plugin so that it works with the latest runtime?
    For something that is seemingly an enormous chunk of your users, the team shows an active disdain for maintaining this plugin.

    I have honestly in my head given up on Spriter, and the teams lack of care for the Construct side of things, and have begun petitioning other animation suites to take over the Construct space, maybe some competition will get you guys to realize that you're taking your Construct user-base for granted. 
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    Geraldml reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Hierarchical Scale Logic   
    I hope not all body part images will need stretching. I think the dirty approach is best. It's a shame neither you nor the artist spotted the information in that video before starting. I'll try to make a new video that concisely points that out and put it near the front of the quick-tips video playlist on our Youtube channel.
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    Geraldml reacted to shadowslair in Spriter Hierarchical Scale Logic   
    Hello, I`m experimenting with Spriter, but I there`s some scale behavior that I find weird. For example when I have a bone and some sprite attached to it, and I scale the bone on X axis, the sprite scales up in its own X axis. So the final transform is simply a multiplication by parentScaleX * childScaleX, not taking any rotations into account. Spriter is the first tool I can observe this behavior. I`m sure this calculation is faster performance wise, but to me it is incorrect. I`ll attach some pictures that describe the problem. Can you please explain what`s the idea? Thanks in advance. =)

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    Geraldml reacted to Andy Voz in Spriter R11 Bug Thread   
    Hi! I'm using a steam version of Spriter Pro on Linux Arch and Windows 10 and when I'm trying to generate a gif image on Arch, Spriter crashes with such logs:   
    It seems like you are using imagemagick to create gifs, but spriter cannot find magic.xml file in my system. However, I have imagemagick installed and magic.xml file path: /etc/ImageMagick-7/magic.xml.
    This is only linux problem. On Windows 10 everything is ok. Maybe you have an idea how can I solve this problem? Because I wanna generate gifs from Arch
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    Geraldml reacted to Mazku in Spriter R11 Bug Thread   
    If I try to open a specific Spriter file in OSX with double clicking in Finder it will launch Spriter but won't open any Spriter files. This has been an issue for me for long time, is this common or only for me?
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    Geraldml reacted to stricky in Spriter R11 Bug Thread   
    When I select multiple sprites at once and drag them around the canvas (with the mouse) they move at different angles and speeds instead of all together. When moving with the keyboard it works OK. But without mouse support Spriter 11 is pretty much unusable with this issue.

    This problem doesn't occur in Spriter 10 and below. It's very frustrating we haven't seen Spriter 12 to resolve this as I'm stuck using Spriter 10 when I need the bug fixes that are in Spriter 11. Please provide an update on when we will see a new release that fixes this issue.
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    Geraldml reacted to Jesse Harlin in Spriter R11 Bug Thread   
    When using texture Packer as the source: Saving the project causes all my pivot points to reset to 0, 0 and I cant even get started. Let me show you.

    I am using Windows 10 64 bit
    I am using the version you download from the website, Release 11
    Pro is activated

    Here is how you reproduce this:
     I am using Texture packer to export Spriter specific file format. This means exporting an image and a piece of JSON  I then target the folder with spriter and begin a new project spriter correctly detects the JSON and makes a 'folder' of the images. So far, so good. I then set any pivot point on any image (where you see in the gif starting.) I can reopen and confirm points are saved, as you see. Now, either I will save, or the 'autosave' will save. Now the work I did is reset to 0, 0
      Also when the save or autosave occurs, the program will periodically crash as well.
    This happens specifically when using texture packer, and not when simply targeting images in a directly.

    here is a gif of it happening. Pardon any gif artifacts, that was to reduce the size so you could see it happening.

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    Geraldml reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Construct 3 SCML Plugin : Need Updates.   
    Sorry for the delay. Edgar is currently tied up with work on Spriter 2 until we can release the next bit of update info for it. We'll be setting up a C3 subscription shortly for testing and development once Edgar's hands aren't so full. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
    Thanks as always for your patience and support.
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    Geraldml reacted to ChadoriXD in Construct 3 Runtime Support for the Spriter Plugin.   
    I would also like to inform that the C3 SDK has some interesting features that you might like to use. Those include,
    Editor :: Preview. Draw and Preview plugins on the editor. Potentially can be useful for showing and previewing the initial animation/frame of the Spriter Plugin even while on the editor. Custom Importer :: Drag files to import into Construct 3 and make events, objects, instances, container and families automatically like on Construct 2. Drawing :: The C3 SDK already had drawing features available on the  initial release. So, by now, it is stable enough to be supported. And a few already made use of it. There are probably a lot more. But I recommend you guys checking it out yourselves.
    Thank you in advance.
    - Chad
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    Geraldml reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Bones appearing on Sprites   
    Thanks for reporting this. What OS are you using Spriter on?
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    Geraldml reacted to Will Monteiro in Bones appearing on Sprites   
    Windows 8.1, Mike.
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    Geraldml reacted to simonsanchezart in Pixel art for Spriter2?   
    will it be possible to animate pixel art in spriter2 with bones (ik, etc...)?
    i know it's impossible to have clean animations like that, but it's a great starting point for a fluid animation in pixel art.
    Please implement the rotsprite (used in Aseprite for example) algorithm  
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    Geraldml reacted to shadowslair in Spriter Hierarchical Scale Logic   
    Yeah, I understand that with sprite rotated at 90 degrees the orientations will match and then the scaling will work, but it could be a bit of work when one has like 20 animations ready and the 21-st needs some scaling, so he`ll either need to "fix" the image and go through all the animations and rotate the objects correspondingly or create a new rotated image and use it for the new animation. The first approach is the clean, but time consuming one and the second is the dirty way of doing it.
    Thanks for the answer, Mike. See you around! Cheers! =)
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    Geraldml reacted to EternaL in Could we finally have UI/Workspace saving?   
    Even if maybe Spriter 2 might finally let us save the UI/Workspace, could Brashmonkey just quickly include this in Spriter Pro in a quick update or add-on? Spriter crashes frequently enough (especially when it comes to certain cases of copying and pasting bones with images attached) and the workspace is such a big deal, with all the setting ticks and window sizes and locations I have to re-set up each time I open a file. It sounds like such an easy feature to include/program in. At the very least, be sure to include this in Spriter 2. However... It may be a year or more before Spriter 2 is even fully compatible with Construct 2, (assuming it ever will be, as opposed to forcing those who want to use it to use Construct 3 instead) regarding the Spriter SCML Plugin, the import process, full functionality after export, and so on. So I strongly suggest a Spriter Pro update or add-on that allows us this simple yet effective improvement that Spriter's been lacking for years. If you actually used Spriter for intensive scene work, you would realize the need for workspace-saving, so that crashes aren't the misfortune they always are.
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    Geraldml reacted to Will Monteiro in Bones appearing on Sprites   
    Hi, I'm afraid I just found a little bug, while exporting an animation, my mouse was on a bone and accidentally it appeared in some frames of my animation.

  21. Confused
    Geraldml reacted to Dorja in Unable to import Spriter animations to Unity   
    Hi everyone, hi Mike!

    So, I have watched your video on youtube about importing spriter animations to unity, and I followed every step. I dragged the whole map with sprites and body parts, and .scml file as well.
    I've downloaded Spriter2UnityDX for Unity 5.0 (yes, I am using Unity 5.0) and imported it as an asset in Unity project. But as I import the map in Assets, I get this.
    I am unable to drag player with its animations in scene, and there is that error "the name titleContent  does not exist in current context" Also, the error is related to Spritet2UnityDX. What should I do?

    Best regards and thanks in advance

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    Geraldml reacted to Raybrite in The official Spriter User's Manual is here   
    I am trying to copy the individual pages over into Libre Office so I can make a hard copy of it for my own use but it is giving me problems when I try to copy it.
    It looks very good. I usually have to copy the pages over one at a time and then print it out. Takes a long time.
    Will there be one I can just download and print out so I will have it handy when I get lost ( as happens a lot with me.)?
    Thanks, Ken
  23. Haha
    Geraldml reacted to Teddyboy16 in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    Mike the link is dead. It needs to be updated. I can't find Visual Studio 2013 C++ runtime on the Microsoft site. The only runtime I can find is for 2017 x64 and x86. I'm running 10 x64 which one should I download?
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    Geraldml reacted to TheBestAtSpace in How to Embed Youtube Vids Into Your Post.   
    If you want to just link to a video, you can also just right click the video on YouTube and copy the address. When you paste it in the forum, it won't embed. Handy if you ever want to just link the text url
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    Geraldml reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in scon vs scml ???   
    Try loading the one that works and save it in whatever format you like. to be supe safe, save in both and consider the other a backup, but no one else has reported a file looking different after loading for years.
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